Snack Review: Natural Gourmet Hot Chili Pepper Baked Cheese Curls from Michael Season’s Feel Good Snacking

When you see the following, what do you think?

  • 50% Less Fat
  • All Natural
  • Wheat and Gluten Free
  • No Trans Fat
  • No Preservatives
  • No Artificial Colors/Flavors

Ok, had some time to mull it over?  So what comes to mind?  For some, it probably conjures up images of people who scoff at Cheetos and drink wheat grass smoothies for breakfast.  I’ll be honest, a bag of Cheetos or Doritos is usually my move if I want a cheesy, crunchy snack.  Never did I imagine a company that boasts “Feel Good Snacking” would deliver on a taste that now reigns supreme with me as tops among the cheesy/crunchy genre.  No hesitation to recommend this delicious snack from the Midwest.  My new favorite, (deep breath), Natural Gourmet Hot Chili Pepper Baked Cheese Curls from Michael Season’s Feel Good Snacking.

Hot Chili Pepper Baked Cheese CurlsI’ve never been the kind of person to say “Hey, look at me eat this habanero pepper!”.  I’ll admit it, I can’t even take the heat from a jalapeno usually.  I always go for the mild salsas with my tortilla chips, I will never put a fireball near my mouth and I approach Indian food with a fire extinguisher close by.  I guess after earning my stripes with the Taco Bell Volcano Box, I’ve become a little cocky.  I know there is some snickering out there, but remember, I’m admitting I’m a wimp.  Anyways, with my newfound bravery for spicier foods, I dove into these Hot Chili Pepper Curls head first.

Upon opening the bag, I was hit with an awesome scent of Cheddar cheese.  On first look, they are pretty reminiscent of Cheetos but not as fiery orange.  With the first bite I’m hit with a delicious taste of real cheddar cheese.  Yeah it says “Made with Real Cheese” on the bag, but I’ve seen a lot of packaging say stuff like that and they never delivered like these did.  It really does have an awesome, cheddary taste that has no hint of fake. When it comes to the heat, I’ll describe it like this…Give an unsuspecting friend a few of these cheese curls to munch on, watch closely (I did this with 4 unsuspecting subjects), all four had the same reaction…about 5 seconds of “Wow, these are really good.”…then you see their eyes widen slightly and their mouths start to part open, stay open and the hunt is on for a cool beverage.  There’s the heat.  I think the heat is so-so tolerable if you are a wimp and also respectable if you are a spicy pro. The taste is so good that I just want to demolish the bag in one sitting, but the heat helped me pace myself.  I guess that’s a positive.

Look closely and you can see the peppery seasoning.

Look closely and you can see the peppery seasoning.

For those out there that won’t even consider this product because you are afraid of the heat, there is a regular Cheddar version.  The Hot Chili Pepper just really adds an extra element to the snack that makes you appreciate that the great cheesy taste wasn’t sacrificed.  Trust me, although some may feel a little pain from the heat, it’s a tasty pain. Yeah, I said tasty pain.  Oh and the fact that these are all natural, preservative free and 50% less fat doesn’t hurt either.  I would’ve never guessed.  Hunt these down folks and be a believer in Feel Good Snacking.

  • Pros – Real Cheddar cheese taste.  Great mix of flavor and heat.  Great for spicy food lovers.  Tasty pain.  Heat prevented me from shoving the entire bag down my gullet at once.
  • Cons – Spicy snack wimps beware.  Pricier (at some retailers) and harder to find than the big boys like Cheetos snacks.

Taste: 9.50/10

Value: 7.25/10


GrubGrade: 9.50/10  (GrubGrade Hall of Famer)

(Overall GrubGrade is not an average)

Price: $2.59 for a 5.5 ounce bag.  (their Online Store) (for a more in depth look at the ingredients/nutrition… Click Here)

Nutrition Facts – Hot Chili Pepper Baked Cheese Curls (5.5oz bag)

Serving Size – 1 cup

Servings Per Bag – 6

Calories – 130

Fat – 4.5 grams

Saturated Fat – 0.5 grams

Cholesterol – 0 milligrams

Sodium – 190 milligrams

Total Carbs – 20 grams

Sugars – 1 gram

Dietary Fiber – 2 grams

Protein – 2 grams

6 comments on “Snack Review: Natural Gourmet Hot Chili Pepper Baked Cheese Curls from Michael Season’s Feel Good Snacking

  1. Kain says:

    They look alot like a UK snack called Nik Naks (Not sure if you have them in the states though)

    They look pretty good. You guys have all the best snacks lol.

  2. Bear Silber says:

    Damn, those look awesome! At first I was not into this at all…but I kept on reading…and now I really really want to try ’em. I imagine these are just what I’d like…like a good tasting Fiery Cheeto. I want this, where’d you get them? I don’t think I’ll be able to find any near me sadly.

  3. Ryan says:

    @ Kain … I haven’t come across Nik Naks…you’re right the US is overloaded with snack companies. I’m liking the smaller snack companies a lot.

    @ Bear … Whole Foods has Michael Season’s snacks…Kroger…Safeway…Publix… You can order them online at the online store link next to the price in the post. I have yet to try the non-spicey version. These curls really do have a more natural cheddary flavor than what I’ve found with Cheetos. They look and crunch like Cheetos though…just a lighter shade of orange.

  4. Marcus says:

    I actually have a bag of these cheese curls in my cupboard right now! They are stellar. Couldn’t agree more with the “real” cheddary taste. I get mine at Whole Foods and they usually run around 3bucks and change.

  5. Lisa Cain says:

    I hope I don’t piss anyone off here by pointing out that you could eat one ounce of Cheetos for about the same number of calories. I know that Cheetos is filled with all the artificial stuff (and MSG) but man are they delicious.
    Snack Snoop

  6. Jon says:

    @Lisa. These have more carbs and less fat than Cheetos, and maybe 20 less calories per ounce. They also have less than half the saturated fat (I doubt that really makes a difference unless you eat a whole bag).

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