GG Video: Old Hardee’s Commercial featuring International Burger Toppings

7 comments on “GG Video: Old Hardee’s Commercial featuring International Burger Toppings

  1. Adam Bomb says:

    Ah, Hardee’s. My first job when I was 14. I can still clearly remember when Hardee’s was awful, and was at the bottom of the fast food ladder. When I worked there, I didn’t eat the food. I’m glad they cleaned up their act though. They’ve grown to be a real contender!

    • Raiders757 says:

      I remember when Hardee’s was one of the best, then they went down hill before Carl’s Jr. bought into them(or whatever happened). I don’t eat Hardee’s much anymore. Their commercials turn me off of them for some odd reason. Yea, I know it sounds crazy, but they just do. The only time I go, is for breakfast to use one of the free biscuit coupons I won from this site.

      Personally, I really miss the Frisco Burger they used to sell. I don’t like their current burgers all that much, despite being of seemingly higher quality these days. Hardee’s was much better back in the good ol’ days, during the era this add was made.

      • Shannon says:

        I feel you Raiders. I’m from such a small town that Hardee’s was the only national franchise retaurant that we had. So Hardee’s will always elicit positive emotions in the form of memories for me. When I ordered a Frisco burger or biscuit sandwich, I got what I ordered. Everything was warm, cooked properly, and as advertised. When I think of Hardee’s now, nothing truly positive comes to mind. I had a bad experience with their food, and based on their commercials, I am not sure if my money is valued there. I am delighted that I won the giveaway, and I hope that one day Hardee’s will live up to the standard that I remember.

      • Adam Bomb says:

        I wish that I’d been able to see the Hardee’s you remember, but I wasn’t born until ’79. I only remember Hardee’s being nasty when I was a kid, and then having the major overhaul later on.

        • Shannon says:

          I too was born in 1979. I admit that I did not view the ad in Raiders comment until after I commented, and did not realize how old and creepy it appears to be. Maybe our different tastes account for our different views. Like I said I am from a small town where integrity mattered more there than it ever probably will in the large city in which I now live. The last time I ate there, which was a few years ago, the food made me sick. I guess we will both be celebrating our 32nd birthdays soon. I hope you enjoy yours as much as plan to enjoy mine.

  2. Chris says:

    I would love to know what marinara sauce at the average Hardee’s in 1988 tasted like.

    Or maybe not.

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