GG List: Top Ten BBQ/Cookout Foods

The cookout season is here!  Seems like a good time for a list.  I’ve listed below my “Top Ten BBQ/Cookout Foods”.  What did I leave off the list?  What’s in your top ten?

  1. Hamburgers
  2. Macaroni Salad
  3. Chips
  4. Potato Salad
  5. Hot Dogs / Sausages
  6. Baked Beans
  7. Chicken
  8. Corn on the Cob
  9. Pasta Salad
  10. Steak

It’s tough to pick just ten items.  I didn’t put beer or any other type of beverage because I said “food” and not “food and drink”.  That being said, what’s a good cookout without a cold beer?  If you noticed, I left out ribs… and I’m ready to face your insults for pasta salad over steak.  Let me have it!  I can take it!

29 comments on “GG List: Top Ten BBQ/Cookout Foods

  1. James says:

    1. Hamburgers
    2. Hot Dogs
    3. BBQ chicken
    4. Baked Beans
    5. Potato Salad
    6. Ribs
    7. Macaroni Salad
    8. Corn
    9. Steaks
    10. Raw vegetables with ranch dip

  2. Crystal says:

    In Wisconsin, it’s not a cookout unless you have brats 🙂

  3. Adam says:

    My own personal favorites…


    Grilled Chicken Breast
    Pulled BBQ Pork
    Top Sirloin Kebabs

    Watermelon and Feta Salad

    Freeze Pops
    Grilled peaches with ice cream

    And don’t forget the Utz Sour Cream and Onion chips 🙂

  4. Darwin G says:

    1. Hamburgers
    2. Steak
    3. Sausage
    4. Hot dog
    5. Chicken
    6. Pasta Salad
    7. Watermelon
    8. Chips and dip/salsa/guac
    9. Cole slaw
    10. Grilled corn

  5. Katie Ann says:

    You need some sort of juicy fruit that will be dripping down your arms and face as you try to eat it, like watermelon.

    And I’m all about the potato salad. 🙂

  6. Andrea says:

    Grilled pineapple would have to top my list (because I don’t eat meat..uh oh)

  7. SkippyMom says:

    Devilled eggs [how could you forget!] definitely watermelon too!

    Otherwise your list is great [except macaroni salad and pasta salad are the same things in our home]

    We aren’t beer connesouiers [sp?] so it is either long neck buds or rolling rock – but always fresh lemonade, sweet tea and unsweet tea [for Mom]

    Tonight we are having Turkey burgers with cranberry horseradish relish with sides of sauteed zucchini/yellow squash, steamed snapped beans and cucumber and tomato salad. I know, I know non traditional – but it is what we have in the house and I tried to save money by Pantry Diving [using what we have] Bonus tho’ we are having devilled eggs – and I made a key lime pie for dessert. Woot!

  8. Jessica J. says:

    I love fresh veggies from the garden! Grilled turnips and grilled sweet corn are amazing!
    I also love fresh fruit, such as cherries and peaches, especially when paired with homemade ice cream.

  9. Tanya says:

    Strawberries and watermelon – it’s not summer without some juicy, dripping, messy fruit like someone else said. I know what you said about the beverages, but I gotta have beer or anything else with alcohol.

  10. Aimee says:

    Crystal is right! My list will be a little different than the rest of the country’s:

    1.) Bratwurst. Boiled in a beer/onion/butter bath, then finished on the grill.

    2.) Other Meats. Hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, smoked ribs, smoked sausage, etc.

    3.) Condiments. Hot sauerkraut (made with butter & brown sugar), sliced raw onions, sliced tomatoes, cheese, the mustards (this is Wisconsin, if you don’t have brown or Polish mustard in addition to the Plochman’s yellow, someone will ask where it is, and who wants to disappoint Grandpa Wally? Not me!), ketchup, relish, pickles (both dill & bread and butter slices), I’ve never seen mayo.

    4.) German Potato Salad. If you don’t have it, you’ll see some sad faces. Potatoes, onions & bacon, in a vinegar-sugar dressing. Serve hot.

    5.) Baked beans.

    6.) Fresh fruit. Sometimes it’s a watermelon, sometimes a big salad, sometimes a fruit tray. I once put 2-3 jars worth of maraschino cherries on my fruit tray instead & everyone loved that.

    7.) Pasta/macaroni salads. Someone made one Saturday w/red cabbage & cold tortellini. It was GOOD.

    8.) Snacks. Chips. All kinds. Mixed nuts. People snack on them while waiting for the meat to be done.

    9.) Veggie Tray w/dip.

    10.) Dessert. This should be it’s own category. Fruit crisp, Scotcheroo bars, fruit breads, cookies, pie, etc. Sometimes ice pops or ice cream.

  11. laura says:

    what about watermelon?! the perfect ending to any summer bbq!

  12. Heather says:

    Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, BBQ Chicken, Amish Macaroni Salad, Potato Salad, Chips, Baked Beans, Chips, Watergate Salad and Cantaloupe. (not necessarily in that order) 🙂

  13. Nick t says:

    Chips ahead of delicious meats and homemade sides? You must work in the marketing department at Taco Bell co.

    I would add beef brisket, baked potato and obviously ribs to your list.

  14. Shana says:

    1.pasta salad
    2. Watergate salad (dessert)
    3. Smoked sausage
    4. Cheeseburgers
    5. Chili dogs
    6. Grilled veggies
    7. Fajitas
    8. Chips & guac & salsa
    9. Veggies & dip
    10.grilled jalepenos stuffed with cream cheese & wrapped in bacon !

  15. Rachel says:

    Crystal hit it right off, and Aimee took my add on.

    Beer brats!!!! Mmmm …

  16. Randy says:

    I have the same BBQ grill!

  17. My personal ten:

    1. Steak
    2. hamburgers
    3. the heinz picnic pack- ketchup, mustard and relish in 3 matching small plastic bottles
    4. chips of some sort- normally round here its ketchup
    5. chicken
    6. ribs
    7. caesar salad
    8. macaroni salad
    9. cheese platter
    10. hot dogs- but all beef

  18. frank says:

    pork steaks

  19. Mel says:

    1] Cheeseburgers
    2] Hot Dogs
    3] Pasta Salad
    4] Deviled Eggs
    5] Veggies and dip
    6] Berries
    7] Brownies

  20. Crusader says:

    Meat, meat and more meat! I’d eat it all, burgers, sausages, hot dogs, fish, chicken legs, bring it on!

  21. Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

    1. Brats
    2. Whatever else you feel like getting.

  22. Raiders757 says:

    My grill stays fired up all year round. Rain, snow, ice storm, it doesn’t matter. No such thing as grilling season for me. It’s an advantage having a real grill(one that uses charcoal and wood) and not a gas grill(aka an amature grill). You can use oak and other hard woods to pump the heat up a lot more when it’s really cold out.

    That being said, it is nice when you can invite friends over and hang around the pit to enjoy some drinks and great food during this time of year. I agree with the person who said meat, meat, and more meat. I don’t waste much of my time eating all the heavy fat(mayo) laden side dishes that everyone enjoys so much. They take up precious stomach space. We serve them up at my house, but I tend to just stick with beer, pulled pork, beer brats, kabobs, burgers, steak, chicken and the likes of. I’ll eat it with a nice salad covered in a good vinaigrette dressing, and some of the macaroni salad my wife makes(mac noodles, Italian Dressing, peperoni, cheese cubes, cucumbers, olives and such. Blows the boring standard everyone else serves completely away every single time.)

  23. Crystal says:

    Aimee, I love your list! You’re absolutely right about the mustards-just plain yellow is not enough for a cookout. Plochman’s and Silver Spring both have very good varieties. And definitely sauerkraut 🙂 There always seems to be fruit pizza and sliced cucumbers in dip, but maybe that’s just my family. I’m originally from the Appleton area-you?

    Rachel, beer brats are great 🙂 I just tried vension brats, and I think they’re amazing, too. Mmm, brats.

  24. Marky says:

    1) Chips- Both Potato and Tortilla with a great Dip!
    2) Platter of Fresh Veggies, with cheeses, sliced sausages , salami and some great fruit..
    3) Burgers
    4) Brats
    5) Chicken
    6) Grilled Shrimp on Skewers
    7) One great cold salad ! Whether it be Gram’s potato or a trendy pasta..Make sure it’s cold and have plenty.
    8) Baked bean casserole with all the bacon, sausage and goodies!
    9) The traditional Watermelon boat with all the fresh fruit for desert (vodka soaked? your choice)
    10) Of course you will have great condiments to go along like pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, peppers, rolls, mustards, ect….

    Have you guest brings the brownies, cookies. But don’t forget the ice cold beer , wine, and drinks in the cooler!
    Have your

  25. TheWarden says:

    Aight, I give you a lot of credit; you are pretty much on the money.

    If I had to be picky, I’d squish potato / macoroni / pasta salad into one slot (They are all mayo based right? … Well, there is mustard based potato salad, I reckon) for 2 new slots.

    Ribs gets one slot. Uh….

    Sigh. Fruit I guess takes the second.

  26. Brett says:

    You guys are making me wish it was summer here in Australia! Can’t wait to get the BBQ fired up again.

  27. Aimee says:

    Crystal, my mom is from Sheboygan. 🙂 I didn’t even mention the rolls must be from Sheboygan. West Side Bakery or City Bakery.

  28. robin says:

    fruit salad! it’s not a bbq without it!

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