What’s In Your Hot Dog?

Because I like grub related t-shirts.  From today’s Shirt.Woot… patrickspens brings us the following:

7 comments on “What’s In Your Hot Dog?

  1. em says:

    Awesome! Did you get it?

  2. Shannon says:

    The things that hot dogs are really made of would not make a cute t-shirt like this one. I like the Captain Planet like creation of the hot dog.

  3. somesteve says:

    funny. Idk whats in my hot dog and im sure i don’t wanna know!

  4. Tony jaguar says:

    I consider the hot dog “nose to tail” for dummies.

  5. Tony jaguar says:

    And I’m one of those dummies, FYI

  6. Jessica Leigh says:

    I’ve never been too hung up on that issue.

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