Food News: McRibbles from McDonald’s

There is a picture currently circulating the internet that is getting some attention… McRibbles.  Everyone knows about the McRib sandwich right?  I guess this is the offspring of the abomination that is the McRib.  Is this a hoax or in fact a new creation from McDonald’s? Maybe BBQ ribs, or something disguised as ribs, are the new thing in the quick-serve industry… Who knows? This could mean competition for the BK Fire-Grilled Ribs from Burger King.  I just want to know this… Why?!?!  How is this a good idea?  Are people really clamoring for fast food ribs?  Did I really just ask something like five questions in one paragraph?

22 comments on “Food News: McRibbles from McDonald’s

  1. Sam says:

    They just look like a cut-up McRib, sans bun and pickles. Eww.

  2. rob says:

    They look McDisgusting.

  3. Bunny says:

    How would you eat them? Fingers or a fork??

  4. Michael says:

    Those meat looks like its from the banquet frozen dinner.

  5. Okay, so is this McD copying BK for copying McD?

  6. Michael T (HaloEleven) says:

    I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

  7. SkippyMom says:

    McYuck. The McRib never interested me and these certainly don’t.

  8. I think this a fake, notice you can’t see the whole box, which is likely a mcnugget box and god knows what those things are inside it. Even if it is true, if it is merely a sliced up Mcrib as is being suggested, that would be kind of gross.

  9. TheWarden says:

    Seems to be a hoax. Consumist states that a rep from the company denies this product:

  10. Dierdra says:

    Ok, so a photo was leaked of McRibbles, a bite-sized version of the McRib. Fake or not, I say McDonald’s should make this product. They can’t deny a millions fans demanding it, can they?

  11. robin says:

    mcribbles! haha they’ve gotta be fake… what a silly name.

  12. Nick t says:

    Wow, I had always believed that the McRib was a cult classic. Glad to see I’m not the only one repulsed by it.

  13. I’m always in the market for something to give me explosive poops.

  14. Justin says:

    LOL, no way this is real!

  15. Jessica J says:

    If this is a fake, it is pure genius and McDonald’s needs to get on board! They need to have this and then they will, of course, make a burrito out of it that won’t be any good at all, like the Big Mac Burrito (I shudder thinking about eating it, and I love Big Macs, but it is just horrible)

  16. ShaneHill says:

    That would be handy to eat while driving.

  17. Keith says:

    Hey, I already suggested you have to Grub Grade the BK ribs. It’s all about taking one for the team – just like the shrimp tacos!

    But a word of warning, I was at BK today and those ribs are 8 bucks! Whoa nelly, although you can add 2 to a value meal for or something as well.

    If this is real, it’s a tragedy – and one that will be gobbled by McRib lovers everywhere.

  18. Raiders757 says:

    The McRibb is one of the most overrated and nasty sandwiches I’ve ever tasted. I can’t imagine these would be much better.

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