RememBear This: Warheads

Between playing with my Koosh ball and my Klutz Juggling Kit I would have Warhead challenges with my brothers. Remember the back of the package where they had the Megameter? Something like if you could withstand the intense sour of the Warheads for 5 seconds to a full minute. I always won 😛

Warheads Candy

I didn’t feel like I was eating candy, I felt like I was accomplishing something. I was passing a test….I was becoming a man.

Unfortunately with becoming a man something else occurred too….I am no longer a big fan of fruity candy or sour things for that matter. Is it just me or does that happen when you become old? As a kid I couldn’t get enough of these. I would try to put as many in my mouth as I could fit and see if I could keep them until the sour wore off. To my mother’s detriment this would sometimes lead to stain producing drool (sorry for the gross image).

What things did you enjoy as a kid that you no longer do?

With candy like this and commercials as follows there is no wonder our youth has ADD!

11 comments on “RememBear This: Warheads

  1. Adam Bomb says:

    Bear, I firmly believe that had you and I been in close proximity growing up, we very well could have been homies, lol. All of your “RememBear This” articles totally hit home with me.

    I loved Warheads when I was a kid! We used to load as many of them as possible into our mouths on the bus ride to school in the mornings. It was like a contest, seeing who could stand them the longest.

    Remember Tearjerkers?

  2. Mel says:

    Haha! I LOVED Warheads! Remember the ones that came in the black package? To us, black=death by dry, soured mouth. It was not fun.

    Also, growing up with a Japanese mother, we’d have our own sour-plum-eating contests. Whoever could eat the sour plum the quickest would win, well, pride. 🙂

  3. John says:

    Where is Bear and how on earth is he still writing articles? I’m so confused….

  4. Emily says:

    I used to really really really love ice cream. I think beer has replaced that, although I still enjoy ice cream…several times a year. I still love sour candy, but am more particular. Sour Patch Kids (did you know they make Sour Patch Extreme now?!) will always be a the top of the list. Does anyone remember Cry Babies? Sweet Tarts that weren’t hardly sweet at all is a good way to describe them.

  5. @John I secretly think Ryan is writing them and trying to pull a fast one on us! 😛 Sneaky Ryan.

    But @Bear if that is you we miss you and love you!

    I remembear war heads! I was never a big fan of them.

  6. Ryan says:

    Hehe…Bear is obviously on hiatus for the time being. He cranked out a ton of posts in the meantime to keep us posting something weekly for a while. Enjoy!

  7. Adam Bomb says:

    I must be missing something. Why does everyone keep referring to Bear as “missing”? He’s been regularly posting on Grub Grade. Is he missing from his town or something?

  8. LW says:

    I miss and can’t find the fizzy Warheads anymore. Surely it’s not just me who remembers them?

  9. Jon says:

    @Adam Bomb: Bear hasn’t commented in a month.

  10. Adam Bomb says:

    @Jon: I see, thanks. I guess I didn’t pay that much attention. I see his blog updates, and just assume he’s around.

  11. Kristy says:

    This made me laugh… we used to have the same contests with my little brother and I. I am pregnant and in my first trimester… I have been so sick all of the time so I looked online for some home cures for morning sickness and read that sour will help. When sour patch kids and lemons did not do the trick I went on the search for warheads! I could not find them in stores and had to order them online… they worked! Warheads that I have not eaten since I was a kid are helping me cope with pregnancy!

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