Food News: Two New Salsas Coming To Taco Bell, Salsa Verde and Salsa Fire-Roasted

Coming to Taco Bell in October, two new salsas; Salsa Verde and Salsa Fire-Roasted.  Mild, Fire and Hot “Border Sauce” are the current players… any interest in the newcomers?  Pic and quote taken from the Taco Bell Facebook page.

What do you think about 2 New Sauce Packets (Salsas) at Taco Bell: Salsa Verde & Salsa Fire Roasted? They will be in stores in October. Would you come to the store just to try them?

39 comments on “Food News: Two New Salsas Coming To Taco Bell, Salsa Verde and Salsa Fire-Roasted

  1. Jessica Leigh says:

    Woo hoo! I am so excited about the Salsa Verde! It’s about time!

  2. Adam says:

    I like the idea of salsa verde. I gotta stock up 🙂

  3. austin says:

    soooo flippin excited 😀

  4. Tony jaguar says:

    I wonder how they taste with Del Taco?

  5. SkippyMom says:

    I would be willing to try them – but wouldn’t make a special trip. I am happy with the hot. 🙂

  6. maxchain says:

    October? I’ll have surely forgotten about them by then.

  7. TheWarden says:

    Something to unseat my Fire sauce? Okay, I’ll try them. BUT AIN’T MAKING ANY PROMISES. 🙂

  8. J.E. says:

    I would have been really excited if they were bringing back lava sauce…

  9. Robby says:

    Hot has always been my favorite. But they do sound interesting. Hmmm. Never a bad thing to add more choices.

  10. Justin says:

    Del Taco is so much better than Taco Bell!

  11. Keith says:

    Does anyone remember Taco Bell having a salsa verde years ago? It was in a a clear packet that was slightly larger than the hot sauces. It was very short lived, but I swear I remember this – it was introduced around the same time they first came out with those border bowls… so I’m thinking really early 2000’s.

    I can’t find it on the web at the moment but I’m looking….

    • Jeanie says:

      i so remember! I cant remember when they had it last time but it was awesome and i loved it and when i walked into taco bell the other day and saw it was back i was freaking overjoyed! it is really good on their crispy potato taco..i really don’t like fire roasted sauce but it might taste good on some things and not others.

  12. SPM says:

    Yes, around 2002 or so they had Salsa Verde in a large clear packet. I only saw it at one restaurant in NJ and never saw it again.

    • Keith says:

      Yes, the large clear packet – I think I saw it at a Taco Bell in Harrisburg, PA. It was pretty good… but definitely didn’t last long. I think people are probably more ready for salsa verde nowadays.

  13. Raiders757 says:

    I always like mixing their Hot Sauce with their Mild Sauce. For some reason it makes for a tastier flavor than when consumed each by themselves. I’m interested in seeing what happens when adding Fire Roasted to the mix.

  14. Scout says:

    Salsa Verde! A must have.

  15. Nathan says:

    I find it interesting looking at the picture that all five sauces have the same ingredients.

    To answer the question, I’d go for the verde.

  16. I would go for the verde also, but am really curious about the fire roasted

  17. Zachary Zblewski says:

    I actually put some of each, Mild, Hot & Fire on my TB foods. The combo of the 3 makes for the perfect flavor.

    I guess I’ll be mixing 5 flavors now lol

  18. bunny says:

    ‘Scuse my french but F*** YEAH!!!! I worked at Taco Bell about 7 years ago and our general manager kept a lonely box of salsa verde, which was very seldom requested. Once that box was gone I never saw it again. 🙁 It was pretty bland back then but if they make it awesome now, I’m probably gonna be f***ing up some TB food quite frequently.

  19. Bunny says:

    Salsa Verde sounds good. Like maxchain, I might forget about it before Oct.

  20. Ryan says:

    Lots of bunnies in here. 🙂

  21. nathaniel says:

    ok so i work at taco bell. i know… but anyway they had fire roaster salsa a while back on the mexican cheese steak and it was hella good. cant wait. scuse the typing im on a wii

  22. Hunter says:

    I think the fire roasted salsa sounds pretty good, but the taco bell in my town closed, so I don’t get it very often anymore. I actually doubt I’ll be trying these new creations.

  23. Kurtis says:

    Just tried them today, both are soooooo tasty i could die… while i did not taste much heat to the new salsas, they both had amazing and unique flavors. I for one LOVE green chili sauce, which makes salsa verde a must have for me. when combined with fire sauce to add heat to the meal they added the right amount of deliciousness to both my taco and tostada. Love the new sauces!!!

  24. Kusper says:

    Had the new sauces today…..AMAZING! By far the best thing that has ever happend to me. Way better then my wife.

  25. Ashley says:

    Love Fire Roasted yummmmmm

  26. Aaron says:

    BOTH ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Jen says:

    Love love love salsa verde!! Its the best thing from taco bell in forever!! I want them to sell it in stores with the other sauces asap!!

  28. pat says:

    the verde sauce is AWESOME!!! haven’t tried the other one yet

  29. Scott says:

    The Salsa Verde go great on the Chicken Burritos! I’m so glad they finally have it packed in a standard sauce packet instead of the giant clear packets… those were hard to open!

  30. Dave Hack says:

    Taco Bell should bottle and sell the two new sauces…they’re soo good. Make sure you don’t drop them.

  31. Ninja says:

    I didn’t like the salsa verde or the fire roasted so much… I’m sticking to my Fire sauce

  32. […] Taco Bell’s new Border Salsa Verde! Apparently this new sauce packet has been available since mid-October, but yesterday was the first day I witnessed its glory. They also have a new fire-roasted salsa […]

  33. Tonda Davis says:

    I’m Hooked your Green sauce is better than Tabasco’s Green sauce! Please market it in the grocery stores in a large bottle. This way I can put in my pantry nect to my Frank’s sauce. Thank you!!!!

  34. Sherry Warren says:

    Our Taco Bell no longer has salsa verde. Very sad. Big mistake

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