Food News: Spicy Chicken Melt and American Double Melt Hit Checkers More For Less Menu

The Checkers “More for Less” Menu has two new items.  Included in the mix is a brand new Spicy Chicken Melt.  Prices in my area (DC Metro) are currently set at 2 for $4.

We’re having a major meltdown! For a limited time, our More for Less Menu is featuring two irresistible melts. Try our new Spicy Chicken Melt —toasted gold, smothered in cheese and topped with grilled onions. Or go for the classic American Double Melt — double the beef and a big, bold taste that makes it the gold standard. Hurry in! You’ll find them for a limited time on our More For Less Menu.

4 comments on “Food News: Spicy Chicken Melt and American Double Melt Hit Checkers More For Less Menu

  1. Tim says:

    Are any new Checkers reviews in the works?

  2. Wandering Platypus says:

    I had both today. The American Double Melt was surprisingly good, and I haven’t been a big fan of Checkers other “value” burgers, like the mushroom/swiss one or the one topped with chili. This Double Melt was really good, there are 2 slices American cheese and then there’s a sort of white American cheese goop/sauce that gets infused into the grilled red onions. It really works well, especially with the buttered toast bread. Somehow this combination works well with their burger patties, where most other toppings don’t.

    The Spicy Chicken Melt was not so sublime, unless you really like their regular Spicy Chicken sandwich. The “spicy” in the breading seems to be just an overdose of salt, just as I’d noticed in the regular. But the chicken patty, though still a processed formed patty, was larger and crisper than its little brother. The added cheese does not really compliment the sandwich. It would be great if the chicken was not so salty. (PS – I’m not a health-nut, and I generally like salty foods, … this is overkill).

  3. Not a big fan of their chicken, but the burger might be good. Lots of melt burgers right now with Checkers and Hardee’s as well.

  4. Kia says:

    Why did they discontinue the Spicy Chicken Melt? This was the only thing I ate from there.

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