R.I.P. Low-Fat Caribbean Bowl from California Tortilla, Welcome New Guacamole!

I live around a bunch of fast casual Mexican restaurants. Chipotle, Moe’s, Q’doba, Baja Fresh and California Tortilla are all within a short driving distance for me. I really like guacamole and, of course, I get it everywhere I go.  I actually have yet to try Q’doba but it’s on my list.  As far as the other 4 places go, I rank the guac like this.

  1. Chipotle
  2. Baja Fresh
  3. Moe’s
  4. California Tortilla

As you can see, Cali Tortilla is in dead last in my opinion.  Their guacamole is just sad. It’s really a pathetic attempt and it is way overdue for an update.  Well, it’s been updated.  I just found out today and I’ll be trying it tomorrow.  California Tortilla has actually revamped their menu.  See what’s new, changed and eliminated. It figures that my go-to order, the Low-Fat Caribbean Burrito Bowl, is no longer on the menu…due to poor sales.  So anyway, tomorrow I will try this new guacamole from CT and I will update this Top 4 Fast Casual Guac list if it wins me over.

Left: Good (Caballo Viejo), Right: Bad (Cali Tortilla)

6 comments on “R.I.P. Low-Fat Caribbean Bowl from California Tortilla, Welcome New Guacamole!

  1. beccaboo says:

    You forgot Qdoba on your ranking. Do you like their Guac?

    • beccaboo says:

      Sorry, I didn’t read all of it. It answered my question…

      • Ryan says:

        Haha, no problem. So I just tried the “new” guac from CT. Shockingly terrible. Very vinegary/salty…probably overloaded with lemon or lime juice. Seriously, less is more!!! They overdid it and it just came out bad. Plus it looks pretty similar to the last version…sad dark green, not chunky. Fail. 🙁

  2. beccaboo says:

    Whoops, dumb me. I am a skim reader. I missed that part. Sorry…

  3. Hm, I haven’t had to much luck with the food at Qdoba. I’d be interested to know if other people have had better experiences though.

    Interestingly, we don’t have California Tortilla here in California…

  4. Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

    Do you have a Panchero’s near you? Apparently they make their Guac fresh twice a day. I’ve never had it, but one of my friends always brags about it.

    I do know that Chipotle has much better burritos than Panchero’s.

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