Stephen Strasburg Has A Burger Named After Him: The Strasburger

Being a Nats fan since baseball returned to Washington D.C. hasn’t been fun… unless you like being rock bottom that is.  Well at least the grub at the ballpark is still good.  When you suck as bad as the Washington Nationals have sucked for the last few years, you are awarded with top prospects.  This prospect seems to be working out so far.  Stephen Strasburg is the newest member of the starting rotation of pitchers for the Nats and his stellar play and his “living up to the hype” has earned him his own burger at BGR: The Burger Joint.  Complete with 14 pickles for the 14 strikeouts from his debut game.  This burger is also topped with a hot dog.  The Strasburger is available til the end of June, take a look:

6 comments on “Stephen Strasburg Has A Burger Named After Him: The Strasburger

  1. Josh says:

    I saw that yesterday when I tried BGR (meh btw)…I would have ordered one sans the pickles if I didn’t already call ahead

  2. I wonder how much that thing costs…man that’s pickle over kill

  3. rob says:

    Doesn’t look too edible

  4. Justin says:

    Should call this the “Yankee Burger”.

    Let’s see how long he lasts there until the Steinbrenner’s summon him…

  5. Jessica J says:

    I would actually eat that. I would take the hot dog off and dip it in mustard and ketchup, then eat most of the pickles by themselves before tackling the burger! YUM!

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