A Trip to Great Harvest, Follow GrubGrade on Twitter!

…And get a chance to catch some of my most memorable “tweets” such as a pic from today’s trip to pick up some tasty breads.  Amazing right?  Slow day and I’m sure everyone is out at a barbeque.  Anyway, GrubGrade has over 600 followers on Twitter right now.  Join us!

So, Great Harvest Bread Company…free samples galore! I visited the shop in Herndon, VA and if you’re interested in a more in depth look at Great Harvest, check out Adam’s post from last years visit to the Columbia, MD location.  I’m sure you are curious to know what loaves I walked away with today:

  • Spinach Feta: a whole wheat loaf with ingredients such as garlic, feta cheese, spinach, oregano and black pepper.  So tasty and goes great with a pasta dish. (see below pictured top right)
  • Woodstock: a whole wheat loaf with honey, sunflower seeds, pecans, walnuts and flax seeds.  Put your favorite spread on it or eat it straight up…both worthy options. (see below pictured bottom right)

9 comments on “A Trip to Great Harvest, Follow GrubGrade on Twitter!

  1. Peter says:

    zomg Great Harvest is so delicious!!!

  2. Adam says:

    The Spinach Feta bread is good, but I can’t stand Woodstock. It’s like death by nuts and seeds lol. I like a good nine-grain blend and maybe some flax, but the whole sunflower seed craze escapes me.

  3. Natalie says:

    There’s actually a Great Harvest in Anchorage (we lack a lot of chain places mentioned on GG) and I’ve eaten the bread, but I’ve never physically been to the store. I had a slice of cinnamon chip once that was surprisingly good considering I’m not a big cinnamon fan. I’ve also eaten basic wheat or something that was good. Looking at these pictures makes me want to visit the store though…maybe soon.

    (And I already follow GG on twitter. That’s how I knew about this post.)

  4. Jessica J says:

    Wow! Their bread looks delicious! I would love to take a tour! I wish there were places in North Carolina that gave tours and free samples like this.

  5. Cassaendra says:

    I love this place. I’ve gone to the one in Cleveland (Mentor) numerous times and in Honolulu. The store in Mentor had standard business hours (closed at 6) so it was stressful getting there before they closed since it was ~45 min away weather permitting. We would go there and buy 4-5 loaves at a time, savory and sweet. Their walnut oatmeal cookies are good, too.

  6. Adam says:

    I’m actually on my free loaf. Waiting for my local bakery to release its menu for June though. I’m hoping the Onion Dill Rye is on the menu. It might just be the best bread EVER to make a cucumber and cream cheese sandwich on 🙂

  7. Adam,
    Thanks for writing about Great Harvest again! The is Debbie at the home office for Great Harvest. Tim & Jessie (the owners) do a great job in the Herndon Great Harvest. Tim was the manager for many years and just purchased the business a few months ago from the founders of that location.
    Jessica J: I linked to the page on our web site with our bakery locator — we have 8 Great Harvest bakeries in North Carolina, so I hope one is near you.
    Thanks again!

    • Jessica J says:

      Wow, thanks Debbie! I had no idea! I am going to look that up right now! I live in Mount Airy, North Carolina

  8. Adam says:

    Hey Debbie thanks for stopping by! Actually, I didn’t write this latest review (that’s Ryan, our ‘main man’ so to speak haha) but as usual, we appreciate the great work your bakers do. I frequent the Columbia, MD location and the Logan, UT location frequently, and have had nothing but great experiences at GH. Keep up the great work!

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