GG Contest: What’s The Farthest You Have Traveled For Grub?

Sometimes I have a craving for something specific that would require a bit more effort than walking to the kitchen.  Whether it be that delicious pizza place across town or a journey a bit farther to get that sandwich that is only found in a neighboring state.  I think most of us are guilty of going out of our way, at one time or another, to satisfy a craving.  My favorite thing about GrubGrade is reading all the comments you guys leave so go ahead and leave one now…make me happy 🙂 .  Don’t be shy, only a few will bite.  I’m sure there are plenty of you out there with a unique, funny or interesting story (if not, that’s OK too).  Just join in the conversation my friends.

Il Forno BBQ Chicken Pizza

Mmmmm....I might get on a plane for you.

It’s a new year and GrubGrade would like to hear from you.  To make it worth your while, how about I buy you lunch (or…lunches). I’ll go $25.00 deep. Along with your response to “What’s The Farthest You Have Traveled for Grub?”, please let me know where you’d like to spend your $25.00.  I’d personally take you out to lunch as a small token of my “thanks for reading GrubGrade” but for now, let’s just start with $25.00.  I’ll keep the contest up for the next few days and then pick a winner so get your comments in!

57 comments on “GG Contest: What’s The Farthest You Have Traveled For Grub?

  1. Justin says:

    I’m always game for a trip to Canada to get some poutine…I can’t get it in Michigan. I haven’t seen a place in Canada mess it up yet. Some of the best joints that offer it are little roadside restaurants. I definitely like going as far as Montreal for the food though.

  2. Josh says:

    I usually travel to California, either SF or SoCal for In-n-out annually, I didn’t get any last year though 🙁 but my wedding should be in SoCal so I should make up for it soon. But I have traveled to Atlanta for the double coronary, Montreal for poutine and Au Pied de Cochon, and I have made my buddy bring back snacks and sodas from all over the world (I know it doesn’t count, but I order soda from Japan see here: …I don’t TRAVEL for food…but I certainly find how to eat good (bad) when I get there…also $25 bucks can go towards Good Stuff eatery in SE DC …BEST Burger in DC hands down

    • Ryan says:

      @ Josh … Haha yeah I know what you mean when you say you don’t TRAVEL for food but hunt it down when you get to your destination. One of the first things I do when I’m traveling to a new place is lookup any local spots that have good food. The In-N-Out pilgrimage sounds tasty. I’m glad I was able to get back there over the summer.

  3. Josh says:

    I’d like to add I did plan a trip with my buddies in November of 09 to Chicago for a culinary experience…Hot Doug’s, Chicago Chophouse, Gino’s East, and Portillos…that was a fun trip

  4. i rarely travel outside a 5-mile radius (seriously) and somehow still manage to get everything i need. what i want, however, is breakfast, lunch AND dinner at lucky’s cafe ( in cleveland. i’m in SC and have plotted the journey by train, plane and car multiple times. it will happen one day.

  5. Dan B. says:

    This one is a little different since it’s not specifically focused on how far I’ve traveled for grub, but you’ll see my point pretty quickly, and I think it fits. 🙂

    Here in Louisville, Kentucky, we sadly lack any Chipotle restaurants. The closest ones are just over an hour away in Lexington or Florence, or two hours away in Cincinnati. In fact, until a few short years ago, I had never even heard of Chipotle. However, that all changed when my buddy Corey and I were cruising through Strongsville, Ohio, looking for somewhere to eat dinner while staying the night there on a roadtrip to an auto race.

    We spotted the Chipotle in a strip mall, and since nothing else was sounding too appetizing, we figured we’d give it a shot. After ordering a steak burrito, I went up to the cash register to pay, and the manager was working. He asked us if we’d ever had Chipotle before, and I explained we were from out of town and never heard of the place. “Well, in that case,” he said “this one’s free. Enjoy!”

    We were both impressed by the gesture, and also by the food. Extremely generous portions, and a really fresh, flavorful taste that made Qdoba and Moe’s look bush league. Of course, we both decided we’d have to try to eat at Chipotle again sometime. Next year we went to the same race, and we stopped at Chipotle again, and in the process introduced it to Jeff, a friend of ours who tagged along that year. And again the next year, and that time we introduced it to yet another friend Chris.

    Unfortunately, that race was cancelled a couple years ago when the Champ Car World Series folded into the IndyCar Series, but Corey, Jeff, and I take roadtrips pretty frequently (and Chris, the lucky jerk, currently lives in California pretty close to a Chipotle). Whenever we makes plans to go to a race, a baseball game, a bowling tournament, or just go on vacation somewhere, we now specifically plan our trip around eating at least once at Chipotle if at all possible. I have actually printed out driving directions from Google Maps on several occasions that had a stop included at the closest Chipotle to our destination.

    The furthest I’ve driven that included a stop at Chipotle? From Louisville to Las Vegas. I bowled in a tournament there this past summer, and my team decided we should drive. Horrible idea — I hit a deer on the way home in western Colorado, so I had to get a rental car and drive home, wait a week for my car to be fixed, and then drive back out there, pick up my car, and drive home! Thankfully, Corey and Jeff were both willing to take off from work for a couple days to make the trip back to Colorado with me. And yes, I made damn well certain we stopped at Chipotle for lunch!!!

  6. Katie Ann says:

    Not terribly far, but my husband and I drive almost an hour out to Weatherford, Texas to go to a restaurant called Montana’s, which he proclaims has the best chicken fried steak (and he’s tried enough that I’ll trust his judgment) and I love their huge ribeye steak. They also have the best ranch dressing. This is making me want to plan a trip there soon.

    If I had a gift card though, it would have to be Chipotle. There’s one so close to my work, but I can’t usually justify spending $8-9 on a burrito when there’s a Taco Bell next door where I can eat for like $3.

  7. Justin says:

    Oh yeah, I have to mention where I’m spending the $25.00 when I win it, lol.

    Poutine, duh! In Canada!

  8. Scott says:

    I once flew for the day from Washington DC to San Francisco to have dinner with a friend at Gary Danko, returning on the red-eye immediately after dinner.

  9. SkippyMom says:

    Hands down, no question, without a doubt “Nino’s Pizza” in Avon, NC. We live in Northern VA, near DC.

    We will take a weekend trip, 400 miles, to camp to have Nino’s. This is the true, honest to goodness NY style pizza. I do not like pizza, as a rule, but I can eat two slices of this.

    The service is impeccable, the ice tea is superb and the french fries as an appetizer? OMG.

    We have already made our 10 reservation for this summer at our campground but I can guarantee you we will be down there before then to sample the Pizza [subs or hamburgers] at Nino’s in Avon, NC. They are an institution – 40 years – and it is well deserved.

    Oh, I hate coming over here. You always make me hungry. Darn.

  10. Jillian says:

    I would say that I went all the way to L.A. for Pinkberry and to have sushi at Club Sushi, but I think that probably doesn’t count because those weren’t the main reasons for the trip. But I WOULD easily travel to the ends of the earth for real deal chips and salsa, if I had to.

    You can buy me a vegan cheesesteak from Gianni’s Grille in Philly because a vegan cheesesteak is missing from my life. With the money left over, I would allow you to buy me a 6-pack of Pacifico, and maybe even give you one. Woot.

  11. I have driven 1877 miles just for a taste of my home town pizza, stopped only for restrooms and quick naps in the car. That would be here:

    But I have flown 5600 miles from LAX to Paris, just to take someone to have steak tartare! We seriously flew over, had lunch, and flew back.

    I’d do it again. Either trip!

  12. Michael says:

    The furthest I have travel for Grub is about 1 mile, half a mile there and half a mile back from Taco Bell. I was home alone that day because I didn’t have any classes, I was looking at those picture of your all morning and was getting hungrier by the hour. When my oldest brother got home during lunch time, I told him about the 89cent Beefy 5-Layer Nachos and 99cent 7-Layer Dip Nachos, even show him the picture, he said lame and undress his clothing. Now I got no ride because my other brother took the car and my oldest brother won’t even let me touch use his new car. So I beg him more and keep showing him the picture. 2 hour pass and I decided to walk all the way to taco bell and back, bringing home (2) 99cent 7-Layer Dip Nachos and (2) 99cent 7-Layer Dip Nachos, he told be to buy him 2 of those for $3, I told him to “suck it” because he didn’t give me a ride and left. By the time I got home and finish 2 of it, I was quite full and my brother ended up giving me $5 for the other 2. hehehehhe

  13. Kylie Miller says:

    We live at an extremely remote area called Ayers Rock Resort (big rock in the middle of Australia) We had a few resort-run restaurants but no fast food chains at all. We frequently make runs to the nearest town in Alice Springs which is 5 hours drive each way (or around a 1000km round trip) Usually overnighters. That way we can get our KFC and McDonalds fix. Expensive, yes, worth it YES!

  14. Tracy says:

    When my family and I went from our home in NJ to CA we had to rent a car for a 2 hour drive to Pinks after seeing it so many times on TV. Locally, I travel back to my hometown of Philly for cheesesteaks whenever I can or to Upper Darby, PA for the best snapper soup that can’t be found in most places.

    Giving how horribly cold it is here now, I think if I were to win I would take my mom and daughter back to PA for a hot bowl of snapper soup, extra sherry.

  15. I planned a trip around going to Sonic’s fast food as we kept see the commercials in Massachusetts for ages. So I found a Sonic’s just off 95 in South Carolina, packed some frisbee gear and we stayed at South of the Border for a week each morning grabbing some food at sonic’s and headed to the shore to relax and play some sweet beach frisbee. Now they have a closer Sonic’s on my way to school 1hr 30 mins away so me and my roommate always go when were in the area.

    I would love to you the $25.00 on Dunkin Donuts as I work early in my morning and always stop there on the way into the hotel.

  16. Matt says:

    a few years ago, I had one flight left to get a free flight on southwest, and time was running out, so, I had to find a relatively cheap flight, and something to do. I decided on Chicago, because it was relatively cheap and i knew i could get some grub at superdawg and gino’s. that is probably the farthest I went solely for the food. Fly there in the morning, and came back at night.
    As for going far and searching out the best food? that’s integral in ANY vacation, including my honeymoon to New Zealand, my trip to Cambodia, and visit to S Korea.

  17. Sherri says:

    Hands down, from Florida to Philly, for Geno’s steaks. Since moving to FL, I havent been able to get a good Philly, and I changed my flight plans and times around 2 trips to Geno’s both after the flight, and before the return to Orlando

  18. Michael T. says:

    I took my wife from Denver to Memphis for a weekend last year just to eat at the Rendezvous, Gus’s Fried Chicken, and The BBQ Shop. Our itinerary was all about food!

  19. Heather M. says:

    I went from my homebase of Washington, D.C. to Chicago for Gino’s East deep dish. We have NO good deep dish around D.C.–people here don’t understand it. Sometimes, I girl just needs an entire Gino’s pizza late on a Saturday night, y’know?

  20. johnnny d says:

    This is going to sound crazy, but I am from Massachusetts and around my area just about everything is chain food. I make it a ritual yearly to go see my great aunt in Burbank California. I absolutely despise seeing her, im 25 and she treats me like im 2. I have been making this voyage, telling her im coming to see her so I can stay ith her but in reality I know my destination is this little roast beef shop in downtown LA. It is the best grub I have ever had! The place has a great atmostphere with hay lining the floor and a very small rustic feel. The sauce and roast beef mixed with the delectable breads are mouth watering! AHH i gotta call my aunt!

  21. Ok. When I was living in Boston there were absolutely no Red Lobsters in the area. My friend was having a birthday coming up and all he wanted was to have Cheddar Bay biscuits and shrimp scampi from Red Lobsters.

    God knows why as Boston has some amazing seafood restaurants. Regardless, we drove 176.2 miles to the Red Lobster in COLONIE, NY (yeah, I just google mapped it for distance).

  22. Parrish says:

    When I was pregnant last year, I had a huge craving for Pierces BBQ (its pretty famous here in VA). Well I wanted it soo bad I couldnt think straight, and I dont drive (its safer for us all that I dont) I grabbed up my sister-in-law, mom, sister and grandma and we all made the trek to Williamsburg which is only about 2 hours from where I live but pretty far for just lunch. Well I got there and stood in line and bought my lunch and even bought a little container to have later at home. We all sat down to eat our lunch and I couldnt wait, I opened it up and took a bite, and to the bathroom I ran because apparently the baby did not like pork bbq. All that way for that sandwich and I couldnt even eat it and even now a year later I still cant eat pork bbq. Thats the furthest I have traveled for food that I couldnt even eat 🙁

  23. hynespb says:

    Me and my buddies once traveled from Boston to Memphis via car to try some Gus’s Fried Chicken.

    Best chicken i have ever had by far, was well worth it.

  24. Bryan says:

    I have been meaning to try some Nessy Burgers. It’s not actually a restaurant, but a trailer on the side of a highway that gets lots of customers because of their good burgers.

    I’m not sure if posting a link to another site is a rule, so if it is you can modify my post. Anyway, here is some info on the burgers with a satisfying picture:

    Again, I’ve never tried these burgers but after looking at these pictures, I am seriously craving for them, and having GrubGrade as company would be a pleasure.

  25. Somer Hitt says:

    I live in San Diego and we have some pretty awesome Mexican food here, but nothing beats a fresh fish taco from the Ensenada area (Mexico). My friend and I went to Ensenada on a Saturday and had fresh fish tacos from the ocean side stand. Then we waited 2.5 hours to get back into the country at TJ but it was well worth it. If I had to spend my prize it would be on In n Out or a family owned pizza place down here called La Bellas.

    Also would like to comment on the Nessy burger person – I went there one morning on the drive up to Bishop for backpacking and had a fried egg burger. It was so tasty. I am planning another stop there when I go back up in 2 weeks. It’s in Northern San Diego right of the 15 freeway.

  26. Rodzilla says:

    I’m traveling about 90 minutes tonight for sushi. Hopefully it’s worth it.

  27. bj says:

    I routinely travel half an hour to go across town to get Korean barbecue or authentic Chinese. Due to poor city planning, it takes that long to get across town, but it is worth it! I think I would spend my lunch money on a burger at The Vortex, because I have been craving one for over a week now…

  28. Justin says:

    Kylie Miller, I traveled to the Outback to visit my dad one time, and I was shocked that the town I went to had a McDonald’s and a KFC. I thought I was not going to see one for a LONG time. I certainly didn’t expect a KFC, that’s for sure. This was in Roma, by the way.

  29. Marr3wk says:

    Hi from the Czech Republic. 🙂

    Even we crave for a grub at times.

    So, about going farthest just for the grub… well, it’s not very far, since everything worth your attention is in Prague. Well, so that’d be a trip across Prague to one of the shopping malls to get a Whopper. (Why is this special? Well, becuase there was the only Burger King at that time)

  30. Sethonious says:

    The first time I got the hankering I traveled from Sacramento to Reno after hockey practice one day to hit the Nugget’s seafood buffet. I am not sure what it costs now but when I made the journey with some high school buddies it was 20 bucks for all the lobster and crab legs you could eat. After hockey practice I think we put a hurtin on the old nugget which is 142 miles each way.

    Now I have grown up a bit but the hunger still takes over from time to time. I regularly road trip for San Francisco where I live now to gar woods in Lake Tahoe for Conchiglie. Best dish ever, hands down. When I get the craving it is like the car knows the way all 204 miles. I will drive up and back in one day on the sole mission of Conchiglie.

  31. DHL says:

    When in college My wife (g/f in college), buddy and his g/f went on a 3 week car road trip from PA to Las Vegas. We ate the surf & turf special at the Nuggetl. Then we swung around on the trip back to the Big Texan in Amarillo TX for some steak. Didn’t do the 72oz steak challenge because no one wants to be stuck in a car with that in their gut.

  32. Yum Yucky says:

    I’m a lame. Only like 15 miles. But it’s to Trader Joe’s, and I spend like $100 and only come home with like 3 measly bags, so does that count for longer distance since I go deep down in my pockets?

    $25 bucks. I’d put that towards a night at Mikimotos to eat on the floor Japanese style with my husband. If I go food coma, I’m already grounded.

  33. Yum Yucky says:

    Oh wait. I just had Fondue in Philly the other weekend. That was like 35 miles. My bad.

  34. Dan says:

    Let’s see, I’m a Big time go getter for unique special foodie. I used to live in California and I drove from Everett Washington to Irvine California for “In-N-Out” when I found out about “Monster and Aminal style”. That same trip was also devoted to “Tommy’s Chili Burgers in Hacienda Heights California.

  35. Dan says:

    For the last 2 years My friends and I have seen Sonic Burger adds on TV in Washington and we hate that we don’t have one. So we drove to Idaho and Montana to hit “Sonic Burger”. We spent around $80 at 3 locations for a 2 day road trip. “Sonic Burger Kind of Blows”. We think “Kid Valley” in Seattle Washington kicked their ass.

    “I ate at Sonic Burger”. It felt really good to say that on the way home to Washington.

  36. M Allen says:

    I travel from Laurel, MD to Springfield, VA for spaghetti pizza at Malek’s Pizza. It is SO good.

    A few years back, my friend and I were out one night, just driving around. We drove through DC and into VA. We were starving and we just happened to drive by the place and it was still open (this was roughly 2am). We went in and we were really happy that we did ! I make the trip once or twice a year now, just for that pizza.

    Now, for my $25…I would like to say Malek’s but Chick Fil A would be a better choice. It’s much closer !

  37. Dan says:

    I drove to Eastern Washington from Western Washington for “Carl’s Jr. and Dicks Burgers. At the time the only Carl
    s was in Southern California and no one I knew had ever been to Dick’s Burger in Eastern Washington.

    “We also hit he Hanford Nuclear Facility on that road trip. Atomic Ale House and Brewery, The Brew in Richland Washington with Local Water.

    “That was a really fun one”

  38. Dan says:

    I had a argument with a friend and we drove to Chicago Illinois to have a real Chicago Pizza across the street from Wrigley from Ballard Washington on the way back we had to have some Cheese Curds in Wisconsin. Lambo field look killer.

    “Those Pizzas are so hard to take down” 2 of us ate a whole large in a hour time span with beer .

  39. Dan says:

    I traveled for the Olympics in 1988 to Korea and My Brother and I saw “Pizza Hut” We bought 2 large pizzas and were very disappointed. We ended up introducing our family and cousins to America Tuna Fish Sandwich. We were in heaven after 1 month of eating Non- American. We ate a whole loaf, 8 cans of tuna and 2 tubes of Japanese mayo in 2 days.

    “Sometimes you travel far only to realize that home base is what food you’re hooked on”

  40. David says:

    Lindburgers in Delray Florida. Best burgers i’ve ever had but its about 5 hours from where i live/go to school. Once a semester my friends and I drive down for a day just to eat the burgers.

    Pro Tip: if any of you decide to go there try a plain ten ounce with a slice of raw onion.

  41. Natalie says:

    Two stories:

    I went to college in the Buckhead area of Atlanta. Around 10:30 on a Tuesday night, I was sitting around chatting with some friends in the smoking circle outside of the dorms. Another friend walked past with a Chick-fil-A cup and we all lamented that it sucked that CFA closed at 10. Dear old Clifford informed us of the Dwarf House that was open 24 hours before he left to go inside. Someone quickly ran inside to grab their laptop to google. We had all heard of the Dwarf House but had never been. It was about a 30 minute drive away (without traffic.) We all hopped in a friend’s car and got there around midnight. They have a full menu but we all ended up ordered nuggets and fries, all served on a plate. We made a few more late night journeys and a two hour journey through rush hour traffic once, but no one ever ordered anything but nuggets or the original sandwich. I still wonder if the burger is good.

    After college, I decided I was sick of hot weather and moved to Anchorage, Alaska. I moved here last Jan. and then planned a trip home to Georgia over the summer. In planning, I sent my friends and parents a list of restaurants I had to eat at while home. This included: a burger and onion rings at The Vortex in Atlanta, Chick-fil-A nuggets with polynesian, Krystal burgers, bbq from Fincher’s in Macon, GA and fried chicken, macaroni and cheese and brownie pie from a little southern place called Dawson’s Kitchen, also in Macon.

    I’ve already started planning my list for my next trek to Georgia.

  42. drpep says:

    About 2 1/2 hours away. I did travel to Melbourne, Florida, from NY State, to eat at What-a-burger but that was on the way to somewhere else.

  43. Jessica J. says:

    When I was 19, my fellow food-lover friend Kathryn and I planned a ton of food-based road trips! Once, our favorite local seafood chain, Mayflower, was closed, so we traveled 45 minutes to another city to eat there, but then we found out they were all closed on Mondays.
    I live in a small town, so we travel for food quite frequently. There is a city 45 minutes away with excellent food, such as Vietnamese, Thai, authentic Mexican cuisine, and great local places.
    I traveled to my college town of Boone, NC (2 hours away) to eat at my old favorite local “meat and 3 veggies” diner. They have the best sweet tea and cornbread salad in the whole world, so I couldn’t resist. It was well worth the trip.
    I really wanted to eat at a Melting Pot, so last year, my family and I drove 2.5 hours to eat there – in fact, we rented a room for the night and made a trip out of it! I frequently come up with trip ideas based around the food I want to eat. We went to Myrtle Beach after Christmas (5 hours away), and one of the main reasons for going there was so we could eat half-price Brazilian steakhouse deliciousness. It was only $10 a person and they had at least 14 different meats rotating through the room – so much food! It was a vegetarian’s nightmare.
    I am a high school teacher in NC (this means very low pay…), so I truly plan my dining out experiences, and I cherish each one. It is fun to make an event out of it, even if it means driving! If I won the $25, I would go to Winston-Salem, NC (45 minutes away) and eat at Sweet Potatoes restaurant. It is truly the best food in the world – fried green tomatoes, sweet potato fries, sweet potato pancakes with fresh apple butter, the most delicious burger with homemade pimento on top, chicken fingers to die for with a batter that includes grated sweet potatoes… oh my goodness, I’m seriously starving now! I haven’t been there in a long time, and I would love to go again!

  44. Jess says:

    Awww. I can’t compete with Paris, because on a college student’s budget, I’m not that haute-couture, but I am a big fan of the show Weeds, and when my best friend and I discovered that there was an It’s A Grind coffeehouse (featured on the show) an hour and a half away from us, we drove there and back for two coffees, and it was completely worth it.

    If we won the $25, we’d definitely go out of state…probably to New York to find the Sonic or Chick-Fil-A!

  45. Goodeye says:

    In the mid-1990s, while living in Indianapolis, I learned that there was a Roy Rogers on the outskirts of Cincinnati. I grew up about a half-mile from a Roys just outside Washington, DC, and hadn’t had one of their roast beef sandwiches for years. So into the car I went for the 2-hour drive to Cincy. I also knew that Cincy had the closest Starbucks in these pre-Starbucks days for Indy. So I got to Roy Rogers in time for lunch, then to the Cincinnati airport (where the Starbucks was) for a coffee, and then back to Roys for a couple of roast beefs for the trip back home.

  46. Marco says:

    I once traveled from my couch to the kitchen to get some cold pizza. 🙂 That pizza in the picture looks delicious.

    I go to NYC every year to visit friends and always stop by Lombardi’s for some great New York pizza. Love it.

    $25 would go a long way on the Taco Bell value menu. 😀

  47. Jennifer says:

    A few months after moving to Silver Spring, MD (just outside of DC) from Philadelphia, PA, I made an impromptu Saturday road trip back up to Philly for a Tony Luke’s cheesesteak. I got stuck in traffic on the way back, but it was still the most fun road trip ever!

  48. Richard Perry says:

    Several years ago, I flew from Cincinnati to Washington, DC specifically to go to Five Guys Burgers & Fries — at that time, they only had two stores, and both were located in truly funky locations in the Virginia suburbs. Neither had seating inside, so I enjoyed several wonderful burger meals leaning on the hood of my rental car. Mister First Nighter — not quite, but i was certainly ahead of the curve!

  49. Amanda says:

    I can’t drive, so the farthest I’ve actually traveled for food is however far others will drive me – generally fast food or pizza places in town.

    That said, I live in the Portland, Oregon area, but I was born in southern California – all my family is from down there (though, some have migrated their way around the Pacific coast as my mom and I did when I was a kid). Even now, 20 years later, I crave Rosa Maria’s ( ) burritos all the time. My family knows that the best way to get me to visit is to bribe me with burritos. Now, I’ve never actually hopped on a plane with the specific intent of getting Rosa Maria’s, but they’ve definitely hopped on planes to come see me. Any time family visits, they always bring me frozen burritos.

    Lately, my husband and I have been having constant pizza cravings. We’d definitely be getting pizza, if you chose me! I’ve recently discovered I like crushed red peppers (I’m a notoriously picky eater), and I cannot wait to get another thin crust Ultimate Pepperoni Feast pizza from Dominos. Nom nom nom.

  50. kagai says:

    Last year, for vacation, my family (me, wife, 4 year old, 2 year old, and grandma) flew from Cincinnati to San Destin, FL. Horrible flight, screaming kids, dogs and cat living together, awful. Get to our condo rental and my wife says there is someone in our room. “Look, there is an old lady getting naked, right there, look.” Ugh, no thanks.

    So, after 4 hours on a hot, humid, rainy balcony, with the kids, grandma, and wife crying they were tired and hungry and trying to get this mess sorted out, we end up in a different room, for a day, as the people that were in our condo were moved.

    It’s late and I run out to find food. The only thing I see open is a Whataburger. “WTF is a Whataburger.” I don’t know, but I’m so hungry I don’t care. Order a bunch of stuff, get back to the condo and we were all happy the day ended with some really good food that we had never heard of before. I wish we had one in Cincinnati.

    We just recently got a Five Guys Burgers and Fries near us. You can take me there. I’ve been wanting to try them.

  51. mark says:

    Hello, from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
    I’ve driven to Benton Harbor, Michigan to eat at Henry’s Hamburgers. We use to have them here when I was a kid back in the 70’s. Then i drove home..that’s about 300 miles.
    I’ve driven to Chicago for an authentic Italian beef sandwich from Mr. Beef..I love italian beefs..can’t get a good Italian beef here in C.R.
    I driven to Des Moines for Krispy Kreme douhnuts..later a store was built here..but now closed..
    I’ve driven to a grocery store in Rockford, IL..for Quisp cereal…used to eat Quisp when I was a kid…it’s made here in Cedar Rapids by Quaker Oats..but not sold in the stores here…then that same night ate at Beef-A-Roo…which has good roast beef sandwiches…which I use to eat at when I was a kid.

  52. Dan says:

    I love Ice Cream. I really like Ben and Jerry’s. In 2006 I drove from Washington to Vermont as the 4th destination on a 8 1/2 month road trip. I was eating some Brownie Earthquake at a Seattle shop in the U-District and noticed the Location in Waterbury Vermont and I just had to go. I went on the Factory tour and grounds, got a Cherry Garcia Tie Dye Shirt and much more. If Ice Cream counts then I put “Ben and Jerry’s as a food Conquest. One of the best ever in the U.S.

    P.S. My favorite flavor is Cherry Garcia

  53. Dan says:

    A smaller craving for Taco Del Mar. I Live in Port Angeles Washington and drive 1 1/2 hours to Poulsbo for Fish Tacos. I also drive to Silverdale for Arby’s.

    When I want food in Seattle I have to take the Ferry anywhere in Seattle. 1 1/2 hour drive to the ferry. wait in line. Pay to ride the ferry ($11.88 to $14.45) ride 25 to 30 minutes, wait to unload the ferry. All this for North Shore Hawaiian food, Red Mill Burgers, Dicks Burgers, Kid Valley, Fat Burger, Ivars, Super Donut, Oberto Factory, Gordito’s, mama’s Mexican, Good Korean Food on Aurora Ave, Ezell’s Famous Chicken, on and on. Seattle has some of the best around me. If I want it. I have to be willing to spend up 6 hours to get it. I love my food and beer.

  54. Well Randy and I have driven all the way to MD to get some Red Robin Grub! That was about an hour and a ten minuets away! 😀

  55. Ryan says:

    Ok everyone, time to close this up. The randomly selected winners are:

    #7 Katie Ann and #47 Marco

    Thanks for your participation everyone. Great stories. 🙂

  56. John S says:

    I’ve driven from Orange County in California all the way to Barstow to eat at the original Del Taco. They have the original recipes and use all the original vendors in town to create their signature taste which then filters down into fast food franchise watered down anonymous grub for the rest of the restaurants. it was about a 2 and a half hour drive.

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