Happy Birthday Hardee’s: $50 for 50

Hardee’s is currently doing massive giveaways this month to celebrate their 50th birthday.  In celebration, Hardee’s wants to give one of the GrubGrade readers $50 for 50.  That’s right… a $50.00 Hardee’s gift card to one lucky reader.

How can you win?  Post this link to your Facebook wall, be a friend to GrubGrade on Facebook, follow GrubGrade on Twitter and link to this post… pick one option, pick all options.  We’re doing this raffle style so the more linkbacks coming in, the better it is for you.  Not on Facebook or Twitter… leave a comment on this post with how you’d spend $50.00 at Hardee’s.  Many chances to win.  Good luck!

28 comments on “Happy Birthday Hardee’s: $50 for 50

  1. J.B. says:

    $50 gift card?
    What else can you say.
    How would I spend $50 at Hardees?
    On food of course. lol

  2. chris says:

    I’d probably use it evenly with a buddy of mine, we’re both in bad spots (who isn’t, right? heh) and “chicken biscuit time” has become as regular of an occurrence as possible, and this will only help the cause of temporarily removing ourselves from silly life drama. Too bad they can’t get you drunk, lol.

  3. reposted on FB http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/group.php?gid=131628436848233.

    how would i spend it? i’d buy as many cheeseburgers as it would get me…at one sitting!

  4. LC says:

    I’d spend my $50 Hardee’s giftcard on…Carl’s Jr. Can I do that?

  5. Sam says:

    I would eat an unfathomable amount of their hand-breaded chicken tenders.

  6. Em says:

    I’d treat my guy to the most awesomest meal ever!

  7. skippymom says:

    Okay I am following you on FB [my initials are JG – but I think you know my real name – don’t know to link] – I am a Twitter fan now [Skippymom1] and my blog has a glowing post announcing this fantabulous giveaway. [http://skippymom.blogspot.com/2010/09/go-win-50-bucks-from-hardees.html]

    How’d I do? heehee

    Oh – and I would make that sucker last forever – I am thinking a hot dog and a coke a day for a few weeks. Their hot dogs are awesome, but that burger is calling my name [borrowed the pic’, sorry] I think I can save enough to have that a few times. 😀

    Nice contest. Thanks.

  8. Stephanie says:

    I miss Hardees. I really want to try the sausage gravy breakfast sandwich.

  9. Jessica Leigh says:

    What a great giveaway! If I won the $50 gift card, my boyfriend would make me treat him to a breakfast, but then after that, I’d buy chicken tenders and Frisco burgers! Yum!

  10. Tyler M says:

    spend it all on breakfast, not at the same time of course

  11. Jess says:

    Chicken! ALL THE CHICKEN!

  12. Eva says:

    $50 is nuts! that’s like one of everything on the menu!

  13. Chuck D says:

    10 Monster Thickburgers.

  14. Clevegal42 says:

    I enjoy the burgers and I’d probably treat myself to a shake because I’d have $50, baby!

  15. Josh says:

    First I’d try their hand-breaded chicken tenders, then move on to a couple thickburgers and whatever else I haven’t had at Hardee’s in a while.

  16. Blake says:

    I would order as many biscuits and gravy and cinnamon raisin biscuits as possible for $50. Hardee’s breakfast is where it’s at!

  17. jason says:

    Wait link it on here on on your FB page?

  18. jason says:

    Ok did it right I think…LOL!

    By the way I would spend it on taking the family there because my Hardee’s has a play room with a giant ball house so the wife and I can eat in peace right outside the room!

  19. southguy says:

    mmmm.. sounds like 25 Steak & Gravy biscuits to me… they are soooooo yummy.

  20. Jordan P says:

    I think I’d buy a whopping tailgate platter full of chicken tenders, biscuits, and everything yummy!

  21. Vanessa says:

    I would spend $50 dollars in a week like this: Biscuits and gravy for b-fast, chicken tenders,biscuits, and fries for lunch, and Frisco burgers and milkshakes for dinner. Hardees was the only fast food restaurant we had until I was in middle school, so I know their food well. Yummy!!

  22. A says:

    Mushroom and Swiss, baby!!

    That’s still on their menu, right?

  23. Sethonious says:

    Were I to win 50 bucks to hardee’s I would hope that I could use it at Carl’s Jr. If I couldn’t use it at Carls I would donate it to someone in Ohio. If I could use it at Carls I would grub on some western bacon cheeseburgers, bean burritos and waffle cut fries.

  24. jessica wagg says:

    chickennnnnn and biscuits and gravy 🙂

  25. Roscoe P. Soultrain says:

    Would $50 be enough to have them whip up one of them burger-pizzas for me, like I’ve seen on This Is Why You’re Fat? That’s what I’d do.

  26. johnd says:

    id buy a ton of yummy burgers happy bday!

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