RememBear This: Frosted Flakes

I know, I know, these are of course still around and consumed often by some. But as we get a little older it’s gets harder and harder to justify a bowl full of sugar for breakfast.

There’s nothing better than hearing Tony growl “…they’re gggreat!!!” and what better way to “bring out the tiger in you.” For some reason, well their marketing really, I always felt like I was being an active/sporty kid if I ate these. I mean they were the best thing to wolf down on a Saturday morning before your soccer game (remember after the game getting orange slices, Kudos bars and CapriSuns?) They certainly gave you the fuel and energy you needed to attempt those bicycle kicks like Pele (this was WAY before trying to bend it like Beckham).

To me these were almost the perfect cereal (I do however know of some who aren’t fans), they retained their crunchiness for quite a long time and are low on the sog factor. Long enough to get me through The Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show until Bobby’s World was on….either that or Garfield and Friends, it was so hard to choose….but after that was easy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, none of this TMNT nonsense.

Another thing is the end-milk is fantastic…mmmmm sugar milk. They’re also grrrrreat to mix with other cereals. They really complement any other variety well and won’t detract from them. I must say the the Gold version is no good in my book, if you haven’t tried it….don’t, there’s no use, just stick with the good old classic. I can see 50 years from now my grandkids eating these and thinking they’re retro-cool.

Honestly Tony the Tiger is the man (that doesn’t make sense because clearly he’s a tiger……whatever). I’ve got two questions for you 1) who is your favorite mascot? 2) What’s your favorite Saturday Morning Cartoon?

Did you know they were “vitamin packed”?

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  1. Yum Yucky says:

    In a nostalgic gesture, I bought these for husband last week. In a greedy gesture, the kids ate it up in 3 days and husband never got a any.

  2. SkippyMom says:

    Bear, were you even born the year Pele retired? giggle….Nice pull tho’ – love him! [Pele retired 1977 and TMNT aired in the late 80’s]

    We usually go for Chex, Kix, Cheerios, Special K [my special addiction] or cornflakes – but this, along with Frosted Mini Wheats minis are the two sugar type cereals I will buy for the kids. You aren’t kidding about them not getting soggy. My favorite part is the line “It is PART of a nutritious breakfast” Sure if you add juice/fruit and a muffin! lol

    My favorite cartoons? Oh, to date myself – Kimba, Speed Racer and the Road Runner.
    Then again we only had 3 channels plus public television! the horrorrrrr!

  3. I LOVED Frosted Flakes, haven’t had it in years. That and Lucky Charms or Count Chocula (was big on the marshmallows).

    My favorite mascot… I think I loved the Trix Bunny. I always felt so bad for him. You remember the original Trix before all the added colors. At least they went back to the original ball form now.

    My favorite cartoon would be Garfield. He’s my fave, I even have a small collection of Garfield stuffed animals. 😀

  4. Adam Bomb says:

    I guess I’d have to go with the Trix Rabbit, the Cookie Crisp cop, or Lucky as my favorite cereal mascot…

    And regarding the cartoons…so many to choose from! I loved the Turtles, of course. G.I. Joe, Transformers, and Voltron were also favorites of mine. Although Voltron was on weekdays before school, so it wasn’t really in the Saturday category. Ooh, I just remembered the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, and Captain N…damn this list could go on for a while…

  5. dunn says:

    these were on sale for$1 at a store by me snagged a few boxes eating them now!

  6. Ryan says:

    Favorite mascot….the Cookie Crook and Chip the dog from Cookie Crisp…(Coooooooooookie Crisp!)…They taught me a lesson that crime doesn’t pay and if I steal cookies there is a chance of being nabbed by Officer Crumb.

    Favorite Saturday Morning Cartoon….so many to choose from but I’ll go with an obscure one that I was a fan of…Camp Candy (John Candy)..a 19 episode run…but for some reason I was drawn to it. I guess somewhere deep inside I secretly wanted to go to Summer camp as a kid…(and I never did 🙁 ).

  7. Still love FF. My grandma used to put sugar on them! Ha.

  8. Adam Bomb says:

    @Ryan: It was the Cookie Crook I was thinking of, not the cop! Thanks for reminding me. Didn’t they end up dropping the cop and the Cookie Crook altogether a few years ago?

  9. Bear Silber says:

    @Yum Yucky – Haha, that’s too funny.

    @SkippyMom – Shhh, don’t tell anyone 😛

    Speed Racer rocks!!! # channels, my goodness woman, whatever did you do?

    @Erin Brooks – This is for you then:

    Garfield was awesome….but was was up with the whole farm thing? That was really part of the comic strip. I know it’s like Jon’s Uncle’s farm or something.

    @Adam Bomb – Transformers and G.I. Joe are classic. What about any of the weird Transformers….oh that reminds me of Reboot, did you watch that? I freakin’ loved that. There are so many good cartoons. Dude! Seriously about the old Nintendo ones. What about Gummi Bears! Sonic! Pirates of Dark Water! I even love Doug! and PepperAnn! …and Rocket Power! and Angry Beavers!!! …and…..and…and..

    @dunn – What?!? What store is that!

    @Ryan – Which do you like better, Cookie Crook or Hamburgler?

    Uh oh, I only vaguely remember Camp Candy, that sounds like something I’d love….do they have it anywhere to view or buy. I need that.

    @wouldibuyitagain – Haha, are you serious! That’s crazy!

    @Adam Bomb – Yeah…now it’s Chip the Wolf: Lame!!!

    “You can’t have cookies for breakfast, but you can have Cookie Crisp!”

  10. James says:

    My favorite mascot would have to be Count Chocula

    Favorite Cartoons, there are many:
    GI Joe
    Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers

    There are too many to name

  11. Ryan says:

    @ Bear … I go Hamburglar over Cookie Crook actually…the Hamburglar could gank about 40 burgers at a time. Although both mascots lost out in the end….(actually didn’t Ronald always forgive and forget?…the 5-0 booked the crook) Crime doesn’t pay.

    Camp Candy Intro

  12. Bear Silber says:

    @James – Ducktales was absolutely one of my favorites. Oh and Talespin…. 🙂 cause who doesn’t like watching cartoon Bears!

    @Ryan – Dude, I totally remember that now! Who wouldn’t want to go to a summer camp run by John Candy.

  13. Pasquinel says:

    Frosted Flakes still remains my favorite cereal. I love eating this stuff dry. So crunchy. So sweet.

    Favorite mascot: Tony the Tiger
    Favorite Saturday Morning Cartoon: Exosquad

  14. Adam Bomb says:

    @Bear and James: I’m totally in the mood to watch some old cartoons now! I also remember Darkwing Duck, The Real Ghostbusters, and Count Duckula. They were all pretty killer. I actually have a few episodes of the Ghostbusters cartoon on my Ghostbusters 1 & 2 DVD set.

    Bear, I missed all the weird versions of Transformers that came out after the original. I had quit watching most cartoons by the time those came out. I did enjoy Gummi Bears and Doug, too! I remember there being a Hulk Hogan cartoon show on Saturday mornings when I was a kid, too. I seriously need to see some oldschool cartoons now.

  15. James says:

    @Bear-I wasn’t a big fan of Talespin, but I did watch Gummi Bears.

  16. Bear Silber says:

    @Adam Bomb – Good thing tomorrow is Saturday morning 🙂

    @James – Okay…you’re forgiven then 😛

  17. Pasquinel says:

    I actually snuck a large bag of Frosted Flakes on a caribbean cruise vacation in ’04 due to sheer anxiety that they wouldn’t offer any for breakfast. I love my pancakes, scrambled eggs, and hash browns as much as anyone else but when stuck on the high seas for 7 days, I just gotta have my sugar rush. All this worry was for naught though since they brought out a huge stash of mini Frosted Flakes boxes every morning.

  18. Mel says:

    Fruity Pebbles are the best, and I actually liked them more when they got soggy and the milk turned pink. YUM. I think I have a weird love for soggy things: I suck on cookies until they get soggy enough to basically gum. TMI? Probably.

    Ohmygosh at the cartoons! I freakin loved Duck Tales (a-oo-oo), Garfield (though I hated the “and friends” segments), and straight up Looney Tunes.

    Someone please make me a kid again.

  19. Bear Silber says:

    @Pasquinel – That is truly amazing (and inspiring :P) You’re a freakin’ rebel!

    @Mel – Strange but yes, I too LOVE the pebbles 😛

  20. Bear Silber says:

    Dudes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look what I just found:

    Inspector Gadget on Hulu! Goodbye boredom….hello Penny 😛

  21. Bear Silber says:

    @Adam Bomb – Hahah, yeah I know…Hulu rocks. I’ve been watching some of the He-Man!

  22. Shannon says:

    I still enjoy Frosted Flakes on a rare occasion. I loved cartoons. I don’t remember when these came on, but my favorites are: Thundercats, The Littles, Duck Tales, Pirates of Dark Water, Biker Mice from Mars, Jem, Talespin, Reboot, TMNT, Captain Planet, and X-MEN. I even remember the cartoon about the wrestlers.

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