Food News: Wendy’s Testing Berry Almond Chicken Salad

Wendy’s Berry Almond Chicken Salad

Fresh off the national release of four new summer salads (read our review here), Wendy’s has begun testing a Berry Almond Chicken Salad in both the Salt Lake City, UT and Richmond, VA markets. Have a gander:

It all starts with sweet fresh strawberries and delicious plump blueberries. Then we add roasted almonds, shaved Asiago cheese, 11 types of greens and tender grilled chicken. Topping it all off is our fat-free raspberry vinaigrette dressing with acai juice. It’s a wholesome mix that tastes great and is great for you too.

***UPDATE: Berry Almond Chicken Salad is now available nationwide along with a new Crispy Chicken Caesar Wrap and Wild Berry Tea.

Now this is a salad I could get behind! It’s also comparatively healthier than Wendy’s other salads, coming in at 460 calories and 16 grams of fat (5.5 saturated) including dressing and almonds (the dressing packet alone is 100 calories and contains 22 grams of sugar). Apparently it’ll only be in select stores until the summer ends, but based on the response this might be a future addition to the Wendy’s menu. Has anyone tried the Berry Almond Chicken Salad? We want to know your thoughts!

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  1. Rachel says:

    I would definitely eat this. I think it would be even better if they used spinach rather than mixed greens, but as is it looks tasty and healthy. Too bad I’m not in one of the test markets or I’d have it today.

  2. Robby says:

    I’d try it if it was available near my area.

  3. Missy says:

    I want to live in a test market! That looks delicious!

  4. SkippyMom says:

    I had one of the new salads while in Harrisonburg a few weeks ago and loved it – this would be a definite HECK yes.

    Most, if not all, of the calories are always in the dressing and cheese in a salad – then with this one the nuts are helping the total.

    But 460? That is awesome. Now I want to know the sodium. 🙂

    We aren’t close enough to Richmond to popover and try – but hopefully they will be bringing it here or Harrisonburg in the near future.

  5. J.B. says:

    That looks really good.
    I don’t think my Wendy’s has this though.

  6. Paula says:

    Just had the new Berry Almond Chicken Salad from Wendy’s. It is by far the best fast food salad I have ever eaten. Sure hope it becomes a staple on their menu!!!

  7. momtoomany says:

    Oh, who knew? I was just googling the calorie count because I had one for lunch today. I read the article and just realized it was a good day to be hungry for a berry chicken salad in SLC. The greens were crisp, the berries were fresh, not slimy (I feared the berries would be reconstituted from frozen and those can get yucky), the fat-free dressing was super sweet, but not horrible, and the parmesan shavings and almonds added a lot of flavor and crunch. I will definitely buy another one before I can’t another one.

  8. Jessica Leigh says:

    Oh my goodness, this looks AMAZING! I hope this makes it to my Wendy’s because I am dying to try it! It’s like my dream salad!

  9. Justin says:


  10. MICHELLE KING says:


  11. Sheri says:

    This is a good, refreshing salad. The salad is good for a fast food salad, but the cost of $6.49 is a little steep for a fast food salad.

  12. Anita says:

    I had one recently and really really liked it. The dressing comes in two packets of 50 calories a piece. I liked mine fine with just one packet. I saved myself 50 calories and can use the other packet when I make a salad at home. I am glad to find that the calories are so reasonable. I’ll definitely have this again if I make it to Wendy’s before it goes away.

  13. terrel covel says:

    Best salad at a fast food joint! I’m in Salt lake and am in the gym five days a week. As someone who pays attention to nutrition, eats five meals a day, and cares what I look like at almost 40, I hope this salad is a keeper at Wendys. Ill eat it regularly

  14. June says:

    Had this for the 1st time today, fresh greens and fruit, but the chicken was very bland and slimey – probably wouldn’t order it again unless without the chicken.

  15. kori says:

    Excellent!!! I LOVED it!!! I have been very health conscience the past 5 months and I am SUPER impressed with this salad. I WILL ORDER IT AGAIN FOR SURE!!!!!

  16. Tonya says:

    Had it without the chicken. I don’t eat meat so I sometimes have a hard time finding salads that are not too small and bland without the meat but this one was really good. Would definitely order regularly if it was available all the time.

  17. Linda says:

    Just now trying the salad and I like it! I was afraid of the calorie count though until I found this site – will definitely eat this salad again!

  18. Terri says:

    Yummmy !!!!

  19. Me says:

    I seen the ad for this salad and decided to make my own at home that way I can control the ingredients my way. It turned out WAY YUMMY!!!! Plus this way I get more berries hehe & I’m sure its way cheaper than buying Wendy’s every day.

  20. Christina says:

    I live in the SLC test market and this is totally one of my favorite salads!

  21. Nikki says:

    I just tried this yesterday and it is delicious!! I think this would taste even better on spinach though. I don’t know if I am willing to buy this very often though – $6.50 is RIDICULOUS for fast food.

  22. Sheila says:

    FABULOUS !!! Best salad I ever ate at a fast food restaurant, thought it was a little on the pricey side, you could lower it a little. Definately plan to eat a few more before the promotion ends. Hopefully with all the good reviews Wendy’s will listen to the consumer and leave it on their menu. It looks so good on the sign, and was so surprised that it look as good and as fresh when I got my order. All I can say if you live near a test site please don’t hesitate to go and try one you won’t regret it.

  23. We were recently vacationing in UT and had dinner at the Wendy’s in Logan. I tried the Almond Berry salad…and was most pleasantly surprised and delighted. I hope this becomes a regular part of the menu in OH…if only during the Summer. I would and will buy it to enjoy again, and again, and again…

  24. Heidi says:

    This salad is phenomenal! I have been doing Weight Watchers for almost 3 months now and I would like to give this salad a little credit for helping lose the 23 lbs I have lost so far! It makse is so easy to go and grab something healthy when I haven’t made a lunch to take to work and it tastes so good, too! Yay, Wendy’s!!! More stuff like this please! (Although I do agree that the price tag is super high, so let’s make it more affordable too! – Hey, a girl can dream, right?)

  25. Gabie says:

    i tried the new berry almond chicken salad for the first time today for lunch, and i loved it! OMG! it is so delicious! and healthy too! I’m hooked! 🙂

  26. Rebekah says:

    This is a fantastic salad, I tried it for the first time when someone I was eating lunch with ordered it and the next time I went I ordered it. The dressing is really sweet which is a nice compliment to the tart strawberries and blueberries, the almonds give a great crunch and the mixed greens are just absolutely wonderfully fresh. I would recommend this salad to anyone who wants something refreshing and different. It gets an A+ in my book.

    • Paul says:

      I used to like the Berry Almond Chicken Salad and the Apple Pecan Chicken Salad, but no more. I have been buying mine at two Wendy stores in Columbus, Ohio (Wendy’s HQ), and they no longer feature the spring mixed greens, but use iceberg lettuce as the first ingredient and in the nutrition info on the web. They are at least 95% iceberg with only a few leaves of something else. This is also true of ALL of their other salads except for caesar which is chopped romaine. Too bad, because up until two weeks ago, I had one for lunch daily. They also cut down on berries, and the same with the apples on the apple pecan chicken salads. I refuse to pay their prices now for the reduced quality salads, and buy one or two caesar side salads and add my own meat and other ingredients from home for a lunch salad.

  27. Heidi says:

    Jut had this salad. I absolutely loved it!!! My chicken wasn’t slimey as someone earlier commented and I only need one 50 Calorie packet of dressing. It was freash, and the flavors were perfect. The Asiago cheese was a perfect addition. I hope it stays, because it will definitely be a new staple in my fast food purchases.

  28. Michael says:

    I had my first Berry Almond Salad yesterday without chicken.
    I had my second today. Goes well with a Frosty, chocolate or vanilla. I think I’ll get another one tomorrow.

  29. Chad says:

    Its the bomb-diggity, and its spruted up in the western burbs of chicago. Best one yet, IMHO, and I already really love the cranberry pecan chicken salad. My new favorite!

  30. Aimee says:

    I just picked one up w/o the chicken. Will let you know how it was.

  31. Cheryl says:

    Wendys is taking over our town (our town begins with the word Berry) today as a promo for this new salad. They have shut down Main Street and Wendys is decorating Main Street with tons and tons of flowers and will start handing out free Berry salads at 3PM. I am looking forward to trying salad.

  32. Diane says:

    This one just came to our market and I had to try it, based on the signs all around the store showing FRESH strawberries, BLACKberries, blueberries, and RASPberries. I was highly disappointed, as there are no fresh raspberries or blackberries in the salad and those were the draw for me. Blech and bland. I’ve salted and peppered and dressed it to an inch of its life with the rasp vinaigrette provided and it still has NO ZIP.

    Back to the Apple Pecan for me. Now if it would just lose the RED apples.

  33. courtney says:

    I’m eating it right now…IT’S AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  34. ron kight says:

    This salad is delicious, had it last night in Athens, Ga. It was available in Madison, Ga, I ordered at lunch today, got the almond pack and raspberry dressing, but the salad was apple pecan, not what I wanted, but it’s still pretty good all are better to me with the spicy chicken Valdosta this afternoon, berry almond not available. I can’t visit Athens that often for a salad.

  35. Krista says:

    Had this salad today for lunch. Very, very good! The salad was crisp, the berries were fresh and very flavorful, and the almonds added a nice crunch to it all. I didn’t use any of the dressing, but I still think that the salad was amazing without it! Will definatley order this again.

  36. Ellen Webster says:

    The salad is available in our area today and I’m definitely going there for lunch. My only thing is, I don’t like the taste of the chicken that is put on their salads, so I leave it off. I noticed that they even charge less if you get it without chicken. Their apple pecan salad, they charge the same price either way.

  37. Kim Sugars says:

    I live in Winchester, VA and one town over from Berryville where Wendy’s just filmed people taste testing their Berry Almond Chicken Salad last week for a possible commercial launch. I just had it for lunch today and it was BY FAR THE BEST SALAD FROM A FAST FOOD RESTAURANT I’VE EVER HAD! Everything was fresh and crisp. Strawberries and blueberries were fresh/firm and the flavor combination with the vinegarette was outstanding. The chicken is not breaded or fried and I found the flavor to be good. I liked having almonds instead of croutons. Light, refreshing and filling! I will absolutely be ordering this again!

  38. Corey says:

    This salad was absolutely amazing!

  39. Marcia says:

    I have eaten this twice this weekend and it was great! I am doing Weight Watchers Points Plus and the half salad is large enough for a meal and is very filling at 6 points plus. It has a very good taste and I like the fat free raspberry dressing. All in all a good healthy choice, I hope they keep this on their menu.

  40. Becky says:

    I just had one for lunch, super yummy. And the dressing was really good too, i didn’t pour the whole package on there, which was a good idea, cause it’s pretty sweet, but it did compliment the salad really well!

  41. Heidi says:

    I just tried this salad today in Britol, TN and I was blown away! It was so delicious and by far the BEST fast food salad around. I only used one packet of dressing and left off the almonds and I’m wondering how many calories/fat I saved. I would definitely recommend this salad and I hope it stays around for a long time! Oh and I also agree that $6.50 for a FF salad is waaay too steep but good job to Wendy’s for creating some very healthy and delicious alternatives!

  42. Bonnie Chase says:

    I would love to have the nutritional value of the new Berry Almond Salad with FF raspberry vinegrette dressing.

  43. MEGAN says:

    I had this salad yesterday and it was absolutely amazing.. i loved the spinach leaves and the berries…it all blended very well together. I am going to eat it again for lunch today! hope they add it to their menu for good!

  44. Ann says:

    It is delicious! I got the 1/2 portion for $4.49 and nothing was wasted. The rasberry vinaigrette is great. I enjoyed the almonds too, knowing how good they are for me. Great idea.

  45. Erica says:

    I just tried the Berry Almond Chicken Salad and found it to be satisfactory. I did NOT like the asiago cheese, it is far too pungent and overpowering for delicate berries. The strawberries absorbed the flavor and smell of the cheese, however the blueberries did much better. Overall, without the cheese this is a refreshing lunch choice.

  46. Sue says:

    I had this salad for dinner last night – tiried it for the first time. I LOVED it! I ate every single bite, and thats rare for me. It’s very light and flavorful and the raspberry dressing was a perfect choice for it. I loved everything about it….and will be having this salad often. This will be perfect for lunch (1/2 size) or dinner (full size) on Weight Watchers! Hope they keep this around for a long time!

  47. Sheila says:

    Absolutely love this salad had it for lunch today fits into my healthy eating plan. Thanks

  48. J says:

    Excellent salad I hope Wendys keeps it on the menu. The sugar content is high in the dressing. Would be great to have that reduced. Very Delicious:) Tucson AZ.

  49. N says:

    That is the best tasting salad for one whom is on a diet and i have had 2 of theses and it curves my appitite as well to top it off they need a diet raseberry with less sugar, I drive 9miles(18 round trip) to buy this Berry Almond Salad I highly recommended this salad to my family,:-) Shreveport,la

    Hi sis lets meet at Wendy’s 🙂 for this Berry Salad 🙂

  50. B. F. James says:

    I love the Almond Berry Salad, it’s the best salad that Wendy’s has put together. The berries & lettuce were fresh! The asiago cheese was just enough that it didn’t overwhelmed the salad. The fat-free raspberry vinaigrette dressing was just the right amount that it didn’t drown the salad. I will definitely be purchasing this PERFECT salad all summer long!

  51. Lynne says:

    I could eat this everyday!! Amazing for a fast food place!! Is the half or full salad 460 Calories? I ate the Half and it was plenty but on a hungry day I could do a full salad and at those calories I wouldn’t feel the need for the extra mile on the elliptical!
    Way to go Wendy!!!

  52. S says:

    I just tried this salad tonight in the new half serving and loved it! It tastes great and I hope they keep it or at least bring it back every summer. It was very fresh, the fruit was perfect. Very tasty! The one thing I did notice was the chicken was a bit too salty, so i’m thinking the sodium content is a bit high. All-in-all great salad!

  53. Linda says:

    I have eaten it 2 days in a row.. Just the right combination of flavors. Top it off with the berry Iced Tea .. Luv it

  54. Alicia says:

    I LOVED THIS!!!!! So yummy and healthy!

  55. Aldo says:

    This has got to be the best fast-food salad I’ve ever tasted!

    I walked into Wendy’s (San Diego – North Park) for a nice chili with a salad, and the cashier recommended the “new” berry salad. So I ordered half salad and small chili and mmmmm mmmmm tasty! It had “fancy” greens I don’t usually see in any fast food place, all crisp and yummy. The strawberries tasted fresh and the blueberries were nice and plumpy. All the sweetness had a nice contrast with the asiago cheese, so the salad overall has a good balanced flavor.

    Little did I know this is just a test salad, so today I went into another Wendy’s (Otay Mesa) and the cashier went “huh?” when I asked for this. She was smart, though. She said, tentatively, “We don’t have it…. yet.”

    I hope this makes it into their regular menu, since it’s much better than any other salad that they have (or anybody else for that matter).

  56. AnnMarie says:

    Just had the salad in Easley, SC today and loved it! I went easy on the dressing because the chicken, cheese, berries and almonds had a lot of flavor on their own! I hope Wendys will add this to their permanent line up-Yum Yum!

  57. robert sanchez says:

    Excellent tasting salad….simply delecious!!!!!……excellent for my lifestyle……i watch calories, carbs,etc…etc….no one else can compare….wendy’s got it right!!!!!!

  58. I had the half salad for lunch the other day and I thought it was a great salad. I love the fresh fruit and the dressing was really good.
    I also liked that the almonds came in a pack so you could put on as much ar as littyle as you want. I would definitely recommend this salad! I will be back very soon for another one! Great competition
    against Bread Co’s salad (and it’s cheaper)!

  59. April says:

    I’m actually eating it now for the 2nd day in a row. This is by far the best fast food salad I have eaten. I hope they add it to the permanent menu!!

  60. Jeni says:

    The wendy’s I work at in Clarion, PA just started serving this today! It looks delicious and the dressing is AWESOME!

  61. Lee says:

    Best, most refreshing salad I’ve ever had in Denver. And it’s fast food! Who knew! Strawberries and blueberries were fresh and plump. and the greens were varied and crisp. The combo of the almonds, chicken, and cheese was just right. The price point is well worth it – you’d pay twice as much at a regular restaurant, and I doubt very much that it would be near as fresh and good, and certainly not as fast. I’ll come back for that as long as it’s on the menu.

  62. Tyra says:

    I tried the salad the other day it was really good. I usually don’t like fruit on my salad or fruity dressing but this was really good. The mixed greens were good and the fruit had good texture and seemed fresh. They gave me two dressing packets which said they were 50 calories each and I only ended up using one packet. The cheese was also a nice touch and it all went well with the chicken. The only thing I didn’t like was the color of the chicken I know it was seasoning or something but it looked kind of orange. I would advise my friends and family to try this salad.

    • Tyra says:

      Forgot to say that I left off the almonds. They come in their own packet which was nice. I wasn’t going to ask them to leave them off or anything but turns out they were on the side and I was able to leave them off without looking like a princess.

  63. Laura says:

    I had it for lunch today. Crispy lettuce, tasty cheese, but could have done with a few more berries. (I skipped the dressing.)

  64. Gayle says:

    I just had this salad last night and loved it. I enjoyed the crisp mixed salad. The strawberries and blueberries were fresh and sweet. The cheese was wonderful and I loved the dressing. I only planned on using half the dressing and ended using all of it. The chicken was fresh but I wish it had been fully cut. It was a wonderful choice and as I only ate half of it, I enjoyed it the next day also! Congratulations Wendy.

  65. Laura says:

    We live in Columbus (where Wendy’s was founded) so I think we tend to pretty much always be in their “test” areas. We had this salad tonight and it was amazing. Very filling. I’m usually not a big salad fan, but this is something I would eat often.

  66. J. Sanders says:

    Ablsolutely loved it.. Everything about it. Just happened to go through drive through and not sure what I wanted.. I saw the sign and thought . hmm that looks good. I got the salad to take for my dinner( work night shift ) As soon as I started eating it.. I was in love with it. I hope the salad stays around. I m very fond of Wendy’s Salads, but this is far the best. Hope it stays around.

  67. M. Heinzman says:

    just had this salad for dinner and was so surprised by the taste and quality….then I saw the calorie count and was thrilled! I hope this is one salad Wendy’s will keep on the menu.

  68. Liz says:

    Delicious salad but i prefer the apple cranberry salad over it. not sure if it is just a dressing preference

  69. Debbie says:

    Love it,love it, love it. They need to keep this salad on the menu. I usually don’t do fast foods but my husband wanted the Bold Chicken sandwich and I seen the salad and bought one. In one weeks time I have had 3. My 3 year old grandson had one bowl(no dressing) ate it and then ask for another and finished that bowl too. He had the half size so from now on he’ll be getting the full portions.

  70. Barbara says:

    I had this salad today and it was wonderful. A great combination of fruit and chicken. It comes with two packets of dressing and I used 1/2 or a packet and it was more than enough flavor. I plan on having this for lunch every day this summer and hope Wendy’s will add it to their regular menu. LOVED it!!!!!!!!

  71. HJones says:

    I just tried this salad, and I REALLY enjoyed it! I will definitely eat it again!

    I think the dressing it too thick, but the flavor was fine.
    I didn’t care for the cheese in it, but its flavor did not overwhelm the salad.

  72. Brenda says:

    I just tried the almond berry chicken salad and I liked it. It is filling and satiesfying. I will eat it again.

  73. Lisa says:

    I’ve tried it and it is absolutely delicious!!!

  74. Katie says:

    This Salad is delicious and works well on the Weight Watchers Plan.

  75. Valerie says:

    OMG! Wendy’s new Berry Almond Chicken salad is awesome! I am in love! The fruits, lettuce, cheese, almonds and dressing all just go together so well and it is a very good taste that stays in your mouth for a while after you eat. I love that it is delicious and also healthy. Go Wendy’s this is the best fast food salad I have ever had. I will continue to buy it until summer is over but I hope they decide to keep it on the menu for longer than just summer.

  76. Bethany says:

    OK, this salad is the BOMB. My only complaints are the price, and the high sugar in the dressing. I only use one packet which is enough, but it’s still a lot of sugar. I have to say that I think I like the Apple Pecan salad better, but I will only allow myself to order it RARELY because it really is not very healthy. I am doing Weight Watchers, and when one salad is HALF of your daily points, it’s just not worth it to me. So while I commend Wendy’s for really making some delicious salads lately, I also implore you to find ways to cut the calories. The nuts all come on the side so you could leave those off, but nuts are healthy for you and I don’t eat enough of them! A better option would be reduced fat cheese, or the option to leave some of the cheese off. But this Berry Salad rocks and I will be ordering it frequently, while inside longing for the Apple Pecan. 🙂

  77. Joyce says:

    Please anyone from WEIGHT WATCHERS, how many points for the half and full salad and also the dressing???????

  78. zoey says:

    SOOO glad i can finally eat a salad without feeling guilty about those high calorie count in dressings, Had one for dinner and i feel content and not really full. really love the combinations of greens and fruit, best of both worlds! LOVE IT!!!

  79. EJ says:

    Great salad….on a scale of 1-10…it’s a 10!!!!

  80. Diane says:

    I LOVE it! Had my first one tonight and it will be a summer favorite.

  81. Katz says:

    Would not buy again. Today was my first try. I bought the half size for $4.99. The salad had sufficient tender chunks of chicken, but only 3 blueberries and 2 slices of strawberry. I’m not a fan of the Asiago cheese, which I thought tasted like gym socks (although I must confess that I’ve never actually tasted gym socks). I was a big fan of Wendy’s Asian Chicken Salad and would love to see its return to the menu.

  82. Martinez says:

    The Wendy’s Berry Almond Chicken Salad is delicious! I tried it yesterday for the first time and it was so good! I loved it!

  83. Kiddobiz says:

    Awesome. Very fresh and extra yummy. I only used 1/2 of one of the dressing packets so I saved 75 calories. Super yummy. I loved that the dressing is packedin smaller packets. It just irks me to get a giant dressing packet and throw it away.

  84. holly says:

    The new Berry Salad at Wendys….amazing!!! im thinking i might need intervention from becoming an adict to your salad…lol

  85. Duckyblonde says:

    Just had one for the first time! Definitely, by far, the best fast food salad I’ve ever had. Seemed like it was made fresh right there! Would so buy again.

  86. susan says:

    Love this salad, am trying to reproduce this salad at home. not too hard. working on the grilled chicken part. but use romaine lettuce mix with grated cheese and a tbs of almonds and sliced strawberries and blueberries , good while in season. add your fav raspberry vinagrette and your in business. try it.

  87. ZDAS says:

    Love the salad. Hoping it will stay around as long as possible.

  88. Donielle says:

    This salad is AWESOME. The fruit are fresh, the chicken is tender, and the dressing just adds a wonderful touch. I would recommend that this salad becomes apart of the regular menu.

  89. Tina says:

    I absolutely love this salad. I’ve had it three times and it was perfect all three times. The ONLY thing that would make it any better is to add spinach. The chicken is tasty, the fruit is ripe, the lettuce is fresh. It’s all around amazing and a keeper!

  90. Lorie says:

    Had this salad yesterday in Broken Arrow, OK. It was fantastic!!!
    Everything was fresh and the fruit was very sweet!! Impressive!
    I’m not one for a raspberry dressing….I usually prefer a tiny bit of ranch or straight olive oil. BUT this dressing was actually not bad!
    They do give you 2 pkgs. of the dressing. I love almonds but since they are roasted have more calories and less nutritional value – I left them off. The chicken was very tender and a large portion. It is mildly marinated with garlic. I wish the chicken was just a plain grilled chicken taste w/out the seasoning. Nonetheless, it was a great salad. It truly is a keeper. Especially since ‘health’ is important. Thanks Wendy’s!!

  91. Summer says:

    This salad is amazing! Has lots of flavor and the chicken is very tasty! If you haven’t tried it, it’s a must!

  92. Pat says:

    Fabulous. Does anyone know the points plus value of the large size? I love this salad and will get another one tomorrow for lunch.

  93. Katrina says:

    Just had the half salad for lunch. It was delicious. I will recommend this salad to my family. I loved everything about this salad. The only bad thing about the salad is the sugar content in the dressing but if you could make a no sugar version of the dressing it would be fabulous. I will absolutely have this salad over and over and over again.

  94. Wendy’s Almond Chicken Berry Salad is terrific. I’ve always liked Wendy’s salads but this is the best they’ve ever offered with fewer calories than their others. I get a 1/2 order and it’s plenty to fill me up, besides it makes it more Weight Watcher’s friendly. I, too, hope Wendy’s keeps it around for a while…
    Thanks Wendy’s!

    Cynthia Briggs, Cookbook Author

  95. Jess says:

    I’m torn. It’s past the season for strawberries in MD (I’m sure they don’t purchase their ingredients locally) and while it was a light and crisp salad, I found it rather flavorless. I skipped the salad dressing entirely, hoping to lean more on the berries for flavor.

    Earlier, someone mentioned the over use of iceberg. Same scenario here. I have no problem with the intermingling of well prepared greens, but I threw more than half of the lettuces away for not being prepared properly. I found two ends of the lettuce head in the salad mix. Why is it so hard for restaurants, not just fast food, but in general, to train their prep cooks how to remove the white parts of lettuce?

    In concept, I was intrigued. The execution was mediocre. For folks asking for a lower price, I’d ask for better quality first.

  96. RM says:

    Excellent salad! Delicious dressing! It could stand a little bit more fruit.

  97. JB says:

    Fabulous filling healthy salad! 12 Weight Watchers Plus poi nts….I figured it out with the WW calculator and Wendy’s nutrition facts. Mine had a lot of spinach…yum…and so good for you. Hope this is a keeper. The berries here in CA were great…so fresh!

  98. Susan says:

    This is definitely a delicious salad. I love the raspberry dressing also. Another great choice is the Apple Pecan Chicken salad. It’s my fav. I usually go for the half size since the full size is pretty pricey. I highly suggest they keep selling these 2 salads. They are very popular with my friends also.

  99. Annie says:

    I live in San Antonio, and I have eaten this salad every week since it came out. I absolutely love it. I love it so much that I have added it to my weekly grocery list so if it doesn’t carry over I can make it at home. But I would love to see it stay on the menu because for eating on the go and being a vegetarian it is hard to find good non-fried food. Excellent Job Wendy’s

  100. Chris says:

    I liked it, but it won’t be available for long. The berries will be out of season. I took off the cheese and used only one packet of dressing. It is still al ot of calories, but it is good for a fast food place.

  101. Jane says:

    These were great last summer, and I was happy to see them back on the menu. But wow, SO disappointing. The lettuce was 95% iceberg, with a few wilted leaves of mixed greens on top. The strawberries were cut in very small slivers, and were slimy. Luckily there weren’t many in there. The blueberries were good, but there were only three of them. There were a few chunks of overly salty chicken (not enough to assemble into one filet). It was like a whole different salad from last year’s, and so not worth $6.50. I know times are tough and we’re all cutting corners, but holy cow. The quality has been cut waaaay down. There’s not much left in the salad to account for that price. And in case you’re wondering, I ordered this at noon, when you’d guess salads would be at their freshest for the day. Salad-eater beware.

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