XMAS in July: Chipotle Giftcard Winners

Thanks for all the comments on the XMAS in July promo video.  Here are the 5 random winners of the $10.00 Chipotle giftcard.  Email me (GrubGrade at Gmail dot com) with your address so I can send you your prize.
  • Tomas
  • Jessica Wagg
  • Hannah
  • Laura T.
  • Geoff

More XMAS in July freebies to come!

2 comments on “XMAS in July: Chipotle Giftcard Winners

  1. Jessica J says:

    Congrats everyone! Who one the other contest? Are you having any more giveaways? Thanks for the fun 🙂

  2. jessica wagg says:

    woooo!!! ive never won anything AH!

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