First Impressions: Checkers Quarter Pound Big Chicken Sandwich

Thanks to Scott for the impressions on the current featured item at Checkers, the Quarter Pound Big Chicken Sandwich.  Currently priced at 2 for $3.  Shouldn’t be around too much longer.  Has anyone else tried it yet?

Not as exciting (plump, crunchy, or tasty) as I was expecting. The pictures
kind of speak for themselves. I had to add my own lettuce, even though I asked
them for extra, and adding my own thick sliced tomatoes helped a bit too.
These have extra mayo as well, although the mayo seems to have been mostly
absorbed by the bun.

*So I tried this sandwich too… I pretty much agree with Scott and I’d like to add one thing.  Toast up that sourdough bread some Checkers!  It barely had a hint of toasty.  Great deal though, 2 for $3.  Checkers always seems to have great prices on featured items.

7 comments on “First Impressions: Checkers Quarter Pound Big Chicken Sandwich

  1. maxchain says:

    What the heck, that doesn’t look toasted at all! Sourdough bread is just a raw material before toasting!

  2. Scott says:

    When I first saw this post, I thought you were using the pictures I sent you. However, upon further inspection, I found these pictures to be superior to mine.

    Your pictures make the sandwich appear MUCH more edible. Makes me want to run out to Checkers and spend my small weekend paycheck on some grub!

  3. Shannon says:

    I have had the new chicken sandwich, and I must say that I enjoyed it. I am not the one to regularly buy fried chicken of any kind with the exception of chicken mcnuggets, but I would buy this one again. As far as size is concerned, it’ s huge compared to other sandwiches I’ve seen. It definitely satisfied my hunger when I felt starved. Mine was hot, fresh, and tasted good with adequate lettuce and mayo. Most importantly, it did not have the gristle of the McChicken. My sandwich also lacked being toasted as was described on the commercial, although it was toasted more than the one in the photos. Still the bread was fresh and soft.

  4. this looks… really boring, and kind of gross. but damn that’s a lot of chicken. hmm…

  5. Bubbs says:

    Funny you mention adding your own lettuce & ‘mater… I tried this sandwich when it debuted a short time ago and it inspired me to start a new habit: I now keep tender cooked onions, cooked bacon, lettuce & tomato on hand in the fridge –

    It makes those of us who feel guilty about splurging on anything other than the fast food dollar menu items able to spend 2 or 3 bucks on a couple sandwiches, then jazz them up to full-on deluxe sandwiches.

    You can get this big chicken and a cheese-double-cheese on the 2/$3 menu, bring them home and load them up with your favorite goodness! Same for MacDo’s, BK or Wendy’s, … and so on.

    May seem cheap or tedious to many of you who aren’t pinching pennies, but I have a feeling my fellow value menu bangers will feel me.

  6. Scott says:

    Nope, right there with you, Bubbs!

    Suggestion, dice up a bunch of onions, and put them (I mean a lot) in your Taco Bell cheap (1/2 pound beef and bean) burritos. It takes it to a whole new level.

    I gave Checkers a second shot last night. Ordered a bunch of 1/4 pound chicken sandwiches, and the buns came out nice and toasty, the chicken was not overcooked, and they were just overall pretty good for a buck fiffy each. I think it had to do with having a responsible store manager running the joint at the time.

    I made the sandwiches hot and spicy by adding copious amounts of El Yucateco Red Hot Sauce. Delicious!

  7. robby says:

    This looks alright, and I’ll try them soon, but I have one question, do these replace the spicy chicken melts they had on 2 for 3 dollars menu? because those were my favorite…

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