Enough With The Pizza Places: Mmm… GogiBop

I live in a town of around 60,000 people and we have WAY TOO MANY PIZZA PLACES!!!  I swear a new one pops up every few weeks it seems.  It’s cool that they are mostly non-chain joints to mix it up some, but it’s really the same old model.  Pizza, wings, subs, stromboli etc etc etc.  This past weekend Frederick, Maryland gets GogiBop, a place that serves up Korean BBQ Wraps.  Tasty indeed and I’ll be making a return visit.  This wrap was a pretty hefty size.  Basically it was like getting a Chipotle burrito with a bunch of new flavor choices to add to the mix.  I went for the chicken wrap and added rice, grilled zucchini, corn, onions and lettuce.  A side cup of diced habanero peppers to add as I pleased.  $6.59 and a full stomach.

I’ll also admit to the Chicken Tempura $2.99 side item (not pictured because I ate it in my car because I couldn’t wait)… yeah I’m a pig today.  🙂  Good stuff GogiBop.  And thanks for the free movie tickets I won in your random drawing… much obliged.
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5 comments on “Enough With The Pizza Places: Mmm… GogiBop

  1. dillon says:

    Sounds awesome… I’m all about brand new mom-and-pop restaurants that serve up fresh ideas and quality food. Hoping to stop by Gogibop tomorrow! Thanks for the post!

  2. Rick says:

    I ate there Monday night and tried the beef and pork wraps, dumplings, sweet potatoe fries and chicken tempura (actually chicken tenders). EVERYTHING WAS VERY GOOD, but don’t exspect real Korean. Be sure to ask for the Korean sweet/hot red sauce for the wraps and the soy/sesame oil for the dumplings (dumplings were GREAT). I will eat here again 4.2 out of 5 stars.

  3. Justin says:

    Supposedly, Chipotle is looking to start an Asian concept. At first, I thought it was going to be original, but after seeing this, maybe it won’t be. Hmmmm…

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  5. Marty says:

    Thanks to all that have come in and enjoyed our wraps and bowls. I’ve been enjoying this food for over 16 years and I still love it. It’s the consistancy that is all important. Hope to see you again.

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