Under The Weather, I Want Some Pho


… and because Justin mentioned it, Banh Mi 🙂

14 comments on “Under The Weather, I Want Some Pho

  1. Renee says:

    Omg, I love Pho!! That pic looks so good too!! Where is that from? There’s a place in town that I really love… I think they put crack in their Pho!

  2. Justin says:

    Pho is so good, it’s almost pornographic. Banh Mi is awesome too.

  3. Kevster says:

    Pho is my favorite food. I eat it at least three times a week. I live in San Jose, Ca… so no shortage of the nectar of the gods.

  4. Em says:

    Oh man… those pictures look AMAZING. I just licked my screen. Twice.

  5. Pho is my elixir of life. 🙂 And despite living in the frozen tundra of Minnesota, we actually have some really amazing (and authentic) places to get it in the cities!

  6. somesteve says:

    no pho for me yo.

  7. Shannon says:

    I have never heard of or seen pho. In which culture does it originate? What is it? When I first experience any symptoms of a cold, I get some chicken noodle soup, orange juice, and plenty of rest and am able to stave off a cold. I haven’t had a cold in years.

  8. Rachel says:

    I never knew it was pronounced “fah” until last week when I heard someone say it on the Food Network.

  9. J.B. says:

    Damn dude, you must be stalking me.
    My brother and I had both those dishes for the very first time last week and they were great, especially the sandwich.
    Had it in the littlest hole in the wall place ever, must have been about 400 sq.ft.
    The bathroom was in the back by the kitchen. lol

  10. John says:


    Pho is a Vietnamese dish, and is basically a noodle soup. The typical composition is beef broth with rice noodles. There’s a usually a specific spice mixture to give pho its distinct flavor. You can get different types of pho like beef or chicken, where the thinly sliced meat is added to the bowl. From there, you can garnish with a whole mess of stuff, like cilantro, bean sprouts, and onions. I’ve seen people put jalapenos in bowls before. It’s really filling and delicious.

    • Shannon says:

      Thanks John for the info! Your kindness is appreciated. I already went on Wikipedia though. I ask questions, because I figure I am not the only one who doesn’t know. One day I will know what it tastes like.

  11. Pasquinel says:

    Banh mi is probably my favorite sandwich. Living in SoCal gives me plenty of incredibly cheap banh mi options.

  12. Mike N says:

    @Rachel: I think (but don’t quote me on this) that it’s pronounced “Fuh”, BUT, that’s also regarded in my neck of the woods as a really douchey foodie thing to do…

    • Rachel says:

      Interesting. I can’t remember which Food Network personality said it that way, but I guess you can’t always take their word for it. Regardless, in the future I think I’ll just stick with the foolproof method for not looking silly: just pointing at my selection on the menu 😉

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