Food News: New Cantina Tacos from Taco Bell

With the tagline “A Whole New Taco Awaits”, here’s an attempt at a taste of a more authentic, “real” taco.  New from Taco Bell… Cantina Tacos.

Coming in 3 styles:  Carnitas, Chicken or Steak.  The new Cantina Tacos feature doubled-up corn tortillas, chopped onions, cilantro and served with a lime wedge.  Sold as a single ($1.69), 2-taco bundle ($2.99) or 3-taco bundle with large drink ($5.49).  Prices based on my local Taco Bell in Maryland.  (UPDATE: Read our full review)

  • Cantina Taco – Carnitas: Two freshly grilled, warm corn tortillas, filled with new slow-roasted carnitas shredded pork.  (200 cal, 7g fat)

  • Cantina Taco – Chicken: Two freshly grilled, warm corn tortillas, filled with marinated all-white-meat chicken. (170 cal, 2.5g fat)

  • Cantina Taco – Steak: Two freshly grilled, warm corn tortillas, filled with marinated steak. (160 cal, 2.5g fat)

22 comments on “Food News: New Cantina Tacos from Taco Bell

  1. they look pretty good and all but I fail to see the reason for the double tortilla.

    • Raiders757 says:

      Fresh made corn tortillas seem to tear easy, and many authentic family run taco joints serve them doubled up. I’m not sure if that’s the reason why, but that’s just the way it is. Obviously Taco Bell’s tortillas aren’t going to be “fresh made”, but I guess they want to stick with tradition.

  2. The Duke of Prunes says:

    Finally, a simplistic attempt at real Mexican tacos. I will gladly try these!

  3. Jamie Susan says:

    You fail to see the purpose of the double corn Tortilla!? That’s how traditional tacos are served. Taco bell is a joke.

  4. Tyler M says:

    You would think the chicken would have less calories than the steak. Ah, who cares, I’m gonna have to try all these!

  5. Greg B. says:

    Double Tortilla! OMG OMG what does it mean! I think I see a triple Tortilla now WOW! O.K. seriously, I couldn’t help it and just had to do it. They look good, They’ve been coming out with some interesting things as of late so I am looking for to trying them.

  6. Adam says:

    I like the corn tortilla touch. These look good, but will they actually be as good as they look? I dunno, Taco Bell seems to always “look” good and then fails to deliver. Remember the pacific shrimp taco?

  7. Darwin G. says:

    I also look forward to these. I really just depends on how authentic the tortillas taste. I already love their “fresco” pico de gallo topping and their meat is going to be the same.
    Their little chunks of steak are way horrible, so who knows why it’s less calories than chicken. Who cares?

  8. What, no cheese or beans between the two tortillas? What’s the world coming to? I’ll try these for sure, viva la Taco Bell!!!

  9. Katie Ann says:

    Ooooh I’ll be trying all three of these, and unless they’re teeny tiny the price isn’t too terrible. And wow, the fat content is pretty awesome, considering a regular taco has 10 grams of fat.

    Thanks, this just decided where I’m going for lunch!

  10. IBeAnonymous says:

    Actually had these last night. I didnt especially like them, the taste of the corn tortilla was overpowering and it could have done with some pico. But take my opinion with a grain of salt because I love Taco Bell food and don’t care that it isn’t “authentic”.

  11. Brian says:

    Wanted to try these because of seeing them on grubgrade today. Smaller than the regular soft taco and not filled with very much meat. I tried all three and the pork one I felt was the best, followed by the chicken. Steak was rubbery and not very tasty. Good to try once but earns a “meh”

  12. Adam Bomb says:

    Okay, I have mixed feelings about this. I really don’t care for Taco Bell, but I really want to try these.

    If Taco Bell screws up something this simple, I’ve lost all hope for them.

  13. Katie Ann says:

    Went and tried them, and I agree with Brian, not much filling at all. The meat was very saucy, not at all like the grilled meat in the photos, and the steak sort of resembled canned dog food. In one of them the entire onion/cilantro scoop seemed to have landed in the wrapper next to the taco rather than *in* it. The carnitas was better than the steak, still need to try the chicken.

    On a side note, I ordered a steak and a carnitas, and he asked me if I wanted the combo. Thinking he meant the 3-taco with drink combo, I said no, and wound up being charged for 2 individual tacos ($1.49 each) rather than a pair ($2.79). Not that big of a deal, but still strange.

  14. Emily says:

    They’re not awful – and were my best option given that my choices were A) Taco Bell or B) Taco Bell with a bunch of guys. The carnitas was a bit fatty – the chicken and steak was ok, better with some fire sauce on it. The lime wedge was a nice touch. Looks like they have a bit less salt than most other menu items…and the corn tortillas make me feel a bit better about my choice than if I had gone with a flour-based item.

  15. GrubGradeFan says:

    I just had Taco Bell yesterday and saw these for the first time. They do look good, but Im a typical white boy and only like flour tortillas. If I could have these in their normal flour tortillas I think theyd be great. (I know its against tradition)

    I still cant wait for the new Salsa Verda sauce!

  16. ChrisLad says:

    I’m excited to try these. I’d probably get the 3 meal deal and get 1 of each. I imagine the steak isn’t going to be very good. The pork is the one I’m most excited for. Is this the first time Taco Bell has offered pork tacos?

  17. Jessica J says:

    They look good. Is that the same chicken used on everything else? I might try the pork one. I’m a bit disappointed it doesn’t have more toppings though. They look a little bland.

  18. edjunkie says:

    The double corn tortilla is a pretty authentic thing when visiting a taco truck. I often get tacos campechanos at a local place and they come with double corn. Good attempt I think but if you want authentic you have to go to a real mexican place. Love taco bell but they should stick to what they do best. Beans and ground meat.

  19. Steph says:

    Just had the Carnitas, and it was great! There wasn’t a lot of meat, but the tortillas were warm, and soft. The lime really added to it! It was wrapped in foil, not paper, and this was nice too. We don’t get much “authentic” in Nashville… so this may not be anything close to what you’d get in San Diego… but I liked it much more than the traditional tacos at TB. In fact, I don’t even want to eat the other items I bought there. Ick. I want to go back for more Carnitas!!

  20. Raiders757 says:

    I have to laugh at the term “freshly grilled” being used to describe anything Taco Bell makes. The marketers who created those descriptions must not eat at Taco Ball very often.

  21. Mary says:

    These were pretty bland and disgusting. I did try them without onions, which they may have made happen by eliminating a complex sauce or mix that happens to include onions. Hopefully for people that try the whole thing it’ll be nicer. The tortillas were completely shreded, length-wise, and again, so, so disgusting. I’m never eating these again.

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