Food News: Quarter Pound Big Chicken Sandwich from Checkers/Rally’s

I was shocked today to drive by Checkers and see a new menu item that for once wasn’t a burger.  I love a good chicken sandwich and a quarter pounder should satisfy a decent hunger.  New from Checkers/Rally’s, the Quarter Pound Big Chicken Sandwich. 2 for $3 for a limited time.

There‘s something big going on at Checkers and Rally‘s. Really, really big. The new Big Chicken Sandwich. A whole quarter pound of crisp, juicy chicken. Loaded on toasted sourdough bread with lettuce and mayo. It gives other chicken a lickin‘.

11 comments on “Food News: Quarter Pound Big Chicken Sandwich from Checkers/Rally’s

  1. Scott says:

    What?!?!? Why have I not heard of this?

    This is EXACTLY why is one of my home page tabs, and visit it often throughout the day to find out information like this.

    I must check this sandwich deal out as soon as possible.

    Thank you, Ryan, err, GrubGrade!

  2. Wandering Platypus says:

    I’m assuming that this is a larger version of the typical processed fried “loaf” patty instead of a chicken fillet. Fried loaf patty. Fried loaf patty.

    That being said, even the patty is pretty tasty at Checkers & Rally’s …. can’t wait to try one with bacon – I love that they put it on sourbread toast. I love it more that they put it on the 2/$3 menu…

    This AND a Cheese Bacon Cheese for $3? Good god, hold me down.

  3. wordisbond says:

    looks awesome. I wanna try it.

  4. Jessica Leigh says:

    Has any other place taken this spin on the large chicken sandwiches, by saying it is a quarter-pound? I would imagine others would come in at that weigh, maybe like Hardees?

  5. Shannon says:

    I just tried it. It’s a good value, especially when compared to McDonald’s chicken sandwich for $1. I got the new combo for $3 which makes the sandwich about $1. The sandwich is noticeably bigger than most dollar chicken sandwiches. It is minimally processed and leans more toward a filet. It is seasoned well and served fresh. My only complaint is that my bread wasn’t really toasted.

  6. Robert says:

    Now thats sounds pretty good. And I do like Checkers fries as well.

  7. Nasir says:

    Where I am, its 2 for $4 and the sandwich comes with bacon as well

    • Scott says:

      That’s the “Club” version. You have to ask for it as “Big Chicken”, and not the “Big Chicken Club”, as I don’t believe it’s on the menu by itself.

      I made the same mistake (twice). The “Club” designation is off to the side, and makes itself appear like a USDA stamp or something, not the type of sandwich that it is. I even argued with the guy saying that I didn’t want the Big Chicken (that was on the menu board for 2 for $4), but the quarter pound 2 for $3 deal. He insisted that that’s what the “Big Chicken” was.

      Whoops! My mistake. I apologized. However, the menu board seemed a bit misleading.

  8. MIlton says:

    Is the fried yardbird grassfed?

  9. Lana says:

    Haha. Very funny. I just tried the sandwich and it is very tasty for the price.

  10. Aidan says:

    I just had one today. I used to order Hardee’s big chicken, sub sourdough, and this is reminiscent of that sandwich, albeit with processed chicken-very processed. At two for three dollars, it’s a deal. I had one about an hour ago, and I’ll probably heat up the second for breakfast tomorrow (don’t judge). Yum. I hope they keep it.

    I did think that there was way too much mayo, and not quite enough lettuce.

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