Food News: KFC Doublicious Arrives July 5th

We’ve seen this coming for a while now.  I wasn’t a big fan of the Double Down from KFC, but I am looking forward to getting back to a real chicken sandwich… you know with actual bread.  KFC is unleashing a new chicken sandwich called the Doublicious and this time KFC is making an interesting choice of bread with using a Hawaiian bun.  I’m a big fan of Hawaiian bread and this slightly sweet roll should act as a nice balance to all the salty ingredients within. Original Recipe fillet, Monterey Jack cheese, bacon and Colonel’s Sauce in a Hawaiian bun.  A Grilled version will also be available and include Monterey Jack cheese, lettuce and honey mustard barbecue sauce.  Look out for it July 5th.

UPDATE: Doublicious Review


25 comments on “Food News: KFC Doublicious Arrives July 5th

  1. SkippyMom says:

    Looks enticing [thank goodness for the bread] but what is Colonel’s sauce? Is that like the Big Mac’s Special sauce?

    Just wondering.

    • rightclue says:

      Not quite. Big Mac sauce is Thosuand Island dressing and mayo plus some chemical concoction.

      The Colonel Sauce did not quite have that tangy taste. I really cannot describe it.

      Either way, I won’t be picking up this sandwich. Looks tasty though

      I am not trying to be the food police or anything, but let me just give you this tidbit from “Medical Physiology 5th edition by Boron & Boulpaep” (yes I am a medical student)

      The fat you eat is broken down and does not reconstitute into fat if you do not eat carbs in the same meal (within a 3 hour period)

      Hence: eat all the carbs you want and no fat, and you do not get fat (very unlikely since fat is everywhere. you pretty much are limited to veggies and fruits)


      eat all fat and protein and no simple carbs and you do not get fat.

      Take it if you feel this is useful.

      • Ryan says:

        Interesting…. Good advice.

        I think I’ll stick to eating whatever I want from time to time and getting as much exercise as possible. Anyone wanna play some hockey? 🙂

        Oh and I really can’t describe the Colonel Sauce either. I’m not a huge fan of it though.

        • rightclue says:

          Sounds good.

          The only people who really take the biochemistry to heart are the serious bodybuilders.

          Unless that’s your path, enjoy food, as the webmaster here does and shares.

      • jay says:

        Yeah that is BS and unproven. If you eat too many calories even on Atkins you will still get fat. If you ate nothing but straight carbs all day you would be a fat blob

  2. Jessica Leigh says:

    I’m actually excited about this, minus the cheese and special sauce! I love Hawaiian bread!

  3. T.J. says:

    I’m used to the 12 pack of the little Hawaiian rolls you pick up at the store. Hoping these rolls will be bigger!

  4. Rodzilla says:

    Right clue, that’s not how the body works.

    The Protein+Carb/Protein+Fat meal timing thing has been debunked. I remember when Berardi was hyping it like crazy, now even he admits it isn’t what he thought.

    Fat does not need the presence of insulin to be stored/reconstituted as fat. Check the dates on that book.

    • rightclue says:


      It was a simplification for the non bodybuilders who don’t need to cut down to 2-3% body fat

      And no where did I say insulin was required for fat deposition.

      If you wish to get technical, the effect of insulin is to increase (from baseline, not from 0) the effect of lipoprotein lipase on the surfaces of adipocytes.

      The main point I am trying to make is that adipocytes themselves do not reconstitute FFA and glycerol into fat instantly.
      Rather glucose enters the adipocyte via glucose transporters (which are upregulated by insulin) and then G6P is converted to triglycerides for storage.

      Moreover, insulin also reduces the effectiveness of hormone sensitive lipase, which would promote lipolysis.

      Of course, if there is something else you would like to point out, please link me to a research article and I will learn from it if it is scientifically sound and correct.

  5. KFC has a new sandwich launch here too next week, it appears to be the double down without bacon and in a wrap of sorts, with lettuce and some kinda mayo looking sauce.

  6. Justin says:

    I’m glad you posted this, because I wanted to rant about how much I hate KFC’s potato wedges. I absolutely love KFC in Canada and overseas because I can get regular fries. Those potato wedges are so damn greasy and nasty, they actually drive me away from eating there.

    Actually overseas, there are better places to eat, like Pret a Manger, for example, but it’s always nice to get that KFC meal without those nasty wedges…YUCK.

    End rant.

  7. maxchain says:

    Well… crap. Looks like I’m going to owe someone my soul next week.

  8. rob says:

    To me this is anti-climactic after having introduced the Double Down … it’s a chicken sandwich … what they should have done is go for the Triple Down which would be like a club sandwich … chicken breast, cheese, bacon, chicken breast, cheese, bacon, chicken breast.

    It would be little hard to handle so they could have pressed the whole thing like they do with Cuban sandwiches.

  9. wibia says:

    Every time that I see KFC come out with something new…I think… just go back to the old oil and the honest sized pieces that you had 10 years ago….

    I am not a big fan of honey buns, but this could be good.

  10. Bunny says:

    Why is it called a Doublicious?? If there is only one chicken patty it seems weird, but the one in the picture does look a little thick. HMMMMMMM

  11. Nick t says:

    “wait until you see what we’re doing WITH a bun”

    What an odd thing to print…especially when the answer is “nothing different at all.”

  12. Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

    Doublicious = “Single” Down + Bun?

    I heard there is a wrap version of the Double Down being tested as well.

  13. 2pieceandabiscuit says:

    I miss chicken littles & their chicken nuggets
    how can u hav a chicken joint w/o chicken nuggets?

    • Ryan says:

      Agreed! I like your name by the way. 😀

    • Adam Bomb says:

      Holy crap, I NEVER run into anyone else that has a love for Chicken Littles! I know exactly one person that misses them besides me. I would probably give away all my material possessions if it meant the Chicken Littles were coming back. Sigh….

      On topic: I am looking forward to the new sandwich, since I love Hawaiian bread so much. Unhealthy or not, this will be in my belly on opening day.

  14. nirra says:

    I haven’t tried the double down yet. I’m a sandwich gal (I need bread). Now if they will put the double down in a bun I will be there to try that!

  15. Ken says:

    Back in the 60’s when the first KFC’s opened up in Houston I remember clearly one of the best things they had was some delicious rolls. They didn’t serve biscuits back then. I’m convinced the rolls were, in fact, Hawaiian bread because it’s the closest to that sweet taste those original rolls had back then. I’ve looked everywhere to find out for certain. I remember after school (I was in 2nd grade @ 1964) we could go to KFC and buy those nice, hot rolls for 10 cents. We’d get about 5 or 6 for that price and chow down! That KFC is STILL there, along OST (Old Spanish Trail) in Houston, next to St. Peter the Apostle Catholic School, which is also still there, but the rolls are long gone! Anyone know if the original rolls were, in fact, Hawaiian bread?

  16. Chefprotoss or dan says:

    After reading your question I felt bad because I figured other than digging up the colonel and asking him there was probably no answer to it. Also it being a question about food I didn’t already know the answer too made me want to do some research and give it a try, so here goes. No. Hawaiian rolls didn’t reach the mainland untill the late 70’s and didn’t even gain popularity in hawaii untill the 60’s. The colonel most likely used a classic sweet southern bread recipe, being that he was from kentucky and adding lots sugar to bread was quite common for his era.

    Considering your question was about bread served 50 years ago I hope this was helpfull. =P

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