Food News: KFC Hot Wings 20 for $10 Promotion

The latest promo at KFC is a Hot Wings deal, 20 wings for 10 bucks.  4th grade math has taught me that 20 for $10 equals 50¢ per piece of chicken.  If you’re not going for the 20 count, you can get 5 wings for 3 bucks… ouch 10¢ per wing hit.

10 comments on “Food News: KFC Hot Wings 20 for $10 Promotion

  1. Christian says:

    I picked up 5 of these yesterday, and for being slightly cheaper than normal wings, they are also significantly smaller. You know how sometimes when you order KFC wings and most of them are meaty and then you have that one that is small and pathetic with maybe one good bite of chicken on it? Well all 5 of the spicy wings were those small and pathetic types. And I almost took them back because I thought they didn’t give me the spicy ones, but after I finished the first one, I did feel the slightest hint of spiciness. But it was quite flavorless and after I finished the 5, there was a residual spicy tingle for about 2 seconds. So skimpy, flavorless, 1/10 on the heat scale = never buying them again.

    • Scott says:

      Yeah, but your experience, Christian, doesn’t at all match the promotional picture (above) and my imagination! I’m going to make a conscious decision to reject your reality, and substitute my own.

      KFC wouldn’t lie about something like this, especially since they made up for that free Oprah coupoin fiasco! Er, ummm, didn’t they?

      Not very happy with KFC at this point, especially if your statements are true. I bet the Colonel (may he R.I.P.) is rolling around in his grave. KFC’s food is overpriced and not that great of a value anymore (it was always on the expensive side), and their quaility is suspect.

      Too bad. I want KFC to succeed, I really do. I loved their chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy as a kid–that once every two month or so treat (kindof like waking up in the morning and finding Dunkin’ Donuts boxes on the counter full of vanilla creme, Boston creme, chocolate glazed, plain, and jelly doughnuts). Not sure how our family could afford it back then, as I can’t afford it today!

      Thanks for reporting back to us, Christian!

  2. DJ says:

    hey christina not all kfc’s are the same some serve different from the other i got good chicken that was filled with meat it was delicious it was just like the ones on t.v

  3. Pcb says:

    I tried this wings last night (1/4/11) They were the worst
    hot wings I’ve ever had! They were so small, unappealing and
    tasteless. Nothing similar to the promo ad. I should have wieghed
    them first but guessing 3/4 of a pound with bones. they are
    probably worth $5-6 anywhere else. I will stick to good old Hot
    Wings from the masters- Hooters!!

  4. Robert Hill says:

    Wellllll, I was going to try the wings, as they’re my favorite part of the chicken.
    After reading these less than stellar reviews – I’m going to pass!

  5. Janet says:

    I saw their ad on for the wings on TV so I tried them. I thought they were so good I went back and got them again the next day. I stopped 3 more times the following week. No they are not huge, or they would be called legs/not wings. I thought they were just the right size. And no, they were not flaming hot but when I eat them I am not trying to put hair on my chest either. They were just right. I’m in love.

    • Ryan says:

      I was overly impressed with them too and I’m still a little baffled by it. I prefer these wings over the Popeyes Cajun wings… first time I’ve picked KFC over Popeyes in anything probably.

  6. Dave says:

    better go back to school for math;
    5 wings for $3 is .60 per wing; 20 wings for $10 is .50 per wing, genius roflmao

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