Food News: New XXL Chalupa from Taco Bell

Is bigger better?  New at Taco Bell… the XXL Chalupa.  If you like chalupas, twice the size might be what you’re after. Nutrition Info: 650 calories, 39g fat, 9g sat. fat, 55mg cholesterol, 1300mg sodium, 53g carbs, 7g dietary fiber, 6g sugars, 23g protein.  Price around my hometown… $2.99.  Read our FULL REVIEW

A double-sized Chalupa shell packed with seasoned ground beef, crispy lettuce, tomatoes, real cheddar cheese and nacho cheese sauce, red strips and topped with reduced fat sour cream.

46 comments on “Food News: New XXL Chalupa from Taco Bell

  1. Justin says:

    Taco Bell has lost it. Also, $2.79 is overpriced. They’ve finally jumped the corporate shark.

  2. Saw it today and wondered why? So stupid. Looks like a taco salad made out of way too much of their beef. Not impressed

  3. steve says:

    i love chalupas, but this looks like it will just turn into one giant mess.

  4. Heidi says:

    Oh geez…I got heartburn looking at it. It does seem a bit over priced.

  5. skippymom says:

    Well isn’t this the sort of thing that you eat as an XXL that pushes you to have to buy XXL size clothing?

    What exactly IS the point?

    Sorry, but bigger isn’t better in any sense of this ad. And what exactly is the point of reduced fat sour cream? That negates what? 20 calories?

    oh jeesh.

    • Rachel says:

      I was thinking the same thing about the reduced fat sour cream … good thing they use the light stuff or else this double wide, deep fried shell filled with beef and cheese would be soooo bad for you … LOL

    • mediK says:

      maybe you should go exercise or something, jeez its stiffy and snobby in here

  6. Jessica Leigh says:

    Wow. The regular chalupa is almost too big for me to handle, so I can’t imagine this!

  7. J.B. says:

    This is pretty disgusting and pointless.
    Taco Bell has been nothing but a series of fails after fails lately.

  8. Ashley says:

    come on, you guys would eat it after a blunt, I would.

  9. DHL says:

    I’d eat it. {:()

  10. Brett says:

    If Taco Bell existed in my country, yes I would Ashley.

  11. ChrisSh says:

    So they finally introduce a new “ingredient” into their mix (XXL shell) and this is it? I’m sure it’s good, but like with almost everything new on the Taco Bell menu, I find myself asking how many 79/89/99 items I could get for that price. The answer to that question has always outweighed my desire to try the new product.

  12. Hassan says:

    well considering the price of a regular chalupa is close to $2, the price of this isn’t THAT bad. i love chalupas so this is a nice surprise, not sure why a lot of you all are opposed. i mean, who wouldn’t want a big ass chalupa? obviously not the health freaks, but they wouldn’t eat at taco bell anyways. maybe when i’m high enough i’ll go ahead and order it and see what’s up

  13. Rachel says:

    I LOVE chalupas. The chicken baja chalupa is my favorite TB item, hands down. BUT it’s plenty big enough for me. Won’t be trying this because a) the original already has the perfect ingredient ratio and b) I don’t have the appetite. I’d rather see them intro some new ingredients or bring back the club chalupa.

  14. Jen says:

    That’s not a chalupa, that’s a boat.

    Seriously, it reminds me of Big Mouth Billy Bass with that mouth.

  15. Bernard says:

    Shut up you yuppies. This looks awesome. For $2.79, its a steal!

  16. Dan says:

    I usually prefer the chalupa alternative, but I don’t think that would work here since that new spillover lip wouldn’t stay rigid. I demand a gordita shell large enough to burrito-wrap this much deliciousness. As for the sour cream, I don’t think Taco Bell stocks full strength anymore, and I agree it’s a shame (though probably for different reasons than above).

    I don’t like how Taco Bell’s salads are among the largest items with the most calories on the menu; that seems like trickery. At least the XXL doesn’t make any false preconceptions.

  17. Reviewscout says:

    I wonder what this would taste like with the new sauces they have?

    Oh, yeah I tried the Roasted Pepper sauce, it’s actually quite good.

  18. jay says:

    Why wouldn’t they make it baja? nacho cheese chalupas are terrible in comparison to baja

  19. Charlotte says:

    What the hell? That thing looks like a football. Chalupas are pretty great though.

  20. rob says:

    I’m going to chow down on one of these bad boys … Taco Bell just keeps bringing the “gourmet” to fast food Mexican … keep up the good work!

  21. GrubGradeFan says:

    Have to agree with the rest of you guys. This is over-the-top. I wouldnt even enjoy biting into something filled with so much stuff.

    I still love taco bell, but they are trying a little too hard these days.

    I mean, why not come out with a new product instead of just enlarging an existing one?

    Extra Large soft tacos for $1.99 the next “new” thing?

  22. Just reviewed this if anyone’s interested. It’s actually pretty good.

  23. Justin says:

    rob, do you work for Taco Bell? Have you ever been to Baja Fresh, Del Taco or any other half-decent Mexican taco joints?

  24. Raiders757 says:

    I’ll stick with being cheap as I always do with TB and only order regular tacos Fresco style.

  25. Iwannarefund says:

    Just finished one, and it is a total rip off. Doesn’t have even half the beef shown in the picture, in fact you can’t even see the beef. Chalupa sides sit way up with all the goodies sunk down low, again nothing like the picture. And yeah, the cheese is awful, should have gone with the baja package.

  26. Keith says:

    Just tried one – it’s about the same amount of beef and toppings in a regular chalupa, just in a bigger shell. I also wish it had baja sauce… that would have saved it.

  27. Hm, I didn’t notice the lack of beef. Mine was pretty well stacked.

  28. jack says:

    i’ve learned my lesson about TB. I’m avoiding this.

  29. Keith says:

    Hmm, I wonder if they stiffed me. I realized you could also get this in steak or chicken… that might be worth a try, but I’m asking for baja sauce.

  30. Christopher says:

    Despite everything negative being said here…this thing is delicious. I got one for lunch. And absolutely could not resist going back at 11:30PM after I got off from work. It is genuinely filling.

  31. illhaveasamadams says:

    2 of the ingredients are hilarious…they need to say REAL cheddar cheese, as if people really care, considering its also got nacho cheese sauce…and ‘reduced fat sour cream’…really?

  32. it’s gonna be $4 in maui… bitch

  33. Shannon says:

    It’s something that I know that I definitely shouldn’t have, but I would love to try it anyway. The larger size would keep me away from my usual which is 2 or 3 chalupas which could save me some calories.

  34. Justin says:

    Just ate one. Delicious. Messy to eat, but who cares. Its about a dollar cheaper than the two chalupa meal. I just don’t see the need for reduced fat sour cream, since it’s about 650 calories.

  35. val says:

    My son recommended this XXL Chalupa. I never heard of the thing. Not a taco bell regular. I had very little to each that day so at 10 p.m. I was starving. Tried it — loved it! I must say it was quite filing!

  36. tiana says:

    what are you people talking about this is delicious. mine didnt fall apart at all. i dont eat fast food much besides subway but since i dont i didnt mind giving up the over 600 calories to try it. wont eat fast food till december but i may get this again

  37. Jenna says:

    first off, i would gladly pay this amount of money for this, i think its cheap for the size and satisfaction it gives me. also, i dont think any of you guys have had this before, becuase you say its disgusting and not worth it just from the picture, i used to eat them last year and theyre fantastic, one of my favorite things from tacobell. and 600 calories? so what. i bet you your favorite meal at a resturaunt is over 1000, live a little and stop being a little bitch.

  38. Brad Morris says:

    The worst rip off yet!!!!! No meat and sloppy!!!! What a shame!!!! Taxi bell sucks……..

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