Food News: KFC Double Down Going Nationwide April 12

The sandwich with no bun is heading for a wide release.  Starting Monday, April 12th at participating KFC locations, keep an eye out for the KFC Double Down.  The Double Down features two boneless white meat chicken filets (Original Recipe® or Grilled), two pieces of bacon, two melted slices of Monterey Jack and pepper jack cheese and Colonel’s Sauce.  The Original Recipe version has 540 calories and 32 grams of fat.  The Grilled version has 460 calories and 23 grams of fat.  UPDATE: Here’s our full review

18 comments on “Food News: KFC Double Down Going Nationwide April 12

  1. jperonto says:

    OMG! Cannot wait to try the grilled version!

  2. Shawn says:

    LOL I thought this was an April fool’s joke until I found out that this actually exists

  3. Bunny says:

    I read online that KFC is selling it for about $5 (depends on location) for the sandwich and $7 for the combo.

  4. Justin says:

    It is April 1st…hmmm…nice one Mr. Grubgrade, lol.

  5. rightclue says:

    the grilled version is the ULTIMATE fast food ketogenic dieting item.

    all protein and fat. 0 simple carbs whatsoever. this is PERFECT for losing weight.

    • Crusader says:

      I might just get the grilled one. Only 460 calories and 0 carbs! Even the crispy version isn’t too bad in terms of calories, why all the horrible eye-rolling when it came out? Unless of course it’s really closer to 900 calories.

  6. Shana says:

    If it were grilled would be great for low-carbers

  7. Tracy says:

    Seems like there would be more calories. Curious what the sodium is.

  8. Raiders757 says:

    I think I’ll pass on this. I wanted to try it when it was all the rage a while back, but I’ve come to find that I just don’t like KFC all that much anymore. The price keeps going up and the chicken keeps getting smaller, greasier, and just plain “meh”. They need to trim down the menu and get back to what they do best.

    Speaking of KFC. Did anyone see the latest South Park. That was hilarious!

  9. Justin says:

    Raiders757, I don’t like the sizes of the grilled chicken when I buy them. They are obscenely small.

  10. Leon says:

    I’m honestly surprised at how “few” calories there are in these.

    • jason says:

      The Vancouver Sun has done an independent calorie analysis for the “Double Down” and has concluded the “sandwich” likely has 1228 calories.

      Rick Maynard with KFC public relations contacted us to say KFC estimates the numbers from The Vancouver Sun are inaccurate. According to their estimates, although they have not done an official workup the Double Down contains the following nutritional information: He said 590

  11. wibia says:

    + 1 Leon. I would think 800 + calories

  12. rob says:

    Given it’s only another 80 calories why not go for the original version

  13. Justin says:

    I can’t see myself eating this inside the restaurant.

  14. maxchain says:

    I see they took my advice about putting the filet on a bun, and… and made something beautiful instead.

  15. Nick says:

    I think KFC’s own nutritional information on this sandwich is probably credible. In my experience, starch buns and larger, fattier slabs of meat tend to pack the most punch calorically. This sandwich has neither; I don’t imagine that it is overstuffed with bacon.

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