RememBear This: SuperPretzel

Words can not describe this goodness. Wauh boy! Soft, chewy, warm…mmmmm, I can smell them now. Again because of my large family my parents would buy the large Costco boxes. I mean otherwise we’d go through a standard 8-pack each afternoon. There was something awesome about being able to “make” these on your own (side note: they are kosher!). You’d grab a frozen twisted dough puck from the radical black and blue box (has the design ever changed?), throw it on a small microwavable plate, sprinkle it with a little water, for adhesion, and top it with rock salt to taste. I think that was one of the cool things about it too, the rock salt. If you’ve ever run out of or thrown away the salt pouch that comes with it you can surely testify that table salt holds no candle to it. That was always a problem in my household…trying to keep the salt around for the last few pretzels…it was usually MIA by the last two.

One thing I must say as that there is only a small window within to enjoy these. Like Nick Cage these things are gone in 60 seconds. Very shortly after being removed from the magic food warming machine they become chewy and hard. Another set-back to watch out for is over “watering” them…this leads to a slimy base. These are all caveats to avoid….along with over salting. Each can ruin an otherwise flawless session of Destruction Derby or Twisted Metal.

Perfection on a plate

I think this started my obsession with mustard. I will eat most anything with mustard. The tangy goodness mixed with the delicious salty pretzel. I’ve become what I like to refer to as a “sauce-whore”. I love me some dipping. I’ll try anything you can add to your meal….sauce, au jus, condiment, dip, whatever you’ve got I’ll take it. Pass me down the Tabasco…you got some Pepper Plant? …send it my way.

What is your favorite sauce or condiment?

For some reason I really like this commercial:

16 comments on “RememBear This: SuperPretzel

  1. drpep says:

    I can make a salt pouch last for 2-3 boxes and I put plenty of salt on a pretzel

  2. Adam Bomb says:

    I like to dip my pretzels in some sweet honey mustard!

  3. Colleen says:

    I love these pretzels with melted cheese on them.

  4. Sam I Am says:

    I eat these all the time with Frito-Lay Jalapeno Cheese dip. Yummy.

  5. SkippyMom says:

    ooooohh all good ideas. I love these, but didnt’ discover them until a year ago when I had a coupon. Instant love. I like super spicy mustard with mine.

  6. Mary says:

    I like dipping my pretzels in mayonnaise – and it has to be Hellman’s. Actually, I like mayo on just about everything.

  7. mia says:

    spicy brown dijon. yum. it’s amazing on white button mushrooms.
    hey, don’t knock it.

  8. Yellow mustard is simply perfection.

  9. Raiders757 says:

    Yellow mustard, is all I need for a soft pretzel. Yummy. Despite being frozen, I’ve always enjoyed these. They now sell them at my local Save a Lot for a $1 a box.

    @ Bear

    If you ever watch ‘Good Eats’ Alton Brown has a show on how to make soft pretzels. and it doesn’t seem all that hard. The one thing he pointed out, is that the salt is not rock salt, but a salt special made for pretzels, called, you guessed it, pretzel salt.

    I found that when/if the salt in the bag runs out, kosher salt is the next best thing.

  10. Ryan says:

    I’ve never had a Super Pretzel in my life….the box is definitely something I can’t ever forget for some reason…it really pops.

    Favorite sauce or condiment…depends but I’m a big fan of tzatziki. Love Greek grub.

  11. Bear Silber says:

    @drpep – You’ve more restraint than me.

    @Adam Bomb – Any mustard is delish with these.

    @Colleen – I’ve never actually tried that. Sounds awesome!

    @Sam I Am – The above sounds even better now!

    @SkippyMom – Yes! The spicier the better.

    @Mary – Wauh, I’ve never heard of someone doing that….but must say (reader beware) that I do like my fries in mayo. Paula Deen would be proud 😛

    @mia – I agree.

    Jamie Susan – French’s, right? So good.

    @Raiders757 – I’ve actually made his recipe. SUPER GOOD!!!

    @Ryan – What!?? Can you seriously please go out and get yourself a box….now! My brother is a huge Greek grubber too, he loves that stuff.

  12. dopealope says:

    Man, do I love these things !!! But my brother and I always used kosher salt to augment what we considered the skimpy salt portion that came in the box. And then, we’d microwave a jar of cheez-whiz and dip our really salty pretzels into the molten goo.

  13. Rarara says:

    Yellow mustard on a pretzel? Sacrilege!

    Sweet Bavarian mustard all the way. Händlmaiers, preferably.

  14. @dopealope – Ewww, Chez-Wiz….well I’ve actually never had it on anything except broccoli but I’m still not a huge fan…I like the jalapeno cheese dip better.

    @Rarara – Sweet Bavarian mustard?!? I gotta try that!

  15. sweetspot says:

    My daughter ate a super pretzel for breakfast from age 3 until she was 7. She was extremely picky and it was one of the few foods she would eat. I rationalized it was no different than a bagel and less fat because of no butter. I still love them dunked into a Philly water ice.

  16. Definitely mustard. Salsa comes a close second.

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