RememBear This: Smucker’s Uncrustables

“With a name like Smucker’s, it has to be good!” ….so true. More true would be “With peanut butter involved, it has to be good!” Seriously…name one bad thing that contains peanut butter? You can’t, they’re all delicious, Reese’s, Cap’n Crunch, Abba-Zaba and of course the Elvis!

Strawberry Uncrustables

PB and Strawberry Jam Uncrustables

What evil genius came up with these? It’s like the best things from your cupboards thrown together. Not only that but they’ve taken away the bad parts for you. It’s like school with only PE and recess, or Sugar Ray without Mark McGrath.

Let me say that I LOVE PB&J sangwiches. I used to not care for them too much but that was mostly due to having them in my lunchbox all day which would result in a warm goo of a lunch. Now….goodness me, there’s almost nothing better. Thawed or toasted….PB & grape jelly, PB & strawberry jam, PB & honey on wheat, plain peanut butter or even the grilled cheese….each one is fantastic. I’m surprised they haven’t expanded this line. Think of the possibilities, smore’s, Rocky Road, PB, honey & bananas. Well I guess any Pop-tart flavor would make an incredible Uncrustable.

FreezerBurns Uncrustables

The Frozen Food Master from Reviewing the Grilled Cheese version. One word review: "Cheesetastic"

These are good any time of day, or night for that matter. Whether it be in the morning with the Pirates of Dark Water, in the afternoon with Bonkers & Darkwing Duck or in the evening with the Urkel or Alex Mack (I had, okay have, the hugest crush on her. If any of ya’lls got a number tell her I’m single :P). With a nice tall glass of milk….that’s it, no more blogging for me, I’m off to Safeway to pick some of these up.

What is your favorite peanut butter snack?

21 comments on “RememBear This: Smucker’s Uncrustables

  1. Lol I love these things. They get a bit pricy when you can’t stop at eating just one a day (Guilty). Ya it got so bad hubby made me stop buying them (got too expensive 🙁 )

    Randy and I would alway battle which flavor was the best of course it’s strawberry but somehow growing up his parents installed the evil grape jelly jean in him (no offense to innocent grape loving people this is just a war with my hubby).

  2. Never tried them, but there are few bloggers that mention Urkel! Nice… I have never had more than 1/2 a pop tart, just not my thang!

  3. Ryan says:

    I have never had an Uncrustable. 🙁 I was actually never one of those kids that had their PB and J with the crust cut off.

    @ Erin … I’m with you… Strawberry 100x better than Grape 🙂

  4. Katie says:

    I love that you posted this! I just bought Uncrustables for lunch yesterday 🙂

    Sometimes its fun to have a lunch fit for a 10 year old!

  5. maxchain says:

    Oh man, I used to blow my spare meal points on these all the time in college! What the heck–maybe I’ll pick up a box this weekend.

  6. Long says:

    “…name one bad thing that contains peanut butter?”
    Peanut Butter on a burger.

    But seriously, my sister eats most of them before I get a chance to eat at least one of them. When I do get a chance, they’re pretty good.

  7. James says:

    A PB&J sandwich without the crust and anything other than grape jam is void of any legitimacy.

  8. Adam Bomb says:

    I feel old, because I completely missed the boat on these. I remember them coming out when my oldest child was a wee lass. The Uncrustables always seemed a little too convenient for me. I’d rather just make my own PB&J.

    Favorite peanut butter snack? Probably PB&J on crackers, or peanut butter on waffles. Or peanut butter out of the jar. Or peanut butter in absolutely any form. Peanut butter is awesome.

  9. Heather says:

    I have never had these. My favorite peanut butter snack would have to be peanut butter on celery or a peanut butter and banana sandwich. BTW-I agree with Erin and Ryan-strawberry is much better than grape.

  10. Ryan says:

    Forgot to mention my favorite PB snack…toasted PB sandwich…with the PB getting all melty…or of course PB and celery.

    Who’s for crunchy? Who’s for creamy? I can do both but I’m partial to the crunch. 😀

  11. Raiders757 says:

    I’ve neer had one of these either. How long have they even been on the market? I think they came out when I was in my 20’s.

    I love PB&J sandwiches, crust and all. My suggestion for a new flavor, is peanut butter and apple butter. that’s a great combo right there.

  12. Bear Silber says:

    @Erin Brooks – Strawberry is great but there’s nothing wrong with a little Concord!

    @wouldibuyitagain – Oh man…Urkel is a hero to me 😛

    @Ryan – You gotta try one man…they’re wonderful.

    @Katie – Yes!!! Uncrustables FTW!

    @maxchain – So…….did you indulge?

    @Long – Waaaaaaahh!!! The Goober Burger, watch your mouth son. I want to try that SO bad. Too bad The Wheel-In shut down 🙁

    @James – Hahahah.

    @Adam Bomb – You should give them a try and let me know what you think.

    Yes….peanut butter is awesome.

    @Heather – Ant’s on a log?

    @Ryan – I want to try a grilled PB&J…maybe with honey….and bananas….and marshmallow….and chocolate sauce…..and bacon….might be something for Varta to try 🙂

    I can’t decide over creamy or chunky…..that’s like picking Tia over Tamara 😛

    @Raiders757 – Mmmm, that does sound good. They’ve been around for quite a bit now…I remember having them first about 14 years ago.

  13. Adam Bomb says:

    Peanut butter on a grilled cheese sandwich. Give it a shot.

  14. orb205 says:

    Actually dog birthday cakes contain peanut butter and those are pretty gross (hope that you never have to attend someone’s dog’s birthday party).

    I’ve never had an uncrustable. Maybe someday!

  15. Bear Silber says:

    @Adam Bomb – I honestly think I’d try peanut butter on anything!

    @orb205 – Now how do you know this? Empirically?

  16. cress says:

    No, no…these are just wrong. I remember seeing the commercials for these years ago and laughing. Nothing tastes better than the PBJ that I actually make for myself.

  17. cress says:

    Peanut butter on apple slices…now that is good.

  18. Heather says:

    Mmmmm-reading these comments is making me hungry. Peanut butter goes well with so many things, its hard to chose a favorite.

    I prefer creamy. I don’t really like peanuts, but I love peanut butter. Kind of weird, huh?

    @Bear-Ants on a log-yessss! Very good indeed. Kids love them too.

    @Raiders757-I love apple butter, great with pb.

  19. maxchain says:

    @Bear Silber
    I’m on my way to the supermarket!

  20. Shannon says:

    I also like peanut butter. I really used to enjoy the peanut butter sandwiches at school. Someone told me that they were made with peanut butter and honey. I have yet to try to make one at home. I also like Reese’s peanut butter cups, Dos I Dos, Nekot cookies, and practically anything else with peanut butter. At home, we used to make sandwich cookies of peanut butter and Nilla wafers. Creamy peanut butter is the only one for me. I have yet to try an Uncrustable.

  21. Darrell Martinsen says:

    Our Sams club has the 18 count grape flavor in the 2.8 ounce size. I can’t find the 2.8 ounce strawberry kind anywhere! It’s killing me! Lol

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