Food News: Taco Bell Shrimp Tacos Coming in March

I’ll put this down in the “I really don’t know about this” category.  I guess it was inevitable, but Taco Bell seems to be close to releasing Shrimp Tacos as a featured item this March.  (Update: Read our full review)

From the Taco Bell Twitter feed:

Good catch!  Shrimp Tacos coming in March! Double take @tacobell today. They have fish/shellfish warning stickers up!

taco-bellSo there you go.  My investigative journalism has paid off.  Just follow Taco Bell on Twitter and you might catch some news.  Or you can just follow me on the GrubGrade Twitter account to keep yourself informed.  As far as these Shrimp Tacos go, they were a test item last year in certain areas.  Please check out my good friends at because the Shrimp Tacos made an appearance in Indiana in 2009 and they have a review waiting for you.  Also keep an eye out for the Taco Bell Mexican Cheesesteak…also found in Indy.

22 comments on “Food News: Taco Bell Shrimp Tacos Coming in March

  1. maxchain says:

    Oh no, not that blasted ranch sauce again! When they do it, they do it to death!

  2. Colleen says:

    I love shrimp. Really I am a shrimp fanatic. I am sad though that the review was so bad. Might have to try it for myself – just to be sure. I do love the new shrimp dishes at Baja Fresh though.

  3. Francois says:

    I haven’t been able to even consider a shrimp taco from a fast food place after discovering that all but one of my shrimp in a Del Taco shrimp taco still had their “veins”.

  4. Bunny says:

    I can see a food poisoning outbreak happening in the near future with those shrimp tacos.

  5. Colin says:

    There goes my “I could close my eyes, order something at random and still love it” argument as to why Taco Bell’s far superior to any other fast food joint. Shimp = Yuk. Fast food shrip = Double yuk.

  6. wibia says:

    Thanks for the links! Taco Bell appears to think that we are a good demographic for soft launches and tests. The shrimp taco was on the menu for about a month, kind of shocked they are rolling it out nationwide. It seems that it would make more sense for them to have a fish taco instead of shrimp, but what do I know?!

  7. rightclue says:

    It’s not a big surprise… YUM does own Long John Silver’s as well and can easily ship some shrimp to the US.

    Of course, it’s digestive tract is not poisonous to people, it’s just unaesthetic…

    Still, if you are expecting a Jumbo Shrimp (that could be a misnomer… okay let’s say Tiger Shrimp) or two stuffed into a taco… then look away!

    This is likely to be some small dried prawns with a ton of sauce ala seafood salad.

  8. Yum Yucky says:

    fast food shrimp from a mexican style restaurant? ummmm….. no.

    • rightclue says:

      technically it would be Long John Silver’s style shrimp…

      and authentic mexican cuisine does use shrimp…

      it’s just this shrimp taco is likely seafood salad like

  9. never says:

    I have one rule: Don’t eat seafood at a fast food place. Shrimp and Taco Bell is just scary.

  10. Larry says:

    I love taco bell with all of my heart. However i will probably steer clear of the shrimp taco, im too scared of any fast food seafood. I did wonder what the story was when I saw the shellfish warning on the drive thru window the other day.

    Id like to use this forum as a launch pad, praying that one of the higher ups at the bell/yum reads this blog. I would give my right arm for taco bell to bring back the CHICKEN FIESTA MELT. I am acutally amazed that it hasnt made the comeback yet. It was the single greatest fast food item ive ever had at any fast food restaurant. Please bring back the CHICKEN FIESTA MELT. When it was initially taken off the menu myself and friends of mine discovered a TBell 10 miles away that we would travel to bi-weekly at least to get them. that was an express location that later closed and now we’ve been lost for years. If anyone has any memories of this please help in fighting for the cause. BRING BACK THE CHICKEN FIESTA MELT. Id launch a campaign myself if i knew who the right people to contact were

  11. Jessica says:

    I work at taco bell actually and was trained on this. The shrimp is very expensive and kept at a temperature safe at all times so that it never falls in the danger zone. So to all the stereotypical people out there, it is actually reallly tasty and safe! I would personally go lighter on the ranch sauce and add cheese though!

  12. Suzie says:

    I ate one yesterday and loved it. I plan on another one tomorrow

  13. Lynn says:

    I had one today due to kids begging for a treat lunch & me realizing at the last minute that my Lenten choices were limited.
    It wasn’t awful but don’t expect a lot of flavor from the shirmp – it is fast food. There was just a little drizzle of the ranch, a generous amount of pico (the best part IMO) & some shredded lettuce along with 6 shirmp – just big enough that they could reach end to end when lined up single file.
    It wasn’t my favorite Bell item but for 180 calories it made a decent lunch.
    I was glad to see they not only offer this, but there was a sign at the window that they will make any menu item without meat during Lent. Nice to have another “in a pinch” option for those of us going meat free during Lent. Honestly, I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea to offer that year round for people who may need convenience but aren’t eating a lot of meat.

  14. angela says:

    The items on the meatless sign r permanent and u can get anything without meat anytime them putting LTO on that made no sense

  15. angela says:

    The items on that sign r permanent and u can get anything without meat at any time i dont know why they put LTO on the thing

  16. Ashley says:

    I had them the other day. It tasted alright

  17. Jungle says:

    I love Taco Bell, but now I can never eat there again because I’m allergic to shellfish. Se la vi! Majority rules I guess and if everyone else digs it and it stays then I’ll just do without. At least I still have Burger King.

  18. Trisha says:

    Love Taco Bell & frequent at least once weekly. I am currently having a shellfish reaction (didn’t get the shellfish warning in time)! I ate soft & hard tacos and refried beans! How did they become contaminated with shellfish? Taco Bell…..please train your staff with knowledge of the danger to those of us allergic to shellfish! This is a life threatening issue!

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