Grubbing at Nationals Park: What’s Your Favorite Ballpark Grub?

It’s opening day for baseball and all I can think about is the grub.  See, my attention span for baseball is almost as weak as my attention span for women’s field hockey.  Well maybe I’m exaggerating, but seriously, it’s tough to follow a sport that has a 162-game regular season.  So when I think opening day baseball, I think of how meaningless it really is.  My focus turns to the feel of being at the ball game in person.  The sights, sounds and smells bring a lot to the experience.

For a semi-pro grubber like myself, I’m thinking of all the ballpark food.  I’ve visited the Washington Nationals ballpark a few times in the last couple of years and of course have accumulated some pictures of the food.  Why focus on the worst team in baseball when there are “W” shaped soft pretzels to be had?

This post is just an excuse to share these pictures and to ask you all a very important question. What is your favorite ballpark grub? Let’s start a conversation GrubGrade readers.  Where are you from?  What’s the best ballpark experience?

32 comments on “Grubbing at Nationals Park: What’s Your Favorite Ballpark Grub?

  1. Justin W says:

    Being a lifelong dodgers fan, I have to mention Dodgers dogs. However, the beer prices at Dodgers stadium are beyond ridiculous. Having lived about an hour from Cincinnati for the past 5 years, I have gone to quite a few Reds games and have to say that the nachos there are pretty good and a good deal.

  2. I’m a diehard Red Sox fan as many of you know but my fave ballpark grub is not from Fenway. Its the Garlic Fries in San Francisco. So good, so dangerous, so not what you should eat on a date to the ballpark.

    • Raiders757 says:

      That’s funny, a recent poll showed that Red Sox fans at Fenway eat more hot dogs per season than at any other major league stadium. Who would have thunk?

  3. rightclue says:

    Well I can tell you where the WORST grub is at…

    The Nets at the current IZod center offer the worst grub out there..

    Not only is the fare very conventional… something you would find in a local high school cafeteria… but the portion sizes are miniscule and unreasonably priced.

    A very small serving of nachoes with barely enough cheese sauce for $5

    Watered down, syrupless soda.

    Pitiful hot dog franks that are no more than 5-6 inches long with a dearth of toppings.

    Need I go on?

  4. Kristin says:

    Boog’s Barbecue at Camden Yards, hands down – so good!!!! Although getting Ben’s Chili Bowl at Nationals Park was a close 2nd.

  5. Chelsea says:

    The grub at the new Nat’s Park is worlds better than the food offerings at RFK. Although outrageously overpriced, it’s great to see so much representation from DC institutions (Giffords, Ben’s, etc). The variety is also much appreciated. Choosing between National’s Park and Camden Yards? I’ll have to go with the Nat’s, though I do love the vendors outside of Camden Yards!

  6. Josh says:

    When I travel I make it a priority to at least visit a ballpark if I am near one, the oddest food was in Colorado where I dined on Rocky Mountain Oysters…they were really good. The best hot dog, and I am a die hard Yankee fan…the Fenway Frank, with the Dodger dog coming in a close second (although I love the all you can eat section at Dodger Stadium)

  7. Hannes says:

    Fresh Bratwurst with Stadium Sauce (very important) at Miller Park in Milwaukee. Holy Mackerel.

  8. Hannes says:

    BTW, the Dodger Dogs in LA are good but they’re just Hot Dogs, and Hot Dogs can never hold a candle to a real “Wurst”.

  9. Rose says:

    When I was little I used to go to Blue Jay’s games with my dad. My sister and mom never wanted to go, so I think dad was happy that anyone would willingly go with him. Little did he know I went only for the McDonalds. I was never allowed fast food as a kid, but as the SkyDome at the time only sold McDonald’s products ( I hear it doesn’t anymore), baseball for me meant getting my hands on the coveted chicken nuggets.

  10. Adam says:

    Gotta agree w/ Kristin on Boog’s BBQ. Baltimore Pit Beef is a must-have. But those cheap, incredibly doughy and salty pretzels that the venders sell outside of Camden are great. Carb hater sbe damned, I could eat one of those everyday.

    • Raiders757 says:

      Boog’s, is that the stand between the stadium and the warehouse? That place is pretty darn good.

  11. Justin says:

    Boog’s BBQ at Camden Yards and Gates BBQ at Kaufmann Stadium are the best. Are we limiting this to Major League parks? Autozone Park in Memphis (Redbirds) serves pulled pork nachos and a footlong chili dog with beer battered onion rings that are great. The chicken gyro at Midway Stadium in St. Paul (Saints) is pretty damn good, too.

  12. Danny Boy says:

    I don’t know what’s so special about them, but I’m a big fan of the steak pitas at US Cellular Field for White Sox games.

    Also, there’s something about being at a ball game that makes processed cheese and canned jalapenos on tortilla chips taste better….

  13. Bob Smith says:

    Garlic fries and a spicy sausage in San Francisco.

    Minor league parks often have better food than the major league ones. The San Jose Giants have a big wood-fired flame pit (you’ll never see its like in a stadium) to cook their burgers, dogs, and sausages. So tasty!

  14. Al says:

    There’s lots of great stuff at Safeco Field (home of my beloved Seattle Mariners), but my favorite thing is the Ichiroll spicy tuna sushi roll named after (who else?) Ichiro Suzuki. Can’t go wrong with some barbeque beef brisket from Dixie’s BBQ or a Burger, Fries, and Chocolate Shake from Kidd Valley, and the famous shishkaberries. Everything at Safeco is delicious.

  15. Chris says:

    Spent the day at Citifield, first of many this season (kind of a home away from home). Aside from the classic Nathan’s hot dog, a Shackburger from Shake Shack is a must, as well as ribs from Blue Smoke. Nachos are excellent (cart around section…506 i think?) Box Frites with smokey bacon sauce? Of course. New this season – garlic fries. Plan on trying them this Saturday. Also new at Blue Smoke – BBQ grilled bologna sandwich. Will also be eaten this Saturday.

  16. Matt says:

    Clevelands Jacob’s Field (refuse to call it progressive field) has stadium mustard…only place to get it is the Cleve and it’s the only thing you need to put on a dog

    I don’t really know wht else they have these days…they have been so bad it’s been 2 yrs sice I have gone.

  17. jamonia says:

    if you haven’t had a schmitter at citizens bank park in philly, you haven’t lived. steak, fried onions, double cheese, grilled salami, thousand island dressing and a tomato on a kaiser roll. best. sandwich. ever.

  18. T.J. says:

    It sounds funny but I went to a game once in Cleveland and that is the best mustard I’ve ever had.

    Nats Park has a terrific selection of food – Five Guys is there too.

  19. I go to Miller Park in Milwaukee alot! They have a medium sized helmet (not the small sundae helmet nor the full sized wearable helmet) that is filled with waffle fries and smothered in nacho cheese! It is a hit! Every time we get one I notice maybe 10 other people with in eye range of us have some in the next inning or two. In a stadium known for sausages (5 different varieties) the helmet full of cheesy fries is #1!

  20. Steve says:

    I went to the Nats park last year, on a free ticket, and a free unlimited food voucher in center field. I walked around the stadium 3 times because I was bored of watching Nats baseball and I hate the Red Sox. I couldnt believe how many food stands were open (and packed!). That would explain the empty seats.

    I’ve only been to Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Chicago (Wrigley Field), but of those, Washington has to win hands down for ballpark food. They have everything you could think of, including stands with specialties from other ballparks

    • Ryan says:

      Haha…I do the same thing. I’ve been about 4 or 5 times and have only actually sat in my seat once. Just buy the cheapest ticket and never find your seat….that’s my move.

  21. Raiders757 says:

    I know it’s lame, but when I go see the Norfolk Tides play, I can’t resist the large soft pretzels. They put them on a flaming grill in front of you, and salt them to your desire. They are the best soft pretzels you can find outside of Germany’s Octoberfest. At least for me that is.

  22. Couple offerings at Petco Park:

    Rubio’s fish tacos (since Rubio’s went corporate the quality’s gone way downhill but still, its a fish taco in San Diego)

    Gordon Biersch garlic fries

    I’m forgetting another item. Oh well.

  23. terry tate says:

    lobels steak sammy and garlic cheese fries….amazing. sandwich, fries and a beer will set you back $35 but its worth it

  24. Brad says:

    Go Phils!!!

  25. steve m 27 says:

    I am a diehard Yankees fan. My favorite ballpark food grub was chicken fingers, fries, and a soda at the old Yankee Stadium. I say was because I have not been to the new yard yet. The line was so long to get a simple chicken fingers and fries but it was well worth it. LET’S GO YANKEES!

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