Reminder: Today Is Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s

A friendly reminder from GrubGrade.  Today is FREE CONE DAY at Ben & Jerry’s.  Enjoy!

5 comments on “Reminder: Today Is Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s

  1. Keith says:

    When are we gonna get a review of Taco Bell’s shrimp tacos? You guys are usually all over new TB items.

    Less grubbing, more grading! 🙂

  2. Keith says:

    You see, I’m scared to try them – that’s what you guys are for! I want a full report.

    They keep saying “Pacific Shrimp” to describe the tacos which seems odd to me – why not just call them shrimp tacos? Is where they’re from being used so people don’t confuse these shrimp with “real” shrimp? Sort of like when Long John Silver’s started advertising “langostino lobster” bites – which are not lobsters at all but really a relative of the hermit crab??

    Come on guys, you gotta try it – for us!

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