99 cent Crunchwrap Supreme at Taco Bell

I’m a couple days late on this one, but in case you didn’t know… 99 cent Crunchwrap Supreme at Taco Bell now through Saturday.

8 comments on “99 cent Crunchwrap Supreme at Taco Bell

  1. SkippyMom says:

    Get out! My kids love these! Thanks for the heads up.

    I swear I would never know any of these deals if I didn’t read you guys.

    May have to be a “last day of school” treat. Thanks 😀

  2. I am eating there every day this week for lunch and dinner!

  3. awesome update. i knew about this deal before it was posted here.. but glad to see it made it. im a new grubgrade reader and have been trying to find a website that covers ALL fast food and snack news.. and so far.. your site seems to cover that the best.

  4. Moku says:

    My local taco bell doesn’t have this. Oh well. At participating locations only. I wonder how close we are until every great consumer deal will be skipped by each franchise location and these national promotions are full of fluff…

  5. Bubbs says:

    The deal isn’t posted on any signage or windows at the Taco Bell, but I’ve been to 3 different ones this week and they have it if you ask for it. Michigan.

  6. maxchain says:

    They were really stingy with the meat in mine, just like the last time these were on sale, but your mileage may vary.

    • Bubbs says:

      I had that problem too! I was eating my way through it and I suddenly thought “wait, isn’t this supposed to have meat?”….. I opened it up and found a gloop of the taco meat-paste in a corner of it, it looked rather deliberately glooped into that little corner. But considering the special price I couldn’t bring myself to point out the problem.

      Funny thing is – you’d think management would tell the food assemblers to make them really good during the promotion, considering they’re trying to turn customers on to that menu item for the return to its $3 price point. Instead we’re trying it and saying “you expect people to pay $3 for *THIS*??”

  7. rightclue@yahoo.com says:

    some food preparers make this better than others

    once my crunchwrap weighed at least 2 pounds, and had a lot of beef and tons of melty nacho cheese sauce in it. good times.

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