Celebrity Grubber: Golden Tate and Top Pot Doughnuts

What do you do when you’re hungry for a doughnut at 3am? Seattle Seahawks rookie wide receiver decided it was a good idea to trespass into Top Pot.  “Freshly baked. I made the mistake of – a buddy made the mistake going in grabbing a couple. We ate them,” the former Notre Dame star said.  Police gave Tate a warning. “They just kind of said ‘don’t do it again,’ which I won’t.”  Seahawks coach Pete Carroll stated, “I do understand the lure of the maple bars.”

9 comments on “Celebrity Grubber: Golden Tate and Top Pot Doughnuts

  1. SkippyMom says:

    I guess the cops knew who he was – because anyone else “trespassing” [um, don’t they mean breaking and entering?] would surely be in jail.

    Pays to be famous I suppose.

    • Ryan says:

      From the Associated Press:

      Mark Klebeck, co-founder of Top Pot Doughnuts, told Seattle’s KJR radio that a baker must have gone to the restroom and left a door unattended or unsecured. He said that during that time Tate and another person must have entered the bakery through a back door or freight elevator that connects the store to the residences in which Tate lives.

      He said the baker followed proper company protocol and immediately called police. While officers were dispatched, Klebeck told KJR, the baker recognized Tate as a resident of the building. That diffused the situation.

  2. Thats pretty damn funny, gotta wonder how much booze or more nefarious substances were involved in this.

  3. Slippy says:

    From what I had heard, Golden actually knows the owner (the shop is in the same building) and regularly goes in their and gobbles up the maple bars with the owner’s blessing. It’s just that this time, he went in at 3am, and the owner wasnt there, just the bakers who initially didnt know who he was so called the cops.

  4. Jessica J says:

    I’ve never had the pleasure of eating there, although I would love to. I checked out their webpage and the apple fritters look delicious. They resemble more of a cake-like donut, similar to Dunkin’ Donuts. Is this true? My favorite donuts are the doughy ones like Krispy Kreme. Krispy Kreme was founded in Winston Salem which is only thirty minutes from my home .

  5. loulee says:

    Any coincidence that the “Donut Paradise” episode featuring Top Pot re-aired 6/9/09 on the Travel Channel? I’m just sayin..

  6. loulee says:

    Sorry, meant 6/9/10!

  7. JewaremiImmat says:

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