Sandwich Sunday: A Birthday Treat

First off, thanks to Ryan for giving me a shout out on my birthday the other week. Second off, I now return you to more to more socially acceptable means of sandwich making, although no less yummy ones at that. As for that birthday, it didn’t involve any herculean feats of boy vs. food or even the proverbial birthday dinner, but found me instead cramming for finals and working on term papers. But I didn’t forget to treat myself, and harnessing the inner sandwich artist in me, found me instead making one of my signature panini creations. And while I usually go for savory with my sandwiches, I couldn’t miss the chance to indulge in something sweet and sophisticated.

Dark Chocolate, Ricotta and Pear on Marbled Rye. And let me tell you, it made the perfect birthday treat. I started out grilling some pear slices, then spread my thick marbled rye slices with ricotta cheese (unfortunately not fresh.) I finished it by inserting to squares of Ghirardelli Intense Dark Chocolate (“Twilight Delight,” a bitter yet deep 72 % cacao blend) and put her on the panini grill. Several minutes later the chocolate was nicely melted, and the airy bread had become crisp on the outside.

My food photography skills may be lackluster, but please, feel free to gawk and drool over your keyboard! Now I’m asking you guys: What would your ideal birthday sandwich be? Something sweet? Something savory? Something complex, or maybe just something nostalgic like a PB&J? Let us know!

14 comments on “Sandwich Sunday: A Birthday Treat

  1. mitchery says:

    I don’t think I feel ya on this one Adam. I mean I almost vomited in my mouth when looking at the pictures. ^_^…but whatever rocks your boat man. I can’t even make the venture to put bananas in my peanut butter sandwich none the less eat this concoction. My hat goes off to you good sir.

  2. chuck in chicago says:

    To reprise a comment I made regarding your last “creation,” Adam, “What, no marshmallow Fluff?” Based on your current invention, as well as previous memorable creations, I think you have a future with a nationwide chain such as Subway to create new and, shall we say, unique items for their menu!

  3. Cam says:

    I seriously fall in love with your sandwich creations Adam.(Well most of them.)

    I would definitely give this one a try but my ideal birthday sandwich would be a homemade banh mi with scrambled eggs.

  4. Bunny says:

    The rye bread looks like it could be chocolate bread :s We had sandwiches from Lee’s today.

  5. mattitude says:

    Dude,why do you insist on sharing with us the most disgusting sandwich combinations know to man right next to the doo doo sandwich with cheese on it? When are we going to see some reviews again?

  6. Scott Hall says:

    @ Mattitude

    Don’t be a dick.

  7. Shannon says:

    The sandwich looks as though it could be quite tasty. I would’ve chosen a chocolate with a slightly smaller percentage of cacao. Hope that you do get to celebrate your birthday though. I’m still thinking of a sandwich.

  8. Chefprotoss or dan says:

    At least you didn’t put mustard on this one. =P

  9. David says:

    went and got the supplies to make this myself today. sounds amazing. cant wait to whip one up.

  10. Helldog says:

    Is “Twilight Delight” a Stephanie Meyer licensed product? I
    bet you’re Team Edward, aren’t you? Seriously, that looks…ok. I’d
    skip the chocolate and go straight Nutella.

  11. Maia says:

    JUST FINISHED THIS SANDWICH. Top Notch! Very good! I think
    I would have preferred just pumpernickel though!

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