RememBear This: Peanut Butter Combos

Let me just tell you something, I love peanut butter…matter of fact it’s my favorite butter, it’s also my favorite thing containing peas…. or nuts for that matter. Let me tell you something else, I love pretzels, they may just be my favorite chippy-type snack (is there a name for that category of snack?) soft, hard, small, jumbo, seasoned, salted, plain, sweet, savory, dipped, coated, you name it I like it (Auntie Anne’s mmmmmm). Put dem together and what do you got? A party in my mouth and my taste buds are staying up till 6′ in the moanin’ (S-N-Double O-P reference right there son!)


Now I actually can’t find the peanut butter flavor and I’m thinking maybe these weren’t Combos brand but I swear I remember them once . They do, however, have the following flavors, Cheddar Cheese Cracker (original), Cheddar Cheese Pretzel, Nacho Cheese Pretzel, Pepperoni Pizza Cracker, Pizzeria Pretzel and Zesty Salsa Tortilla. Maybe someone can set me straight but until then I’m going to believe in my poor memory and sweet dreams. I mean, if they didn’t have peanut butter Combos they should have and why didn’t they? There was definitely a peanut butter filled pretzel snack making it’s way into my belly. It for sure was not the Trader Joe’s variety….those were way too healthy tasting. The ones I remember tasted of creamy sugary PB and buttery salty pretzels.

Maybe my mom scored these from the Snack Mafioso, the Junk Food Black Market, la Grease Cosa Nostra, I don’t know. Either way these pop-able treats were a song & dance played out on my tongue. They were the perfect snack to power me through a 2-hour stint of Tony Hawk’s Pro-Skater 1 on the Playstation. They gave me the energy to concentrate and they left no grease on my stubby fingertips which kept the controller nice and clean.

What is the strangest combination of two flavors you enjoy?

Apparently Combos are “what your mom would feed you if your mom was a man!” This is strangely funny and oddly amusing:

19 comments on “RememBear This: Peanut Butter Combos

  1. Josh says:

    Nacho cheese all the way…I love to eat the pretzel first…like around and then eat the cheese filling, always for a road trip I grab a large bag of those and a diet pepsi and I am set for a while

  2. Ah Combos! I use to love the plain cheese one.
    @Bear if you are thinking PB filled pretzels I think you mean Herr’s, (I think that is the pic of the pretzels that you have up above). But yes I agree with you PB is my all time favorite I often have it on toast for breakfast (good protein in the morning). And yea it is wonderful on pretzels too!

  3. Marianne says:

    For some reason, your title of Peanut Butter Combos made me think of Koogle … anyone remember that? I think the chocolate was my fave.

  4. Raiders757 says:

    Erin nailed it. The goodies pictured here are the Herr’s brand. To be exact, I have a huge container of them in my kitchen right now.

    I don’t recall ever seeing any Peanut Butter Combos, but maybe I just missed them along the way. Of course I love peanut butter and pretzels as well ,so I would like to think I would remember if they did ever exist.

    I love Combos, but I swear the cheesy taste has been getting weaker and weaker over the years. They have cut back on something, and it’s not for the better. I love the pizza flavored ones.

  5. Adam Bomb says:

    “6 in the moanin'” loved the Snoop reference! I also loved PB combos.

    Strangest flavor combination? Gotta be grilled cheese and peanut butter. Everyone I know gags at the mention of it, but I swear it’s delicious. Just like a grilled cheese, but with peanut butter spread on the bread to go along with the cheese.

  6. Elisa says:

    Mostly reminds me of PB Crisp. Delicious, delicious PB Crisp. 🙁

  7. SkippyMom says:

    WHERE have these been all my life? Ohhhhh. Monetary reward to anyone who can find these for me. I promise I will share with you Bear 🙂

    I only liked the cheese pretzel Combos – road trip food! My kids eat them all tho’.

    As for weird food combinations my pal in HS liked peanut butter, pickles and potato chip sandwiches – I thought she was crazy until I took a bite. Yeah, THAT! So good.

    Then again I love cold spagettio’s so with a side of orange flavored popsicles [don’t ask]…sooooooooo

  8. Ryan says:

    Don’t know of any strange favorite cominations but some of my favorite combinations…that some strange person might find strange…

    PB and honey
    Chocolate and pretzel
    Bacon and maple syrup
    PB sandwiches and doritos

  9. Adam Bomb says:

    @Ryan: All of those taste combinations sound delicious to me! I’m hungry for some bacon and syrup now.

    @SkippyMom: Don’t know about the addition of chips, but I will agree that peanut butter and pickle sandwiches are surprisingly good!

  10. @Josh – Large bag? Like Costco large?

    @Erin Brooks – Definately not Herr’s, they don’t sell those in my area. Maybe it wasn’t combos…either way I love PB & Pretzels.

    @Marianne – That looks awesome!

    @Raiders757 – Yeah…they keep adding more and more chemicals (I don’t actually know that but it seems that).

    @Adam Bomb – Dude! I have to try that! I LOVE PB & I LOVE grilled cheese. Have you seen this?

    @Elisa – Oh yes it is!

    @SkippyMom – Yes please….I would like some 🙂

    That sounds like something a pregnant woman would enjoy.

    “…cold spagettio’s so with a side of orange flavored popsicles…” Ummmmmmmm

    Ryan – PB sandwiches and Doritos?!? Really? Like Doritos in the ‘wich? What flavor?

    @Adam Bomb – “…I will agree that peanut butter and pickle sandwiches are surprisingly good!” – Bleeech

  11. Raiders757 says:

    @ SkippyMom

    The snacks pictured are the Herr’s brand. They can be found just about anywhere that sells snacks in the country. even Save-a-Lot carries them.

    You can have the ones in my kitchen if you want. I can always go buy some more. They sell them in huge plastic jugs where I live.

    I have to ask, although not a “strange” combo, but does anyone here enjoy a peanut butter and apple butter sandwich from time to time. That’s some damn good eats right there.

  12. MmmmmmPeanuts says:

    CVS pharmacy also sells some that look like the picture. 6 oz bag for $1.69

  13. dlynn3232 says:

    There WERE peanut butter Combos (and Orchard Peach Clearly Canadian)…at least in 1991. I remember them clearly because it was the only thing I ate for three days after my brother died.

  14. People always rip on me for my love of french toast and ketchup, I don’t use icing sugar or cinnamon. To me they are odd combinations

  15. Carlos says:

    There used to be Combos Peanut Butter. How come they don’t make the any more:(

  16. m says:

    Whatever happened to Bear?

  17. Steve says:

    I miss the Peanut Butter Combos tooo 🙁 I thought they just got rid of them in Canada but alas I am unable to find them in the US. Sigh…

  18. combo-naut says:

    “You are correct sir!” There were peanut butter combos and I miss them as well. I am addicted to the ones made by anderson and avaialble at Biglots and dollargenerals hereabout the midwest. I wrote combos and they said they have no plans to bring them back. signed combos, the offical cheese snack of nastcart

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