RememBear This: Teddy Grahams

Oh Teddy Grahams, how you bring back simpler happier times.  If we could all smile like the Dizzy Grizzles. I must say though, this box confuses me a little. Look how happy he is. Doesn’t he know he’s going to be eaten? Well maybe he isn’t going to be consumed but why then is he holding his brethren up to be chomped on? I guess survival of the fittest right? If he can get you full off his buddies he’ll make it out alive.

Teddy Grahams

I always felt like I had to enjoy these because of my namesake. That’s not to say that they weren’t yummy in my tummy but I sort of felt obligated. I guess similar to a mother that has to enjoy her 4 year old’s breakfast in bed made on Mother’s Day regardless of what it is or how it tastes. I also felt this way about gummy bears but I didn’t actually enjoy them that much. Now Disney’s Gummi Bears on the other hand were/are/will always be tremendous. I freakin’ love that show. I recently bought them on DVD. Thank you Disney for releasing those, I’m forever grateful. Now if only I could get me some of that Gummi Beary Juice!

Gummi Bears - Disney

“We just want to eat, tasty teddy grahams. Scrumptious bunch of bite sized bears, full of golden graham. Oh let them be, your teddy grahams. (Delicious graham snacks in honey, cinnamon and chocolate.) Just want to eat those teddy grahams!”

Chocolate Teddy Grahams

Does enjoying these make me a cannibal? I hope not. I loved getting these in my red Spiderman lunch pail (are they still called pails even when they are plastic…I guess it’s just a lunch box), whatever the variety, regular, honey or chocolate. They once had a banana flavor! They also apparently have chocolate chip and oatmeal. I  have yet to get a tasty taste of these though.

Not that I necessarily found pleasure in it but I would always bite their stinkin’ little heads off first and I know I’m not alone in this. I think it’s a natural instinct to do that. One thing I did not realize is that they have two designs, legs closed/hands up and legs open/hands down. This I did not know.

What’s your favorite animal inspired treat or snack?

Sorry for the poor quality but do you remember the Teddy Grahams Cereal! “Wake up everybody! Wake up! You’ve all been sound asleep woo, here’s breakfast bears to eat.”

22 comments on “RememBear This: Teddy Grahams

  1. brad says:

    Found a random two bags of these in my kitchen the other day. I was so happy.

  2. Didn’t there used to be a variety box? You could get Cinnamon, graham, & chocolate flavors all in one amazing box? Did I make this up?

    Love, Gimmeyummy

  3. Ian says:

    I totally did the head-bite first thing too.

  4. Clay says:

    I fucking love Teddy Grahams! Reading this took me back to when I spend all day at my grandmas house and ate this shit by the pound!
    And how could you take eat the heads first? Decapitating small animals plays into the morbid desire to kill that all small children have.

  5. john says:

    ok funny story…i was about 7 or 8 when Dizzy Grizzlies made it big. Unfortunately about the same time my parents bought me a nice poket knife for Xmas. I just remember sneaking into the kitchen and taking one of the very yummy crackers and realizing I had a poket knife decided to do a little hunting. I held the cookie in my left hand and stabbed it with the knife in my right hand. Unfortunately I did not take into consideration that the knife goes through the cookie. Needless to say i cut right through my thumb. Never will I look at the Grizzlies the same. Now I make sure I bite the head off first!

  6. MMMM Teddy Grahams. I use to love the cinnamon and the chocolate. I would love to dip them in milk! They were sooo good!
    I can’t believe you love the Gummy Bears! That is so awesome! I use to love that show! The theme song is so catchy!
    “Gummy Bears… bouncing here and there and every where…”
    Gummy Bears, Gargoyles, Dark Wing Duck and Duck Tails. Good times!

  7. Adam says:

    Cinnamon is the best, hands down. They actually make Goldfish knockoff of these things now. But you can’t replicate the BEST THING EVER.

  8. @brad – Score! You’re one lucky duck.

    @Jamie Susan – Well if not, it certainly sounds like something dreams are made of. I have not, however, seen this.

    @Ian – Must’ve learned from the best.

    @Clay – Do you kiss your grandma with that mouth?

    @john – Haha! Revenge can be bitter sweet.

    @Erin Brooks – Also dipping them in Skippy….mmmmm.

    Of course Gummy Bears, I was almost inclined to like ’em….not that I need be, they are awesome! I was in love with the princess 🙂

    @Adam – No sir, you certainly can not.

  9. This is a perfect example of why having kids has its perks. I have a box of these in my pantry! Teddy Grahams rock. I like the Cookies N Cream variety they have now, but Cinnamon is still the best of all time.

  10. @Gregory Ng: The Frozen Food Master – Damn, point well made! They didn’t have the Cookies N Cream version when I was snackin’ on them….I haven’t had the pleasure.

  11. ChrisSh says:

    Were Dunkaroos animal shaped? Because those dominated Teddy grahams any day… unless of course you add your own frosting to teddy grahams. mmmm

  12. @ChrisSh I use to LOVE Dunkaroos! I loved the ones with the chocolate frosting, I’d ditch the cookies and just eat the frosting lol.

  13. Ryan says:

    The conversation has turned to Dunkaroos…I know everyone isn’t shocked to know that Bear has a post on them waiting on deck. 😀 Among like a hundred others. Bear = Machine.

  14. Ryan says:

    Favorite animal-inspired snack? Shark Bites, Gummi-Bears/Worms, certain animal crackers, dino-shaped chicken nuggets 🙂

  15. Pasquinel says:

    Dunk-a-roos rocked! I used to remember eating these while watching Batman: The Animated Series.

    Another discontinued favorite was Garfield Fruit Snacks. They came in red and blue pieces (I guess Garfield and Odie qualify as animals) and they were delicious.

  16. @ChrisSh – Damn! I knew this was going to come up before I had it posted….but yes I’ve already written a RememBear This for Dunkaroos. They were all sorts of shapes but some kangaroos yes.

    @Erin Brooks – Haha.

    @Ryan – 🙂 Thanks bud.

    Dude, Shark Bites were awesome!

    @Pasquinel – Haha, of course Garfield and Odie qualify as animals….maybe even Jon too.

  17. Adam Bomb says:

    I loved Teddy Grahams when I was a kid, and I love them now as a parent. My kids love them, too. Teddy Grahams are immortal, and will live on forever as one of the best snack foods of all time. I heart Teddy Grahams.

  18. @Adam Bomb – You know what’s funny is I hadn’t seen these in the longest time and wasn’t even sure they were still be produced but just the other day I saw they on the shelves and m market. Do you still really eat ’em? Which flavor?

  19. Adam Bomb says:

    I don’t keep them at my house, but whenever I’m over visiting my kids, I snack on them. I’m partial to the honey and chocolate flavors. Someone mentioned the banana ones….I’ve had them, and they were kinda weird. I’ll just stick to the classics.

    Regarding them still being made: I’m pretty sure they have remained a popular item since their inception many moons ago. I’ve got an eleven year old and 5 year old triplets, and they have been a staple snack item in the house through all their years growing up!

  20. Unfortunately, I did not take into consideration that the knife goes through the cookie.nice story..

  21. I want to know these grams made for humans or for teddies. Because my teddy won’t those foods. I only eat.

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