GG Giveaway: Hardee’s Happy Star Slanket and Grilled Cheese Bacon Thickburger Giveaway

Hey there GrubGrade readers, it’s time for a giveaway.  A Hardee’s Happy Star Slanket and a bunch of Grilled Cheese Bacon Thickburgers are in your future if you are the lucky winner.  Of course I’m going to make this as simple as possible for you folks.  Just leave a comment on this post and I’ll randomly pick a winner by tomorrow night, (let’s say comment by 9pm est, 3/11/10).  Good luck!

Why the Happy Star Slanket? Well, Hardee’s just introduced the Grilled Cheese Bacon Thickburger. It’s comfort food for grown-ups: melted American and Swiss cheeses on grilled sourdough bread, and (since it is Hardee’s) the addition of a charbroiled 100% Black Angus beef patty and crispy bacon… all for the starting price of $2.79. It’s just like mom used to make… but better. Because it’s a burger. With bacon.

212 comments on “GG Giveaway: Hardee’s Happy Star Slanket and Grilled Cheese Bacon Thickburger Giveaway

  1. MMM sounds really good. I’m game!

  2. Nick K says:

    Slankets rule!

  3. Jess says:

    Hell yes I want a slanket. It’s cold up here!

  4. Gary R says:

    Feed Me………Please

  5. graciecat says:

    Heh.. you aren’t asking me to write a haiku but since I already wrote one for a similar contest here you go –

    Hands warmed by burger
    Body encased in Slanket
    Tailgating we go!

  6. David G says:

    I need a grilled cheese
    However, that stuff’s for kids
    Hardee’s, help me out!

  7. Tyler says:


  8. Kevin J says:

    Slanket… weeeeeeeee

  9. Jerrek says:

    I wasn’t sure what a slanket was, but now know I must own one! Also; Free food is never a bad thing.

  10. Jennifer says:

    Oh man, I’d do a lot for that slanket. Never had a Thickburger, but I’m game.

  11. bj says:

    I want this slanket so much!

  12. mcgeek81 says:

    slanket slanket slanket!!!

  13. skippymom says:

    Yelllow is my favorite color, does that help? 😀 I love the word slanket – too funny. And I definitely want a burger now. 😀

  14. Justin W says:

    Do Want!!!

  15. maxchain says:

    Now there’s something worth driving two and-a-half hours to the nearest Hardee’s for!

  16. TimShady says:

    A cozy Slanket.
    A warm and filling Thickburger.
    Who could ask for anything more!

  17. Andrew H says:

    Slanketize me!!!

  18. Mal says:

    That slanket sure does look nice.

  19. Nora says:

    Love the blog, keep up the awesome work, Slanket provider!

  20. Bunny says:

    free food and a slanket? count me in 🙂

  21. Roger H says:

    How are these new grilled cheese bacon thickburgers? I’ve been dying to try one.

  22. Douglas says:

    *Warning* Do not eat a thickburger then pull the slanket over your head. That is all.

  23. Stolichnaya says:

    Mmmmmm, that is one fine-lookin Slanket!!!

  24. Maddison says:

    That Slanket is epic!!

  25. Gregb7677 says:

    Grilled Cheese, Angus Beef, now that is a little slice of heaven!

  26. Joel says:

    Oh man, I would love that slanket.

  27. ChrisC says:

    I’ve always wanted a food-themed version of the snuggie. Go Grubgrade!

  28. Noodlez says:


  29. brian says:

    pick me please!!

  30. cueTpie says:


  31. Jackson Lane says:

    Love the blog and the slanket…

  32. nighthawk says:

    mmmm……grilled cheese slanket burger…..

  33. Josh says:

    Is a slanket a snuggies evil twin?!?! ;P

  34. Mikey Herdy says:

    Yayyyy. Love GG and Hardee’s. Piiiiick me!!!! Mmmmmm. Slanket.

  35. Jordan! says:

    I love the idea of eating the thickburger while wearing the slanket. OH yes, you will be mine!

  36. jperonto says:

    Omg I want to win! The blanket looks tight!!! Hope I win!

  37. I would love nothing more than to indulge in some cheesy, baconey, beefy goodness while keeping warm during a Wisconsin spring time!

  38. Riz says:

    I’m a man who could use a Slankie, somethings gotta keep the fillings of the thickburger of my person.

  39. Blake says:

    I NEED to eat a bacon thickburger while wrapped up like a sausage in that slanket. Beautiful….gotta have it!

  40. Rachel says:

    Hamburgers and a slanket? A pregnant woman’s DREAM!

  41. Jess says:

    Mmmmn…grilled cheese with meat and a slanket? Nothing sounds better!

  42. T.J. says:

    How will I get the Thickburgers? Encased in dry ice then wrapped up in the Slanket?

  43. oscar riches says:

    do i get the hardees aroma with the slanky?
    keep up the good blogging dude

  44. fangedangel32 says:

    I need a slanket and a burger, I have a cold 🙁

  45. tom says:

    I promise to launder any melted cheese from my slanket

  46. Amie says:

    MMMMM, I’m in!

  47. Terri Cox says:


  48. seejayess says:

    Proud Hardee’s employee for 5+ years. A Slanket would be AWESOME!

  49. Karen Campbell says:

    The new stuff sounds good, but my fav will always be the hot ham and cheese……

  50. Debbie says:

    slankets rule,,yummyyyyyyyyyyy,,,

  51. jennifer grover says:

    A slanket just sounds like fun

  52. Donald Alderman says:

    Love Hardees and love the coupons!

  53. Maria finkbeiner says:

    A slanket, a burger w/bacon and swiss, does it get any better than this?

  54. Lynette says:

    Yeaaaa! I’m craving a Hardee’s burger and a slanket would look really cute on me lol!

  55. Lewis says:

    Sound yummy! Count me in.

  56. Janet Jackson says:

    The grilled cheese bacon thickburger rocks! Is a slanket like a snuggie? Fun contest thank you! 🙂

  57. Tim Pearce says:

    Sounds great,I love your thickburgers

  58. IanB says:

    Eating a Grilled cheese with beef and bacon while wearing a slanket = AWESOME!

  59. Jeff says:

    Remember, burger spelled backwards is regrub.

  60. Wrlssgirl says:

    OMG!!! I NEED that so bad! My stupid coworker says I won’t win! Prove him wrong!!!

  61. Brandi says:

    I’d love to grub on a grilled cheese bacon thickburger and then cover up in a star slanket and fall asleep with a full tummy. What a great day that would be!!

  62. Debbie says:

    grilled cheese with beef N bacon….yummmmmmmy nonetheless with a slanket sitting in my recliner,,, what a way to watch a movie and just relax.

  63. Amy says:

    I will gladly travel to my nearest Hardee’s (which is an hour away from me) for some freebies and a Happy Star Slanket!

  64. Hope W says:

    Haha. Yes I totally want that!!! Omg!! (:

  65. Debbie Proznik Jackson says:

    I know it’s only 10:30 am CST, but that Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger sounds really good right about now! It’s cold and rainy here in Minneapolis, and that slanket would come in real handy!

  66. Love Hardees food. Pick ME!!!!! My husband wants to try this burger. Saw the commercial.

  67. Denise Kruse says:

    I love Hardee’s, not many in my area. The Grilled Cheese Bacon Thickburger sounds awesome! Gonna have to find me a Hardee’s….and who can’t use a Slanket!

  68. Melissa Fish says:

    hmm, I might have to give Hardees another try after not eating there in over a year. seems they may have good food now.

  69. Addie says:

    I’m ready for comfort!

  70. Heidi says:

    Blanket and a burger…. sounds good to me!:)

  71. Crystal says:

    Wow I could sure use one of these. I want a burger too please. Would be great for sitting on the couch eating a burger and snuggling in my new slankie.

  72. Arik says:

    I love Hardee’s! I’m a part of Civil Air Patrol and as a staff we head up to Hardee’s every Monday night after our meeting!!!

  73. Brittany says:

    I want and need a slanket, especially a Hardee’s Happy Star Slanket. I would be some warm and toasty as I devoured my delicious thickburger, scrumptious fries, and an ice cold soda.

  74. Kevin says:

    I am really hungry!

  75. swl says:

    I love the grilled cheese bacon thickburgers!! Mmmm and I would love to have a slanket too! 🙂

  76. Janice Joyner says:

    slanket and Hardee’s!! Great combo!

  77. Megs says:

    So that grilled bacon cheeseburger. Best darn thing I’ve ever put in my mouth and that slanket, would make me look like a goddess. Just saying. 🙂

  78. Gary says:

    I have been telling my wife that I wanna try one and this would be the perfect opportunity to!

  79. Joe says:

    Food sounds Yummy!!! And its chilly in the part of the house where my computer is, need the Slanket!

  80. Sherry says:

    I love Hardee’s and slanket !!!

  81. Tonya Trump says:

    loves Hardee’s burgers and would love to win either gift.Thanks!

  82. billrat365 says:

    A bunch of grilled cheese bacon thickburgers…what a way to celebrate losing 100 pounds!

  83. D. Lee says:

    I could go for one or three about NOW! 🙂 Fix me up!

  84. Mary Evans says:

    It’s been cold enough in Florida to actually use a Slanket! Love those Thickburgers!!

  85. Mandie says:

    I could use a slanket! I love Hardees!

  86. Donna says:

    I would LOVE this!!!

  87. Kim says:

    After the winter we’ve been through, I could use that sandwich to give me enough energy to make it through till spring! 🙂

  88. Dale Fish says:

    A Slanket AND a Thickburger…heck yes!!

  89. Gartj says:

    Looks amazing. Can’t wait to try one.

  90. Jennifer Smith says:

    Oh the burger looks so good.

  91. Glenn says:

    My Brother Really Wants The Slanket Because He Works At Hardees At Absolutely Loves His Job And Loves Everything About Hardees

  92. Brad says:

    This is perfect! I can picture myself in the slanket now, with my grilled cheese bacon thickburger in hand of course 🙂

    I can’t wait, bring on the bacon.

  93. brandi says:

    we really only have one place in our small town and luckily its a hardees! the grill cheese thickburgers rock!!! once every week my hubby and i have to have one…its become tradition!

  94. MarcyMM says:

    yummeh for my tummeh

  95. tiff says:

    This sounds yummy !!! Nothing like meaty, cheesy, and baconey sandwich!!! I would wear the Happy Star Slanket with pride while eating a Grilled Cheese Bacon Thickburger!!! I would even take a picture… The slanket looks very cozy, cuddly and warm!!!

  96. Jeffrey Patterson says:

    I’ve never won anything, ever, but I’d LOVE to win this prize. Warmth on the outside AND the inside? Nothing like curling up and snuggling with a yummy burger from Hardee’s. YUM!

  97. Sammi says:

    I haven’t had a hardees burger in forever! i have had the ham and cheese lol but a slanket and sandwich sounds AWESOME!

  98. i love hardees, my hardees in km has a rating of 100 and I appreciate how clean it is and how nice and friendly all the people are, would love to have a slanket and a bacon burger….ate breakfast there yesterday, bisciuts and gravy…..yuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmyyyy….

  99. Shelia D says:

    Every female in my office has a snuggy, if I had a slanket I would just be the coolest! Love me some Hardees!!! My favorite fast food burger! I love love love the lil thickburger! MMMMM Wish I had one right now and a side of natural fries!

  100. CODY says:

    i want one sooo bad looks soooooo good hook me up

  101. S Bosworth says:

    Mmmmmmm A thickburger, a slanket and a really good movie would make my day !

  102. Reiggin Hilderbrand says:

    I don’t care if it’s 70 degrees outside… I’ll look dead sexy in a Hardee’s Slanket. And that’s all that matters. Oh, and having a Thickburger to eat while I lazily sit on the couch in all my slanket-provided warmth.

  103. chrissy says:

    sounds good to me the only thing is is that i will have to drive 45 minutes to the nearest hardee’s just to get one but it doesnt matter i love hardee’s wish they’d build one closer to me lol 🙂

  104. JANE says:

    I love Hardee’s, don’t get to go much because the closet one is 30miles from home!! If I could get some free that would justify the drive!! Thanks for the consideration on your giveaway!! GO HARDEE’S!!

  105. Candy says:

    yum yum…bring on the grubs!!!

  106. Ben Atkinson says:

    Who can not be a Hardee’s fan? They make THE BEST biscuits outside the ones my mother made.

  107. Stephanie says:

    2 comfort foods (in my opinion anyway) put together, and then add bacon…It can’t get any better!!!! I LOVE it!! And adding the Slanket ain’t bad either 😉

  108. Tasha says:

    YEEEEEEEA! Hardees….here we come baby! We love you!

  109. Teresa says:

    I love grilled cheese. I love burgers. I love Hardee’s. I love bacon. And I love slankets! This is a match made in heaven.

  110. elena says:

    i could see me now enjoying that burger while wearing my slanket!!!!!yuuuuuummmmm 🙂

  111. Nick Hood says:

    Yummy, I cant wait to get my hands on this burger!!!

  112. Ted says:

    Comfort food…..comfort slanket……what could be better?

  113. Mia says:

    A happy star slanket and a grilled bacon cheese thickburger would sure be nice right now!

  114. kathleen Smart says:

    HARDEES makes the best biscuits, and the best burgers, the thick burgers and the $6.00 burger are the best. In my opinion, they have all the other fast food,, Mac,, burgerking,, sonic beat by a longshot.

  115. Jeana says:

    likes grilled cheese sandwiches and loves burgers whats not to like sign me up

  116. craig says:

    love hardees new burgers and a slanket heck yeah!! be warm n fuzzy un the inside and outside tooo!

  117. Josh says:

    I love cheese and bacon and hamburgers. My 2 year old loves Hardee’s breakfast so we stop for a biscuit every morning.

  118. Michelle Scurlock says:

    Sounds great I could spoil my hubby!

  119. Sylvia says:

    Because this Grilled Cheese Bacon Thickburger is SOOOOOO big and juicy, can I get a bib to go along with the package? I don’t want to drip on my Slanket!

  120. G Draves says:

    One of the few things I miss about being a over the road trucker is Hardees ,Carl Jr. being available regularly.(gotta love “Loves”) Now i must drive an hour to
    eat Hardees . I HAVE been known to make a special trip !

    • Susan says:

      I’m with you on the road trip for Hardee’s! We have driven up to seven hours each way, just to pick up a sack of burgers from the best burger restaurant in the entire world. Love those big breakfasts, too! A big ol’ Mushroom Swiss burger is worth every minute of driving. No fries, thank you, and a big Coke on the side.

  121. Michelle says:

    I love the slankets!! I would look sooo good in one of those. lol I’ve seen the new burger but haven’t tried one yet so that would be awesome!

  122. channon jordan says:

    my son would so love a a hardee’s slanket.. and a thick burger for me please.

  123. Travis says:

    the slanket looks great and i know the burger tastes great so i’m in.

  124. Andrea says:

    I haven’t had Hardee’s since I worked there years ago, but keep thinking I need to visit the one still in my area! This would be a great motivator!

  125. Teresa Herrera says:

    Man, would I love to go to a Hardee’s right now…
    Must feel cool to wrap up and stay warm while savoring that wonderfully warm food. Let me at it! Thanks!

  126. Billie says:

    Yummmmmmm… Love Hardee’s been my favorite place for 35 years now.. Now I have my children going there and they LOVE it also. Kool slanket… That would look great at the beach on the golf carts at night…

  127. channa says:

    This is Fantastic that the Best -Burger Makers- would give away a SLANKET instead of the cheaper and more cheaply made SNUGGIE or what ever the imitator company is calling theirs. But with a company like Hardees who has the BEST burgers, I am sure they know all about imitations and imitators. Because Hardees is the “REAL DEAL” they recognize that the “SLANKET” as the real deal. A chance to win the new Hardee’s Burger AND a “SLANKET” PRICELESS!!!!
    ~(:- O)

  128. mark m says:

    yeah yeah gimme free meat.

  129. Jim Shultz says:

    I think I would love a slanket for the camping season…got a craving for some bacon cheddar fries!

  130. jenny says:

    We go there every sunday after church. Best burgers around, we love them.

  131. Shannion Lashley says:

    “I’m your huckleberry”.
    I would love to try the new thickburger. My favorite is the $6 burger.

  132. Lois says:

    I would love a slanket and a Thickburger right now, it’s cold and raining, burrr.Love you Hardees!

  133. Carol Dunlap says:

    I grew up with Hardee’s,before that it was Sandy’s,but I’ll tell you I have not had any burger as tasty as the Grilled cheese.I had to call my son in-law in Texas and tell him all about it,he loves hardee’s.(no hardee’s in texas) .If I win that slanket,you bet, I’m taking it with me to
    Texas this June.OH U made me hungry,Grilled cheese for supper tonight.

  134. Mark says:

    What better way to enjoy a great Hardee’s burger than in your very own STAR snuggie!!! Plus, when you fall’ll be dreaming of Hardee’s burgers all night long! FTW!!!!

  135. Mike Vaughn says:

    Alrighty then. A slanket and a grilled cheese thick burger on a rainy day. Heavan

  136. Natasha Scroggins says:

    Oh how i would love to snuggle up in my bed with a Hardees Slanket…not just some old plain jane slanket. Especially will eating a GRILLED CHEESE BACON THICKBURGER!!!!!! (Yum Yum). I could also be the only person in the stands at football games wrapped up in a nice cozy HARDEES SLANKET…

  137. Susan says:

    Beyond a doubt, Hardee’s is the best of the best anywhere in the world. May I have my Bacon burger without cheese, please? I am lactose intol. Seems as though winter is not quite done, so the Slankie will come in handy, too. Thanks! :~)

  138. Scottie Mac says:

    I raved to a friend on Facebook about how good the GCBT was. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better than the Frisco, I fell hard for the GCBT! I’m a former employee from way back in my college days and STILL love the food and would choose Hardee’s biscuits and burgers over any other fast food “competition”.

  139. Doug Nash says:

    It don’t get much better than this.

  140. Michael says:

    I’m so depressed..we only have one Hardee’s left in town. But that doesn’t stop me from driving 15 miles to get a Frisco.

  141. Troy Wayman says:

    McWho? Hardees is the only place for a great burger!!!

  142. Rebecca says:

    I have a snuggie and i love hardees. Every time I go that way somewhere I always have to stop. Miss the after church lunch that we had at hardee’s growing up. Sounds good and its making me want to go out there today just to get one. Mmmmm

  143. Christopher says:

    Here is a post.

  144. Pauline says:

    A slanket AND a Hardee’s burger!!!! Now what more could you ask for??

  145. Berta says:

    Hardee’s is the best! Ya get your $$$$ worth when ya go there. I have no favorites cuz I like everything there.

  146. Deb Munson says:

    Hey, my husband and I do a morning radio show together! We love Hardee’s Thickburgers! The onion rings are awesome, too! We would love to be winners!! Thanks!! Shannon In The Morning And Deb

  147. Cassie says:

    I love Hardee’s! I love the Thickburgers. Nearly every time my family goes out Hardee’s is the unanimous choice. They are just great. My mouth is watering just thinking about going to Hardee’s… YUM!

  148. Dawno says:

    Mmmmm, thickburgers, i’m not waiting to win it, i’m going to get myself a grilled cheese bacon thickburger right now!!!! But, I can’t go and get myself a comfy, cozy, slanket, so I guess i’m going to have to keep my fingers crossed (AFTER I eat my thickburger) and hope I win the beautiful slanket….

  149. Joan says:

    Would love to win a slanket and a burger….yum

  150. Joan says:

    I love Hardees burgers….

  151. Diana Solana says:

    Best burger in town….Hmmmm I wonder if I could wear the slanket to work??

  152. Jenny B says:

    Count me in, please!

  153. Annalisa says:

    ooooooooo…..ahhhhhhhh…..a nice juicy GCBT and a nice warm slanket! Being a mom to a newborn and a 6 yr old, I need to keep my energy up and get warm and snugglie to sleep in between time. Please help a sister out and PICK ME to win this contest 🙂

  154. SJ Selby says:

    No time to leave a post. Must deal with a sudden, urgent craving for a grilled cheese thickburger.

  155. Patrick says:

    hmm….eating thickburgers in my slanket. The ladies will be all over me.

  156. Harry L says:

    Hardees is THE best burger place hands down!! The mushroom swiss is to die for. They just a few months ago tore ours down and replaced it with a (gag) burger king!! YUK!! That burger looks delicious!! My wife would love the slanket, she is from The Philippines and she is FREEZING!!!

  157. Robin W in NC says:

    Slankets & Grilled Cheese Bacon Thickburger!!! It doesn’t get ANY better!!

  158. Doug I. says:

    Man I love Hardees burgers and I would love to have some any day of the week!

  159. Kim Carter says:

    Love your burgers and onion rings!

  160. Amanda Thomas says:

    I would love to win this. Hardees rules!

  161. diana woodle says:

    sign me up eat at hardees in searcy 6 or 7 days week

  162. Amanda Durham says:

    MMMMM I want a grilled cheese thickburger & slankets rock!!!!

  163. allison steffens says:

    It looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tasty!!! I hope I win so I can try it. Yummmmers!!

  164. CP Campbell says:

    I Love Hardee’s! Wish ours was closer!!
    (But I am spoiled.. it’s not that far, just farther away
    than it once was!)

  165. Earle says:

    mmmmm love the grilled cheese burger…. but the biscuits are the thing!!!
    love some Hardees!!

  166. Tony jaguar says:

    Mmm I want to win a dry over cooked mealy burger!!!

  167. The grillcheese bacon thickburger ..Its the best Burger hardees ever made on a tasty and toasty sourdough bread with 100% angus. Beef with all that cheese so mouth watering good .hardees knows what America wants. .. Its like my mom use to make, and can’t make GC any more she a women of a certain age now and can’t really stand in front of the range. So I took her to hardee and we both was like wow it remind us of old times. I thank hardees for letting my mother and I have a taste of history. Its. A nice blanket , just really wanted u guys to know what a great experience it was down memory lane

  168. Jason Whitaker says:

    I want to try the new burger…

  169. cat says:

    i love the new grill bcon cheesebuger , i even had them put tomaoto on it .. yummyyyyy, also love the beer batterd onion rings and the frisco burgers .

    LOVE the snuggie … I WANT 1!!!

  170. Lisa Hetrick says:

    Hardee’s and I go way back. There was not one in my hometown so the only time I got to eat at Hardees was on vacation. My Dad and I always thought they had the Best burgers. Dad is gone now but I still think about that when I eat at Hardees. Thanks for having this contest.

  171. Would love to be cozied up in a slanket enjoying a yummy Hardy’s burger!!!! Nothing better than a full belly of good food & cuddled up in a warm slanket!

  172. Jennifer L says:

    I just went to Hardee’s last night. i was craving it sooooo bad! tried the new grilled cheez bacon burger… oh my god….it was delicious! hope they keep it on the menu. it will be a regular for me in addition to the frisco burger, mushroom & swiss, bacon cheddar fries and the onion rings are to die for!!
    wishing myself some luck…i want more grilled cheez burgers <3

  173. Brian McDonald says:

    Hardy’s is one of my favorite restaurants. This new Grilledcheese bacon burger is so much better than it sounds (and it sounds darn good), very filling & made of quality 100% angus beef, not fillers!! Wow, a taste explosion in your mouth. What a value to, starting at $2.79, even the competitors long time signature burger isn’t that inexpensive!!! If you want a quality, wonderful tasting comfort food you have to get a Grilledcheese bacon thick burger!!! You won’t go wrong, trust me you.

  174. Anthony White says:

    I could really use one of these freakin sweet Hardees slankets. My office building is about 67 degrees and not comfortable. One of these bad boys would change all of that (crosses fingers).

  175. Teresa Sanders says:

    I love hardee’s,good food good service convent to my house

  176. Austin says:

    Is that the one with no vegetables because veggies are evil? Hardee’s is such a funny place.

  177. Marci Huddleston says:

    Yummy Yummy -need more?

  178. jason says:

    I am lucky enough to live about a block away from Hardee’s and love trying their new creations!

  179. Mike says:

    Hardee’s- goooooood!

  180. Matt says:

    Wow, that’s a LOT of entries. Screw it, I’ll throw my name into the hat as well

  181. Mike says:

    Sounds awesome, thanks for the opportunity!

  182. Jeanie says:

    I have to win one of these for my daughter. She is a Hardees nut. I love it too, but she has to be the biggest fan of all. She needs the blanket.

  183. Bob says:

    Sounds like a deal, a juicy burger and a slanket.
    Love Hardee’s.

  184. jackie says:

    I <3 hardee's! &
    I would rock the slanket!

  185. Sam says:

    woo, burgers!

  186. Morton Fox says:

    Sounds great! I haven’t been to a Hardee’s in a while.

  187. Bruce Hamilton says:

    Hardees to many great items not enough meals

  188. Em says:

    wow, just imagine biting into that delicious toasted sourdough bread, with the perfect amount of mayo, two melted slices of american cheese, and two slices of melted swiss cheese. and if you didnt think it could get any better then it comes with two slices of bacon! mmmm that’s two slices of bacon and four, count ’em, FOUR slices of cheese on 100% angus beef. Where else can you get all that starting off at $2.79. top it off with a cold coke, and that’s heaven! but no! it doesn’t stop there! now you’re wanting to add a blanket to the deal! *faints*

  189. Michele says:


  190. Helldog says:

    I would love to have a Slanket. My cat would love to curl up under that thing and sleep on my lappy-lap.

  191. Michael says:

    No Hardees around here except Carls Jr.

  192. Steven Hite says:

    Love those Angus burgers & onion ring$!

  193. I can’t think of anything Hardees has that isn’t yummy. From the breakfast to the late night snacks OMG pure heaven !!!

  194. I just had a grilled cheese thick burger and bacon cheddar fries and this meal was fit for Kings , wonderful !

  195. I just had a grilled cheese thickburger and bacon cheddar fries …comfort food fit for a king , wonderful !

  196. Robin W in NC says:

    So…who won?!?!?

  197. Danny C says:

    Just Want to say I Really love Hardee’s they are my favorite Place to eat really like the new Grilled Cheese Thick Burgers and the new fish Sandwich is really good to!!! Really Miss the Roast Beef and The Fried Chicken !! Thanks Hardee’s Keep Cooking Up The Good Grub !!!!!

  198. Louise Holt says:


  199. virginia douglas says:

    yum yum

  200. Would love to win……
    Love Hardee’s too !!

  201. clarissa best says:

    Wow I love this !!!

  202. Liz Petty says:

    All Warm and Toasty outside and inside! No Place like Hardee’s!

  203. Jenny Fhurong says:

    🙁 Not very many Hardee’s in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. My absolute al time favorite is the BISCUITS and Gravy, yummmm

  204. judy helmers says:

    Hardees just cant be beat! The courtesy and caring attitude shown to the customers is invaluable. When you couple that with with oustanding food and ice cold milk- the customer is the winner! Why would a person want to eat where they are not appreciated and the food is like saw dust? Hardees is the best!

  205. cecil fletcher says:

    moonshine burger is the best

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