Have You Tried The New Taco Bell Border Sauces? Fire-Roasted and Salsa Verde

What do you think of the new Border Sauces? Fire-Roasted and Salsa Verde debuted this week… Have you had a chance to try them yet?  Do Mild, Fire and Hot have some competition?

43 comments on “Have You Tried The New Taco Bell Border Sauces? Fire-Roasted and Salsa Verde

  1. J.B. says:

    Verde good
    Fire roasted so so

    Regardless, a 1000 times better than their regular crap sauces.

  2. c barrett says:

    yes and they both dont fit in at all. the Verda sauce is the same one that they used to have years ago that came in the bigger clear green package. The fire roastedjsut tasted like burned sauce and does not have enough kick in it. If they made it hotter than it might be better

  3. Simply put Green Verde Yes, Fire Roasted HELL NO!

  4. skcolb says:

    Just tried them tonight. Verde’s great, especially mixed with Fire for some kick. Fire-roasted just didn’t taste right.

  5. maxchain says:

    I officially swear by Salsa Verde now, but to be honest, I’m just not that interested in trying the Fire-Roasted stuff for some reason.

  6. Nick K says:

    They need to come out with lava sauce packets!! I’d put lava sauce on EVERYTHING if i could!

  7. crawford86575 says:

    Haven’t tried the new sauces yet, but I would love to see TB come out with Pepperjack Sauce packets.

    • Katie Ann says:

      Yesssssss. I asked for a chicken burrito with pepperjack sauce on it, and the cashier didn’t know what I was talking about. I told her it was what used to be on the Black Jack tacos, and was in fact on the cheesy gordita crunch I had in the same order as this one. She seemed to understand, and I asked what it was actually called (thinking it had another name they would understand better, for future ordering), and she told me “creamy jalapeño sauce.” Hmm, not so much, as my burrito wound up with a reddish-orange sauce. (And yet they put the correct stuff on the other item…)

      • Zephyricalus says:

        The actual sauce you wanted (pepperjack) is the baja sauce. Creamy jalapeno is the stuff that comes on quesadillas and cheesy bean and rice burritos. Kinda reminds me of the crappy high school employee that work at the Taco Bell I used to work for.

        I’ll have to go to my old job to try these out alongside two XXL Chalupas since I can get them free ;D.

  8. Kelley says:

    I thought both were great. Verde had a great tomatillo/vinegar taste and Fire-Roasted really did have fire-roasted tomatoes in it, giving it a nice sweet/smokey note.

  9. Natalie says:

    I’m actually the opposite of most people here, I liked the Fire-Roasted but not the Verde.

    Both were licked off the tips of my fingers because I don’t like to add any sauce to my quesadilla though.

  10. Mike N says:

    I agree with most: I had the verde on my chicken flatbread, and it was very good. The ‘fire roasted’ just tasted wierd (but maybe that was because I put it on my chili-cheese burrito…

  11. Hardcore_Sadism says:

    Fire Roasted is absolutely awesome, not sure what the big deal is, it actually tastes better than mild to a high degree.

  12. icy says:

    I somewhat like both sauces. The Verde i couldn’t even taste, i put 3 packets on my Cheesy Gordita Crunch and didn’t even notice. I did the same with the Fire Roasted and thought it was better that the Verde but the Fire Roasted burnt taste is too much. so my perfect combo for my Cheesy’s are 2 Fire’s and 1 Roasted. PERFECT!

  13. szon says:

    Verde tastes awkward to me. It’s like mild sauce, but without the tomato base. It probably takes some time to get used to.

    Fire roasted is just BBQ sauce. BBQ sauce doesn’t work with any Mexican food.

    I love the original sauces though. I could have a snack by just drinking them by their selves.

  14. homerst7 says:

    Salsa Verde Rocks!

  15. Beccaboo says:

    I tried them both yesterday for the first time. I liked the Salsa Verde but didn’t think the Fire Roasted tasted like much of anything.

  16. Jessica Leigh says:

    I LOVE the Salsa Verde and hope they decide to keep it around! The fire-roasted is not good at all.

  17. stevenp says:

    Just had both last week for the first time. I really like both much better than the old sauces for flavor. The green has a nice tomatilla flavor; the brown is nice and smoky. (Was expecting a bit more of a chipotle flavor, tho.) Neither one is very hot, but the flavor is much better than the mild/hot/fire imo.

  18. mike says:

    My new sauce regimen is 1 fire + 1 green, i love green.

    As another stated, the fire roasted is bbq sauce.

  19. Jealan says:

    Neither one was good. The fire roasted tasted like dip… as in skoal. It was weird and gross.

  20. Courtney says:

    I hated the fire roasted. The Verde was pretty good! I just hope they do not I repeat do not get rid of the regular fire sauce!

  21. Courtney says:

    PLEASE DO NOT get rid of the fire sauce!!!! I eat it with almost everything! LOL

  22. April says:

    I loved the Verde and the Fire Roasted, but it depends on what with: Verde is great for the Chicken Burritos and the Avacado Sauce. Brings out more of the ranch taste. Fire Roasted is good with just about anything. Again, it’s also a great compliment to the Chicken Burritos. I wish they would package the Avacado sauce. It’s fabulous and I always order extra. =)

  23. ffff says:

    i love fire roasted it tastes like the most amazing thing ever. it tastes like sex.

  24. scott says:

    fire roasted really tastes the best out of the two.i get fire roasted everytime.i really just had to post this because of all the hatred

  25. Jeremy Watanabe says:

    The salsa verde is decent…it goes best in combination with the fire sauce. The fire roasted is so so….I wish it tasted more like chipotle!
    Regardless…kudos to Taco Bell for trying something new.

  26. max says:

    I must be crazy, but the fire roasted is the best sauce ever. I think at this point if they stop having it i might stop eating taco bell. I eat a package for every bite. And not just on taco bell, i go inside so i can take handfuls because I don’t think they would think it was normal to ask them in the drive thru. Any one else have this new addiction or should i see a doctor?

  27. @itsthejessness says:

    I haven’t tried the fire roasted but I’m not a big fan of the Verde. It tastes waaay too mild. It’s kind of like packaged green chili flavor, but no heat.

  28. T-Mas says:

    Green sauce – Meh. The new fire roasted has given me a reason to GO to Taco Bell. I had completely written them off (because I am a Mexican food snob from AZ) until I was stuck in a small town on a road trip and had to eat there. Fire Roasted Sauce is the most mexican thing they have there. More authentic stuff like that, and I might just become a regular customer again.

  29. VegasDude says:

    YES.. I must visit the Bell with my CARGO PANTS .. =)

  30. Yoyoyi says:

    Fire roasted is basically TB’s version of chipotle but a little sweeter. I take or leave the verde.by the way, the Quad Steak Burrito is DA BOMB!

  31. dude says:

    For flavor I like the old “Mild Sauce” and the new “Fire Roasted”. Not mixed, but separate. Each has their own great taste.

    People that want their sauce a certain way should just mix the packets that will give them that.

    I use Sriracha sauce when I eat tacos at the house.

    Taco Bell has all their food ingredients on their webpage, I was kinda surprised at the amount of disclosure.

  32. Mr Burrito says:

    Green Sauce……not bad, not great.
    Fire Roasted sauce…..AMAZING! What an awesome sauce. Its rich and smokey with hints of garlic, onion, and a nice sweetness. If its not spicy enough for you, add some hot sauce to it.

  33. Michele says:

    I put one verde and on fire roasted on each taco – OUTSTANDING!!!! I agree, those sauces have given me a new reason to go back to The Bell. I’m gonna write the company and tell them how much I enjoyed the sauces – maybe a coupon for free food?

  34. Tyler says:

    I love the fire roasted sauce, and I don’t know why so many people don’t like it. I’ve always been a fan of Taco Bell and I always try something new there, and when they came out with this sauce I was excited for something new. It taste kinda sweet, not spicy at all, but there is something homemade and authentic about it. The verde one on the other hand just tasted like vinegar, and generic canned enchilada sauce that was mild. So yeah.

  35. Sal says:

    Fire-roasted is by far my favorite sauce at TB. It brings rich, smokey flavor that goes well with most everything on the menu. My secret pleasure: Using the Fire-roasted sauce on my doritos. It makes for an awesome combination.

  36. Common Sense says:

    Verde is excellent. By far their best sauce, though I usually double it up with Hot. “Fire-Roasted” is simply mislabeled. If it were named “Burnt Iguana Vommit”, I’d say, “Mission accomplished.”

    I think they’re having trouble moving them, as my local Taco Bell has started “mistakenly” slipping them into my bag when I specifically asked for Hot and Verde. This has happened three times now.

  37. JessMorgan says:

    Verde Sauce was just plain bad. AWFUL. But the fire sauce was amazing!!!!! I threw some on my tacos and boy did it make it taste a lot better! The only issue I have with TB is that their meat is a bit bland. I added the fire sauce and it was all better!!! Didn’t try the fire-roasted, however I’d love to!

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