The Anatomy of Grimace

From today’s Shirt.Woot selection we get an interesting look inside the purple creature from McDonaldland known as Grimace.  From the creative mind of Glen Brogan.

And just for extra fun, let’s take a visit to Wikipedia and check out the description of this Grimace character:

Grimace – Initially, Grimace was the “Evil Grimace”, with two pairs of arms with which to steal milkshakes. After that first campaign, the character was revised to be one of the “good guys”, and his number of arms was reduced by two. Commercials and merchandise generally portrayed him as a well-meaning simpleton, whose clumsy antics provided a comic foil to Ronald McDonald. The character was retained after the streamlining of the characters in the ’80s. His Uncle O’Grimacey [see below] would visit only one month per year, bringing Shamrock Shakes. Additional family were revealed in a McDonaldland VHS tape “The Legend of Grimace Island”: He has an unnamed mom, an unnamed dad, a grandma named “Winky”, a great, great grandma named Jenny Grimace, and a possible ancestor named “King Gonga”. King Gonga is the king of all Grimaces. In “Grimace’s Oddysey”, Grimace has the hobby of ham radio and often sends out transmissions through a homemade transmitter made from a colander. Ronald says Grimace has his mother’s eyes, Birdie says he has his father’s prominent chin, and Hamburglar jokingly says he has his Grandma Winky’s fat ankles. Grimace said he’s proud of them. Grimace was voiced by Frank Welker in the commercials and by Kevin Michael Richardson in “The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald.”

3 comments on “The Anatomy of Grimace

  1. brad says:

    Me, kaitis, and a few other friends had this ridiculous inside joke about the grimace in high school, we were always trying to figure out what he actually was so “What is the grimace??” became kind of a catchphrase. It was funny at the time.

    • Ryan says:

      @ brad … Yeah seriously, what is he?

      According to the McD’s website it’s still unknown:

      “Grimace is a big, loving, fuzzy purple fellow who is Ronald McDonald’s best friend. He’s sure Ronald is the world’s ultimate authority on everything. While Grimace loves all McDonald’s foods, he’s absolutely crazy about milkshakes. Grimace is very enthusiastic and eager to try new things. His joyous spirit helps everyone overlook the fact he’s a little slow and clumsy sometimes.”

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