Adam’s Chick-fil-A Update: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Not sure exactly how long he spent camped out there, but I know it was at least 24hrs.  It was Man vs Wild vs Food… or something like that.  And in this battle, man wins! Free Chick-fil-A for a year.  Congrats Adam!

5 comments on “Adam’s Chick-fil-A Update: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

  1. Renee says:

    Yayyyy, congrats!! I bet everyone was stinkin’ after campin’ out there for over 24 hours w/o a shower!

  2. Adam Bomb says:

    Ha ha, congrats to Adam! Happy eating 🙂

  3. Q says:

    Oh wow! You are crazy! Congrats!

  4. Mike N says:

    Shine on, you crazy diamond!

  5. Scott says:

    WTG, Adam!

    We all knew you could do it!

    Well, maybe not all of us. Most of us. Well, maybe not most, some of us. Er, probably just me. To be honest, I didn’t really think you could actually do it either.

    It was a surprise to all of us!

    Do we know each other well enough for me to be joking around like this?

    Anyways, congrats!

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