GG Video: Conan O’Brien Makes A Sandwich

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  1. Justin says:

    This guy is washed up. He blew the Tonight Show gig just so he could give his friend Andy a job. Then he turned into a real jerk. I used to be his biggest fan too.

    • Hassan A says:

      Umm…wat. How did he blow the Tonight Show gig? He earned the spot after like 13 years of doing Late Night. NBC didn’t give him enough time to familiarize his humor with the Tonight Show’s audience, so they gave him the boot as if he was a nobody. And how did he turn into a jerk? lol…if you were once one of his “biggest fans” you would know Conan is one of the most humble comedians out there. If anything, I think he handled the situation much better than most people would have.

  2. rob says:

    Mayo and gravy is a good combination but adding salsa totally ruins it. You are adding something that is vegetable-based to ingredients that are more animal-product based.

  3. Jessica Leigh says:

    I LOVE CONAN! He’s not washed-up at all, and I don’t think he blew the gig! I can’t wait for his new show!

  4. skippymom says:

    I couldn’t get this whole video to load. All the better tho’ because the first couple of seconds were lame – he has really fallen hard, hasn’t he?

    Lose the beard and the bitterness, bask in your millions and just.go.away.

    • Justin says:

      You know, I completely agree with you. Conan used to project the image that he was a really cool guy when he was on Late Night. He continued it when he got on the Tonight Show, but REFUSED to transition his material to attract a wider audience at 11:35. He thought he was smarter than everyone else. He also made a huge mistake bringing back Andy. Huge. Before, Conan had to improvise when his jokes failed. On Tonight, Andy would just laugh at him out loud to make him look good. The guy is a useless sycophantic parasite. What’s worse is, Conan wouldn’t even tell him to stop or anything, or acknowledge the joke wasn’t funny.

      Then he got really nasty when NBC tried to tell him how to fix the show, and finally just broke down and gave up. We started to see that Conan wasn’t really a cool, easy-going guy, but a narcissist with a huge God complex that gets off on attention.

      You can hate Jay Leno, but he is a man of the people. That’s really what makes a successful Tonight Show host. Conan is nothing but an elitist.

      • Drewby says:

        Okay you’re crazy off base. NBC totally screwed Conan over by giving him the horrible lead in of Jay Leno. The lead in is what gives you the viewers. Jay Leno has a crazy bad show, but his lead in during the days when he had the top ratings was absolutely amazing.

        Also, Jay as the man of the people? ALL of Jay’s “humor” revolves around pointing out how stupid OTHER people are. Just take a look at his popular skits. Weekly headlines where he pokes fun at people’s mistakes, the Jeopardy or Jay walking skits where he ask people simple questions and then pokes fun at their answers. Jay can’t stand not being the star of the show so he belittles everybody else. Conan has humor at the expense of himself, his brand of humor doesn’t ask you to dumb yourself down. I love how you call Conan a narcissist when he paid his crew with money FROM HIS OWN POCKET to make sure they were taken care of.

        So please, it’s okay to have an opinion about a person but to spout out BS that’s completely off shows how ignorant you are.

        • Justin says:

          I used to make a lot of excuses like you. Then I had a coach in school that told me to be responsible for myself and don’t handicap yourself with things like that. First of all, anyways, Leno is kicking butt now again. So clearly, his lead-in wasn’t the problem. Who watches the Tonight Show only because of the lead-in anyways? Seriously. Secondly, Conan’s show was a disaster. He turned into the old Conan again, and he didn’t even bother to transition the show’s material to 11:35. I cannot believe how arrogant you people are. His show clearly failed! Plain and simple. He just wasn’t right for the Tonight Show. I’m one of the biggest Conan fans you’ll ever meet. However, I’m realistic, and he did a lot of things when he moved to 11:35 that the networks didn’t like or support. It was stupid. I’m certain Fox, or any other network talked to NBC(I’m sure these network heads all talk to each other) and found out the real, behind the scenes story with Conan. No surprise that he ended up being forced to take a deal with TBS.

          Conan proved he was a snotty, Ivy League elitist in those last few days of the show. He tried to rally the masses, which failed, he called people who didn’t like his humor idiots, virtually, he blamed Leno, which was lame and unfounded, and the only network that gave him a real offer he liked was TBS.

          Conan will probably never redeem himself even if he does all the right things. Jimmy Fallon isn’t going anywhere, and he virtually proved people will laugh at anything on at 12:35. Comedians usually don’t get a second chance in the late-night business. The main problem with Conan is that he refuses to get rid of Andy. If he can’t put business above friendship, I predict his TBS show will slowly die too.

          • Drewby says:

            It’s obvious that you would be a fan of Jay Leno’s humor since you come out of the batting cages as condescending and rampant out the doors with assumptions.

            You can deny it all you want but lead ins matter a LOT. Local news stations would complain about Jay Leno’s show because it would bring down their ratings.


            Yes, Leno is getting better ratings, BUT GUESS WHAT. He doesn’t have his own crappy lead in.

  5. J.B. says:

    Conan sucks.
    I love all the people sitting around wasting their time lamenting him and all upset over him losing his job, all the while he is stinking rich and going back home to his $25 million penthouse.
    You listen to people and you would think that he was going to be broke and waiting in the bread line.

    I particularly loved how his supporters were calling him Coco, a title that he absolutely hated and he complained constantly and asked them not to call him that.

    He and Letterman are both cold and could care less about anyone when they punch out. All they care about is the check.

    People always claim they are going to watch him and they never do.
    He did not beat Letterman when Jay left and once Jay came back, he beat Letterman again. Letterman can’t even beat Jay when Jay is in reruns.
    So if he could not beat Letterman when he only had one competitor, how do you think he is going to fare with two major competitors?

  6. Scott says:

    Hahaha, Justin and J.B. sound like a tagteam duo of curmudgeons. Lots of hating going on. I agree with Drewby, it’s fine to have an opinion but you just make blanket statements. You act like you have a personal relationship with everyone involved and have first-hand knowledge of the ins and outs of the business. Go ahead and live on your island, Conan got screwed over big time because he wouldn’t entirely acquiesce to watered down comedy. Jay Leno stole most of his “comedy skits” from The Howard Stern Show anyway.

    All that being said, that sandwich looked absolutely disgusting haha. This is GrubGrade right? I didn’t realize a goofy video with a crazy sandwich would turn in to a debate of Conan vs Jay.

  7. BMOC says:

    Hey, how about showing KFC’s new ad campaign…college chicks wearing double down sweatpants. Giggity.

  8. Tony jaguar says:

    Wow, Leno fans are bitter.

  9. Tony jaguar says:

    Bitter, and lonely. Wait, that’s Leno’s demographic.

  10. Hassan says:

    At the end of the day, I think Conan is the funniest late night host we have the option of watching. Not only have I found his skits over the years to be more creative than anyone else’s, but his improv skills are still sharp and he can make his guests genuinely laugh. Regardless of what anybody thinks of him after this whole ordeal, the guy is a natural at making people laugh, which is all that matters to me. I also think he’s got the best writing team…but then again, I have a very similar sense of humor so it’s only natural that I’d feel this way.

    • Justin says:

      If Conan was so funny, why did he not produce high ratings?

      It’s not hard to figure out. Conan’s humor just does not appeal to a lot of people. I don’t know, I guess you just have to get his humor and be a little open-minded. I don’t know where the personal insults about me only liking Leno are coming from, but I think I liked Conan way more than him, and would have loved to see him succeed. I’d also love to see the Detroit Lions win the Super Bowl, but I’m not crazy, you know? Conan actually regressed back to his old self in the early days on the Tonight Show. I have absolutely no idea how he did that, but again, I’m not surprised he failed.

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