What did you get for the Holidays? Food Edition

Gotta say, it was a mostly underwhelming Christmas for me in terms of gifts, but I’m more than OK with that. A little bummed with the stocking stuffers, and still waiting for Santa to bring me that delivery of French Toast Crunch from way up there north somewhere (read…Canada), but I am feeling quite merry coming off the Big Day.

A brand-new panini maker, I’d say, certainly helps. Fruitcake panini? Hmm, might just have to try that out.

How about you? Get any cool kitchen gadgets this Christmas? Any fine artisan treats in your stocking? And (gulp) re-gifted fruitcakes? And just for measure, who else hit up a Mega-store the day after Christmas looking to score deals on seasonal candy?

22 comments on “What did you get for the Holidays? Food Edition

  1. Lindsay says:

    I got a brand new espresso machine! 🙂

  2. Obbop says:

    As a confirmed Disgruntled Old Coot I received no gifts neither did I give any to others.

    I did buy a used book from the thrift store a couple weeks ago for 50-cents and will consider that my Xmas gift to myself.

    Didn’t donate anything for Xmas gifts or food to any of the local charities.

    The local vile spawn receive enough from others who do donate.

    What I will do is, later, after the holiday “giving spirit” has receded, is fork over a few bucks to a food pantry that receives matching contributions from an anonymous donor; one buck for every donated buck from local folks.

    The pantry also has access to an outlet that sells foods at extremely low prices not available to “regular folks.”

    Of course, when forced to dine from dumpsters I will be unable to donate even to the food pantry.

    Blah, huminsect.

  3. meliorn says:

    I got a keurig! The special edition with the digital screen. Its awesome. Also got 24 Dunkin Donuts K-cups to go with it.

  4. Raiders757 says:

    Santa brought us a nice high quality French Press. We spent a lot of time researching for just the right one, and sent Santa the results. Santa then decided we needed a nice electric boiler to go along with it. Wish we would have had this combo a long time ago, and wonder how we’ve gone so long without them. We have some tweaking and experimenting yet to do, but the results, thus far, have been some of the best coffee ever made under our roof.

    Our espresso machine is now a dust collector in the garage. Mind you, we loved it the first few years, but we eventually realized what most everyone else comes to terms with. Good espresso isn’t going to come from an overpriced coffee/espresso combo machine from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

    If you want to make espresso at home, you best go for broke and get an industrial machine. Anything less, is a waste of time. Don’t get me wrong, it worked well enough, but we were fooling ourselves. Despite the high end claims and brand name, our tastes eventually surpassed it’s use. It did alright with the espresso, but no matter the effort on my end, the results fell short of the real deal. Eventually the coffee side started overheating the water, and it was obvious we needed a change. (I can only imagine that my fellow poster, Lindsey, will go through a similar experience, unless she got a bad ass industrial espresso machine.)

    Mind you, I’m not a coffee snob. Nor am I one of those who drink it every morning like a grumpy crack addict(I awaken like a supernova, happy to be alive). Coffee is a treat for me, and when I drink it, I want a nice smooth experience.

    This press was mainly for my wife, who can’t function nicely with humans if she doesn’t get her morning dose. Being that we already preferred to grind the beans ourselves with the other machine, this method doesn’t take any longer. I can’t recomend getting a French Press enough to those who enjoy a tasty cup of coffee. We’ll never buy another normal coffee machine again.

    Now I need to find a better grinder.

  5. SkippyMom says:

    College daughter received a Kuerig and Momma was gifted with an air popper and a Ninja. I eat a lot of salt free popcorn and the Ninja does everything – I didn’t even know they existed. So cool.

    Hope you find your French Toast Crunch soon. 🙂

  6. Sascha says:

    Gonna parrot SkippyMom. Got the Ninja Kitchen System 1100. I, however, was quite aware of its existence. I tend to get one thing for the kitchen every year, like a new slow cooker last year and a NuWave Oven the year before.

    The Ninja has already been put to good use, having made an egg nog shake on Christmas and pizza dough today, not to mention nicely chopping the bacon, shallots and cheese for said pizza.

  7. TehBuLL says:

    Got a cool Cuisinart CKB-100 bread maker. I’m baking bread in my sleep now.

  8. richard says:

    French toast crunch is terrible! -Canadian

  9. ljay says:

    I need to get one of those panini/grill presses and it’s on my list of things to do. I have a cast iron press that I use now and it works fine but I like the convenience of knocking out both sides at the same time.

    My best kitchen gifts to myself this year were a Zojirushi bread machine and a Zojirushi rice cooker.

    I use the bread machine to prep bread and pizza dough when I’m feeling lazy and then finish them in the oven.

    The rice cooker is phenomenal. I love different styles of rice and this thing kicks out any type of rice you want perfectly cooked every time. I thought I made good rice the old fashioned way…and maybe I do. But this little machine kicks a** and is hands down one of the best kitchen purchases I’ve ever made. I don’t know exactly what “fuzzy logic” is, but it’s getting the job done on my rice.

    • Adam says:

      Alton Brown actually has a great fix for not having a panini maker. It involves heating two grill pans at once and then pressing one on top of the sandwich’s exposed side while it’s grilling on the other.

  10. Lindsay says:

    Raiders757 – oh no! I didn’t know about the futility of non-industrial espresso machines. I suppose I have to practice on this one and eventually get an industrial one in a couple years. I have to imagine they are in the thousands of dollars? I will need to search. 🙂

  11. Alison says:

    I got a beautiful Fenton milk glass cake stand as well as a cake decorating kit so I can make my family pretty cakes =)

    I also received some Pampered Chef items from my boyfriend’s sis-in-law. A Slap Chop-type item, a whisk, and a “mix ‘n chop.” I had no idea what the last item was, but apparently it makes it easy to chop and crumble foods when cooking? Not sure why I need it, but she said it was great for ground beef.

    I’ll be keeping all of the above items, but I will be returning the cake pop pan that I also received. Cake pops really just don’t appeal to me, but I do know that a proper cake pop is made using crumbled cake MIXED WITH FROSTING. All of the cake pop makers out there just make a mini sphere-shaped cake, which sounds exceedingly dry and unpleasant.

    I did buy my dad a fruitcake from a local bakery, as he is one of the few fruitcake fans out there. I had never tried one before, but when we busted it out, it really wasn’t bad. Everyone that tried it enjoyed it, although I wouldn’t make a habit of buying them. The thing weighed about 3.5 pounds and cost nearly $40.

    I also bought myself a new Starbucks cold cup, since my last one fell off the top of the fridge and has a nice long crack running along the outside.

  12. VanessaG says:

    I got a lot of pb from peanut butter and company, a donut maker, lots of doughnut mix, tons of gourmet cupcake mix, a candy dispenser from Brookstone, and a TON of jellybeans to fill it up. Blessed..of to make apple cider doughnuts! 🙂

  13. Griffin says:

    I got a set of wustoff chefs knives… Calphalon griddle pans and a seasoned Lodge cast iron pan… did pretty good

  14. Keith says:

    I got my wife a waffle iron – something she’s been coveting for a while, but couldn’t quite justify the purchase. The perfect gift. I did extensive research on the perfect waffle iron to get – and once I determined I didn’t have to have a specifically Belgian style waffle iron, the Chef’s Choice M840 was the clear winner (recommended by America’s Test Kitchen, among others). At 70 bucks it was not cheap, but I can tell you, the waffles are simply amazing – but of course the waffle iron is only as good as it’s waffle recipe. We discovered a yeast recipe that makes waffles that are light, airy and have a great doughy aftertaste that reminds me of funnel cake. Not only that, a reheated waffle in the toaster is almost as good as it is when it comes out of the iron.

    My wife got me a KettlePizza kit – it converts my Weber charcoal grill into a bona-fide, charcoal and wood fired pizza oven. I have not had a chance to try it yet due to the colder temperatures recently, but from videos that are all over YouTube, the product looks very promising. With the addition of hardwood to the coals, you can reach temperatures of up to 700 degrees – perfect for pizza making. I can’t wait to try it: http://www.kettlepizza.com/

  15. Shannon says:

    I got a donut maker for christmas. I just can’t wait to try it out. I also got 4 cookbooks and more to come.

  16. Dr. Robert Doback says:

    You know what I got for christmas? A crushed soul.

  17. Beccaboo says:

    I got:
    A Pampered Chef corn buttering device, Pampered Chef oversized measuring cup/mixing bowl, butter dish (people must think I really love butter), dish towels, cupcake cookbook, Pampered Chef bottle brushes and a mini cutting board.

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