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Kids now-a-days are so spoiled (man I feel old saying that), but they’ve got it all….G-Force, The Jonas Brothers, 15 ’round the clock cartoon channels, and nearly a million varieties of Lunchables from the kid favorite pepperoni pizza to mini hotdogs and mini burgers…do you know they even have a grilled chicken wrap version now?  That’s not to mention the chicken dunks, nachos and the “don’t know how parents justify buying this for their kid’s lunches”, Pizza Treatza (a cheese pizza and a candy chocolate candy pizza for dessert). Really all I remember there being is two choices…ham & cheese and turkey & cheese. I always opted for the ham, I hated turkey back then, which is kind of funny because it’s pretty much the opposite now.


These young whipper snappers don’t know how easy they have it…I mean honestly, try going through lunch with just two choices of Lunchables. Now that’s tough. My dad’s lore of hiking 7 miles in the snow (“uphill both ways”) to get to and from school has nothing on trying to endure an entire semester on turkey or ham & cheese. No Capri-Sun…no beef taco wraps…no Airheads. Can you believe they include Airheads with these now.  We wonder why other countries view us American’s as fat and lazy….we serve our kids, willingly, fat and sugar for lunch. I may end up in a rant if I continue down this line so I’ll stop before I get started.


Back to the happy times 🙂 Something about the crackers, cheese and little ham or turkey slices made me so giddy. I’m not sure if it was the fact that you had to peel back the wrapper and open it like a little present, each piece of your meal quarantined off in their own little cell. Or was it the that you got to build your own tiny sangwiches. I’m sure I’m not the only one that ventured on to the double, triple and quad stacks (WAY before BK even thought about doing it). For whatever reason, and I’ve kind of stumped myself on this one, but I could literally eat these every single day and not tire of them.

What was your favorite non-homemade packed lunch?

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13 comments on “RememBear This: Lunchables

  1. Adam Bomb says:

    I clearly remember Lunchables, because my kids still eat them from time to time! While they’re certainly not the best option for a meal, they REALLY help out on busy days when there’s a field trip, or we’re going to a museum or something.

    I never did like any of the gimmicky Lunchables with nachos, pizza, burgers, etc. I just want the cheese, cold cuts, and crackers.

  2. SkippyMom says:

    Once I discovered the sodium and caloric intake they became an absolute no go for the kids.

    Lunches are made in our house everyday – at least I can be aware of what they are actually eating – that said –

    No better treat then the crackers, ham/turkey/w a drink Lunchable. 🙂 But I prefer we make our own in Bento.

  3. Raiders757 says:

    I wouldn’t trade being a kid in the 70’s for anything the kids have these days. I truly feel that we had it better back then. We weren’t plugged into anything, and spent most of our time outside, unlike the kids of today. I can appreciate what we have these days more, because I watched everything develop. I remember a time with no push button phones or remotes to change the TV channel. No cable TV, and no home video games. Pasta sauce didn’t come in a jar and eating at a fast food joint was a treat, not an everyday occurrence. Even better, our mothers had to make us a real lunch when we went on field trips and to school. none of this processed Lunchable crap. That’s nothing short of cheating for hung over mothers in the morning.

  4. varta says:

    Man, it sucks for kids now, I think. Nothing is impressive to them at all, think about it, their first video game system is the wii. Remember when you had to learn how to jab a Capri Sun for it not to spill everywhere??? Or the evolution from atari to N64??? I spent an entire summer playing Mario Kart and riding my bike. Now they ride bikes on the wii. I think. I duno the wii games.

    We grew up with all the Little Debbie snacks in my house. Good times. Too bad they don’t taste as good now as they do in my memories!

  5. RossS says:

    No way would my mom even consider for a second that cheese and crackers would be lunch. Nope, it was good ole PB&J for me…and maybe a HoHo or a DingDong. Juice boxes didn’t exist. It was milk in a thermos. And Fritos, although my favorite was Bell Brand Cheese Curls. I didn’t hear the word Bento until a few months ago…jeez maybe I’m missing the point, but it looks like something my little sister would have liked if they were around then. Not me. Brown paper bag, easy, disposable.

  6. John says:

    Lunchables went too far. They were delicious until the “Taco Filling Packet” was developed.

  7. Adam Bomb says:

    Well, I guess I’m a cheating hungover mother in the morning then…

  8. Natalie says:

    I remember when the pizza lunchables came out and I loved them. Looking back the idea of bread topped with cold pizza sauce and cheese is gross, but it was somehow delicious then. The full pack came with capri sun when I had them, but I remember a few years later they came with a generic brand cola..I was jealous then. I actually looked at a package in the store recently and now they get a bottle of water and kool-aid flavoring packet. Looks like they realized the soda was a bad idea for fat kids.

  9. Adam Bomb says:

    @Natalie: The cold pizza/burger/hot dog/etc. thing always seemed nasty to me. I couldn’t get past the idea of traditionally hot food being served cold. I did try the nachos with cheese one time, though. The cheese sauce was all thick and pasty, and I didn’t like it. I vaguely remember seeing the generic cola in some of the Lunchables a few years ago.

    It’s good to see that they’re taking steps (however tiny) to make the Lunchables a little less deadly, lol.

  10. Chris says:

    I just started eating Lunchables again after getting sick of having a bagel each day. I have to have a lunch that is light so I can continue to function throughout the day without having it weigh me down or make me drowsy. They were good for about a week but the amount of salt in one package is amazing. I got headaches after eating them and my acidity level shot up. Hardly touched the cheese, it was just the meat and crackers.

  11. I always loved the bad poutine and pizza rolls our highschool cafeteria good but so toxic..and hey what happened to this column no updates in a long ass time

  12. ZachM. says:

    Lunchables by Oscar-Mayer introduced in 1989 to boost sales, unfortunately, has boomed with more flavors and takes up several rows in the refrigerated display case. It is the #1 choice for lazy Moms and is a gateway to a fastfood addiction and poor food choices, not to mention a bland palate.

  13. […] suck, the drink selection can be abysmal, and trying to decide between hard-boiled eggs and a Lunchables for lunch makes one feel as if they live in an Orwellian future of quick serve blandness.  […]

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