Sandwich Sunday: Thursday Afternoon Special

Another homemade creation this week. After a couple of “veggie” only attempts, I hopped back on the protein train and added meat to this week’s signature sandwich, which I’ve dubbed “The Thursday Afternoon Special.” Unsurprisingly, the name comes from the fact that I made it on a lazy Thursday afternoon. Have a gander:

Description: I was really feeling like a good, hearty, complete sandwich for lunch last Thursday. At the same time I wanted to create something that combined multiple flavors (sweet, smoky, salty, nutty) and textures (soft, crunchy, chewy). With a plethora of fresh ingredients on hand, I set off to work. For my bread base I went with Arnold Double Protein Bread. With 7 grams of protein per slice these things pack a nutritional wallop, but they are also strong enough from a structural perspective to support a variety of different toppings. On one slice (lightly toasted) I spread a hefty dollop of horseradish mustard and layered four apple slices. On the other slice I spread some low fat mayo, plum tomato slices, and grilled vidalia onions. I salted and peppered the veggies, then layered on several leafs of romaine and slices of smoked turkey breast. Finally, I added some caraway seeds on top of the turkey and stacked her up.

The Verdict: This was a very hearty and filling sandwich, and along with a bag of UTZ chips, made a classic ‘picnic’ style lunch. I really liked the medley of flavors and texture. Arnold bread is really second to none in terms of super-market brands, and lent a slight nuttiness and grainy sweetness that didn’t dominate the interior flavors. Both slices held up well despite the moisture, while the crisp and tart apples provided excellent crunch and balance to the mustard and caraway seeds. The underneath of the sandwich was more the “sweet” side with the tomato, lettuce, and onion; but the tang of the mayo and the smoked turkey meat came it a clean, rounded flavor. Dare I say it, but after several weeks of close attempts, I think I created the perfect sandwich in terms of symmetry of design and balance of taste and texture. This one is going in the recipe file for sure, and I give it a 9.50/10.00.

Your Turn: What store-bought bread do you like to make sandwiches out of? I’m partial to Arnold Bread (especially the “Grains and More” kind) but also really go for Martin’s Potato Bread and Vermont Bread as well. Do you have a favorite brand and flavor?

13 comments on “Sandwich Sunday: Thursday Afternoon Special

  1. skippymom says:

    That sandwich looks exceptional yummy – although I would rather have true, roasted turkey breast instead of the lunchmeat type [I know, I know like we ALL have a roasted turkey breast in our fridge, heehee]

    I love potato rolls too, but I like a hearty rye or pumpernickel for my sandwiches. Oh and poppy seed bagels are good too.

  2. Jessica J. says:

    My stomach was literally growling by the time I finished reading this! This is the PERFECT sandwich! I love Granny Smith Apples on sandwiches – they add the perfect crunch and flavor! They are great on grilled cheese sandwiches as well! I agree about the Utz chips!

  3. Joe says:

    I have a mental block when it comes to fruit on a sandwich or in salads. Especially fruit in stuffing. I just can’t do it. But Arnolds breads are fantastic. I’ll indulge in country white from time to time, it makes the best toast.

  4. Dan M. says:

    This sandwich looks really good…apples and all.

  5. Mel says:

    Best Bread is a brand called When Pigs Fly. y two favorites are whole wheat and pumpernickel.

  6. Amy says:

    Healthy bread selection is limited at my grocery store. Typically I go with Arnold 12 grain. It proves multifunctional by going well with just about all of my purposes. I love opening the bag and then still having to open the bread. That’s the first test of a good loaf. The second test being that I must be able to have an assortment of textures in the slice: soft, yet grainy. yum.

  7. Meliorn says:

    That sandwich looks amazing, i love cucumber on a sandwich. I actually like Kroger’s hoggie roll. Its crusty but soft. Great for all different sandwiches. I used them for my Italian beef sandwiches that include putting the beef “juice” on the roll and held up well, but can also use it as a fancy braut or hot dog bun.

  8. DG says:

    delicious. that looks like a good sandwich! I enjoy Arnold’s sure but Pepperidge Farm makes a great 7 grain whole wheat bread!

  9. Heather says:

    I agree that this sandwich looks really good. I really like the Martin’s Potato bread and rolls, but Arnold is one of the best when I want wheat.

  10. skippymom says:

    Sorry to post twice, but um…I had a bit of an inspiration and yes I roasted two turkey breasts today and bought apples with the Arnold 12 grain.

    Can’t wait for lunch tomorrow. And I really need to stop reading your blog – it makes me hungry.

    PS – as an added bonus, I don’t know if you remember that I am a huge Roy Rogers fan? And how scarce they are anymore? I passed the one closest to us today not once, but twice! and didn’t go in and get any delicious food or milkshakes because I know I shouldn’t but really because I knew I was having your sandwich! 🙂 So thanks and yes I will keep reading.

  11. Lynn says:

    I love Milton’s Multigrain. It can be hard to find, but it is delicious.

  12. jay says:

    It isn’t a sandwich if there isn’t bacon on it.

  13. Cassaendra says:

    I’m not a huge bread fan but I’m a huge soup and sandwich person. Yes, I’m weird. The only type of bread I truly enjoy eating is fresh out of the oven (or within a few hours) bread. My favorite is sour dough. Next would be country white/french with fennel or caraway seeds.

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