Food News: Checkers Toasted Trio

New at Checkers, Toasted Trio Sandwiches.  2 for $3.00.

Kick your day off right with one of our Toasted Trio Sandwiches. All three are served on freshly toasted sourdough bread. Try our new Toasted BLT – made with four crispy strips of peppered bacon. In the mood for some BBQ? Order our Toasted BBQ Spicy Chicken topped with sweet and savory BBQ sauce. Or try the Toasted Cheese Double Cheese® – loaded with two slices of American cheese, diced onions, dill pickles, ketchup and mustard. That’s three BIG, mouth-watering tastes for a great price.

8 comments on “Food News: Checkers Toasted Trio

  1. Jessica J says:

    I wonder why they don’t have a burger to go with these? I would try the chicken or the BLT, but the toasted cheese sounds horrible.

  2. SkippyMom says:

    Hey Jessica doesn’t the front sandwich [on our left] look like it has two hamburger patties on it? Maybe the toasted cheese is on that?

    Otherwise I handily agree – ick.

  3. Pretty sure that is a burger in there. I love sourdough buns, but nowhere here has them anymore

    • Jessica J says:

      Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr. has a sourdough bun with their Frisco burger. It is delicious, although doesn’t taste completely like authentic sourdough. I agree that sourdough buns are amazing! I think you are right; that is a burger in there… it just wasn’t mentioned, so I wasn’t sure. We don’t have a Checkers anywhere around here. 🙁

      • Mike N says:

        Personally I prefer the Sourdough Jack (at, of course, Jack in the Box) over the Hardee’s version, mostly because JitB always seems to be fresher and higher quality than Hardee’s. I do want to get to a Rally’s to try these soon. I’m not sure why the marketing blurb says “Kick your day off right…” am I supposed to have these for breakfast (can do!) or are they assuming we’ll stop by in a drunken stuppor after midnight, thus making it technically the start of the day…

  4. Robby says:

    2 for 3 is a great deal regardless..Chicken looks good.

  5. Adam Bomb says:

    Really wish I had a Rally’s/Checkers nearby 🙁

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