Food News: Reindeer Bites Blizzard from Dairy Queen

The Reindeer Bites Blizzard is this months featured Blizzard at Dairy Queen.  This is the first MUST HAVE I’ve seen in a while at DQ…. I’m a sucker for caramel and coconut.

Caramel, choco chunks, toasted coconut and cookie pieces blended with creamy vanilla soft serve.

13 comments on “Food News: Reindeer Bites Blizzard from Dairy Queen

  1. maxchain says:

    They had me until the coconut. I’ll sit this one out.

  2. Dave says:

    Yeah. Coconut. Uh huh. Don’t get it, won’t get it.

    Where is the peppermint blizzard???

  3. Shannon says:

    The coconut is what sparked my interest. That and the cookies. Depending on how much caramel and how many choco chunks it has this could be either really good or way too sweet.

  4. Rachel says:

    There aren’t many non chocolate desserts that are worth the calories, so I don’t think I’ll be trying this flavor. From a marketing standpoint, I love the name “Reindeer Bites.” Very cute.

  5. Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

    @maxchain and @Dave: They mix these from scratch, so you can order it without coconut.

  6. soogood says:

    OMG the BEST DQ Blizzard ever!!!!! They should keep it for good!

  7. soogood says:

    If you try one you will want all the time they should have it all year round…I would eat DQ more!

  8. omnom says:

    Thank GOD this thing doesn’t have a) peppermint or b) gingerbread. Coconut is a unique flavour.

  9. Broena says:

    Best Christmas blizzard EVER! It’s super sweet without being too sweet. It tastes like a sugar cookie. Delectable, yummy. This one has to be for keeps, it’s just too good to trash it. I’ve never liked Mint in my Icecream anyway. I LOVE the Pumpkin blizzard too.

  10. Beth says:

    I loved it too! I did not know what was in it until I read this- it had me wondering…..

  11. I. Lee says:

    I’m not into coconut either (I don’t like Almond Joy or Mounds), but curiosity motivates me to try every blizzard of the month flavor, so I got a mini-sized Reindeer Bites blizzard, and WOW. I actually thought it was great! It kind of reminded me of how Outbeak Steakhouse has this dessert consisting of a big ball of ice cream rolled in a covering of toasted coconut and drizzled with chocolate, which I probably would have never tried either if a relative I’ve gone with hadn’t been a fan of those. I guess maybe coconut just goes better with ice cream than I’d expect. I went back today and got a small one this time. This was a pleasant surprise, in contrast to their Pumpkin Pie blizzard from last month. I usually love pumpkin stuff (Jack in the Box’s pumpkin pie shake is amazing), but that blizzard flavor was a disappointment. I later went back for another but instead asked them to substitute caramel for the whipped cream, and that did make it taste a lot better.

  12. Mike says:

    It’s not advertised anymore but I’m so happy the lady at the DQ remembered how to make this blizzard today. She said this was the December special. It’s so incredible! Didn’t even know coconut was in it until I read this – brilliant!

  13. Andra says:

    These aren’t on the menu but they will give it to you if you order it! believe me you’ll want more, so addicting! If you don’t like coconut don’t worry about it, because there isn’t much in there, and I’m pretty sure there isn’t any caramel at all. Only pie crust and decadent chocolate peices…oh my gosh you have to try it

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