Food News: National Breakfast Menu Coming Soon To Subway

Starting Monday, April 5th, over 25,000 Subway locations will be offering breakfast.  Breakfast sandwiches have been available at Subway restaurants in my area for the longest time but I’ve never given them a shot.

The sandwiches will be made with omelets- regular eggs or egg whites and cheese -served on English muffins, flatbread or Subway’s fresh-baked sub rolls. Options include Western egg and cheese, Black Forest ham and cheese, bacon and cheese and steak, egg and cheese. Customers can add any of Subway’s regular lunchtime condiments or vegetables to their order. Prices range from $1.75 for an English muffin melt to $6 for a footlong sandwich.

8 comments on “Food News: National Breakfast Menu Coming Soon To Subway

  1. Tim says:

    My local Subway has also had breakfast sandwiches for years now. They’re alright in my opinion.

  2. maxchain says:

    I tried breakfast at a Subway once way back in my college days–it was one time too many. That “keep it on hand” method they use with their ingredients doesn’t work so well with eggs. Not theirs, at least.

    • rightclue says:

      I agree. It’s bad enough that they use a frozen brick of chicken for one of their sandwiches, but a frozen brick of egg? no thanks…

  3. rob says:

    The Quiznos at the airport makes breakfast sandwiches like these which are toasted.

    Hopefully Subway will be able to toast them cause they probably aren’t very good otherwise.

  4. T.J. says:

    They have had them in DC for a while. The egg is gross. I’d rather go to BK and get two ham omelet sandwiches for $2

  5. Crusader says:

    I’d like a ham whamlet and whammy fries plz.

  6. Adam Bomb says:

    Now the whole country will have access to rubber egg hockey pucks!

  7. Lisa says:

    I get the black forest ham with shredded cheese onions and bell peppers with the egg whites on the whole wheat muffin… ah soooo unbelieveably yummy! i et it every morning! 🙂 gotta try it. yummmm!

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