Sandwich Sunday: In Praise of Herbage

You know what the best part about summer grubbing is? OK, besides grilling, ice cream and smores. It’s the abundance of fresh herbs.

Living in an arid environment in the interior mountain west for eight months of the year can be tough for a number of reasons, but one of the things I miss the most while away at school is fresh herbs. Back on the east coast for the summer, I’ve been taking full advantage of the season, and have taken to arraigning my daily sammich (as they say here in Maryland) creations around fresh herbs, veggies, and of course some outstanding bread. With ingredients like that, meat is completely optional in my book.

Description: A classic veggie sandwich like this beauty starts with two slices of moist Great Harvest bread. Both Ryan and I have raved about Great Harvest in the past, and aside from making great toast, GH is an outstanding base for a variety of sandwich applications. I love their Onion Dill Rye bread (which I use here). It’s nutty and sweet and of course tastes of fresh dill. Paired with some mayo, basil, cucumbers and tomatoes, it holds the perfect balance in terms of freshness and texture. I also added some red onions for crunch, as well as some whole grain mustard for depth. The star here though is the cool and creamy mayo/cucumber combination, which gets added lift from the acidic sweetness of the tomato and crispness of the lettuce.

The Verdict: No playing around with excessive words here. I love meat and cheese as much as the next guy, but for a bright and seasonal sandwich you just can’t beat this classic combo of moist and flavorful all-natural bread combined with fresh herbs and vegetables. A definite winner.

Your Turn: What is your favorite herb to use in a sandwich? Heck, what is your favorite herb period (mine, if you haven’t already guessed, are dill, basil and mint.)

12 comments on “Sandwich Sunday: In Praise of Herbage

  1. Ryan says:

    Looks good Adam… As for favorite herbs to use in a sandwich, I sometimes add dill to my tuna salad concoctions. Some others: horseradish, pepper, rosemary and basil.

  2. As long as chicken or turkey are involved I love sage.

  3. rob says:

    My favorite is mayo, followed by mustard and then by thousand island dressing.

  4. James says:

    My favorite herbs are rosemary and cilantro. Adding horseradish to mayo is very good on a sandwich.

  5. Echo710 says:

    Favorite herb? Hmmm… oh, wow, that’s a hard one. It depends on the day!

    Basil for sure, and rosemary (especially in bread and other savory baked goods)… I’m also partial to parsley, chives, and dill… too many choices!

    And I know what you mean about that onion dill rye bread from Great Harvest Bread… that stuff is SERIOUSLY delicious. It doesn’t even need to be used for a sandwich… in fact, it doesn’t need anything at all; it’s just so incredible on its own! (Then again, this tends to be true of most Great Harvest breads.)

  6. john says:

    my favorite kind of sandwich!

  7. Francois says:

    I think parsley is largely underrated. Sure, you see it sprinkled everywhere in restaurants, but it can add a lot to a sandwich. It’s a “subtle” punch to your flavor buds. Dill, basil, mint.. they’re all over-the-top-I-know-what-this-is tastes. Parsley can sneak up on you.

  8. SkippyMom says:

    I didn’t know Rachel Ray was from Maryland. Having spent many days [years visiting my grandparents] up in/around Brunswick/Fredrick I don’t think I ever heard anyone slaughter the word sandwich quite like Ms. Ray. But MD being such a huge state you may be from another part. ;D

    I do love the look and idea of your sandwich tho’. Yum [no parsley – it is a tasteless herb to me – for color only – but I am biased my mother put it on EVERYTHING growing up as “color” and it was dried to boot. bah!]

  9. alf says:

    Your sandwich inspired me and today I brought my own with basil (from my own patio herb garden), cucumber, avacado & lettuce. Yum. Funny, I grow a beautiful an herb garden every year and rarely use the herbs. (So sad…I just don’t know really how to use them. Thanks for the suggestion.)

  10. Adam says:

    Glad to help Alf. Also, if you have fresh basil, may I suggest a salad? I like to make salads with spinach, basil, fresh mozzerella, balsamic, EVOO and watermelon. I often add mint as well. Also, both basil and mint work very good with regular vanilla ice cream o frozen yogurt.

  11. Jessica J says:

    Basil is the best sandwich herb, hands down! Cilantro comes in second, but only on certain types of sandwiches!

  12. Sam L says:

    a little herbage always makes me hungry

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