RememBear This: Cheez-It

It is impossible to overdose on Cheez-Its.  I know this empirically because if it were possible I would have.  I’m surprised I don’t look like Boomer Bledsoe from Doug.  Hands down these are my favorite cheese flavored snack.  They trump Cheetos, Cheese Nips, Handi-Snacks, Cheddar Combos, Ritz Bits, white cheddar popcorn, cheese logs, and do I dare, even Goldfish!  They are the perfect blend of cheesy salty goodness.  They really should be outlawed, they’re more addictive to a kid than Miley Cyrus performing along side Adam Lambert singing High Musical 3 songs while making it rain with Pixy Stix.

I would literally eat them by the fist full.  Immediately upon arriving home I would raid the pantry and empty it’s hallows of the nearest box of Cheez-Its, sit down on the couch, and commence my afternoon filled with an orange spewing laugh riot thanks to Zach, AJ & Screech.  The only reason my devouring would cease was because the box was empty, oh that, and the fact that it was now dinner time!

They usually have them on sale 2 for $6.00 at my local grocery store but in all honesty that would send my mom to the market 3 times a week at the clip we ate them. She’d have to get at least 6 boxes (we had a really large walk-in pantry) to last through the weekend which included an all out Twisted Metal gamefest. Oh sweet siren song of squared salty snacks, how do I love you, let me count the ways….

This brings up a good question, what’s your favorite orange food?

That’s how they do it!  Here’s a commercial that pays a little homage to one of the greatest cities:

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  1. Please don’t throw anything at me, but my favorite orange for is baby carrots. Yes I know I’m pathetic. Hubby calls me the rabbit because I love to eat raw veggies. 😛

  2. Ryan says:

    Baby carrots are great…with a nice dip of course. 🙂 … Actually they are pretty decent alone.

    Favorite orange food… DORITOS!!!

  3. Favorite orange food: chee-tos.

    As for Cheez-its, back in my “right after college days” where I was making enough cash to buy video games but not enough to act like an adult, my wife and I and 2 friends played Snowbird Kids on N64 religiously and every night we downed a couple of boxes of Cheez-its. After a few months of this we started to feel that numbness in our gums from chewing Cheezits all night. We were starting to feel like it didn’t have the same impact. So we tried to substitute Cheese Nips. Within 5 minutes we realized we made a mistake and went back to Cheezits. It was like a dude that thought his wife didn’t look pretty anymore, went out, kissed a floozy at work, and realized the real goods were still at home.

    Ever since, every time my kids rock the Cheezits I am instantly taken back to Sinobin the black Ninja snowboard kid doing backside grinds down the hill. Good times.

  4. @Erin – No freakin’ way!!! This is honestly not a joke at all but I eat literally 1lb of baby carrots each and every day for lunch. I buy them 2fer’s at Safeway on Mondays. I love love love me some baby carrots. Have you seen the Unwrapped on how they make them? They’re from full sized carrots. One of the biggest baby carrot farms is 3/4 of the way down on my way to LA if I’m ever driving that way (in Bakersfield). I’ve always wanted to stop and take a tour. One of these days I will.

    …..and no worries…only thing orange I’d throw at you would be circus peanuts 😛

    @Ry – No dip!

    Doritos really? Which flavor if you will? I’m assuming Nacho Cheese?

  5. Ryan says:

    Spicier Nacho is the number one seed. Nacho Cheese is good too. Can’t eat just 60 should be their slogan. For some reason they go great alongside a PB sandwich.

  6. Adam Bomb says:

    Eeeeewwwww@ circus peanuts.

    I love me some Cheez-Its for sure! They have a really great cheddar flavor that is lacking in most cheese crackers. Another great cheese snack: Jalapeno Cheetos! Anybody tried them? They’re damn good.

  7. LOL! SWEET @Bear! Someone else who loves Baby Carrots! When Randy and I were living with his parents, his mom would bitch at me all the time cause I would eat all the baby carrots she would bring home from the store. Don’t get me wrong I was doing all the laundry, dished, grocery shopping and other stuff for them. So I figured she could pay me with a few carrots. 😀

  8. plushpuppy says:

    Cheezies are the best orange cheese flavoured snack hands down. Crunchy and cheesy, the make cheetos seem like a bad impression.

  9. @Greg: The Frozen Food Master – Chee-tos, really? Do you like any of the limited varietes? The spicy ones at all?

    “../where I was making enough cash to buy video games but not enough to act like an adult” – Hahahah. Dude, Cheese Nips come nowhere near Cheez-Its…NO WHERE NEAR!

    @Ryan – Along a PB, huh, gotta try that! I love putting chips in my sangwhiches…best one is a hot pastrami with good mustard and some Frito’s thrown in there!

    Are you a spice (heat) kinda guy?

    @Adam Bomb – Havent’s had the Jalapeno Cheetos, I’m not a huge Cheetos fan…I mean they’re good but when it comes down to decision time, I’m at the register at 7-Eleven and the trucker behind me is getting angry, I grab the Frito Lays.

    @Erin Brooks – I’m not lying when I tell you I had to cut back my baby carrot intake several years ago. I got vitamin A poisoning. I would honestly buy two of the big 5lb bags and polish ’em off in a weeks time.

  10. @plushpuppy – I’ll take your word for it 🙂

    You know one thing I HATE…those damn cheese straws:

  11. dopealope says:

    Cheez-it’s are like opium to me, also. I purposely don’t buy boxes because if they are in the house, I will eat them. Costco carries these humungous boxes of them which, in very weak moments, I buy. And while I’m happy while I’m eating them, I’m inevitably guilty after stuffing my face with them. They are the one cheese snack that, to me, has the proper tang of sharp cheddar. Combined with their crunch and saltiness … oh, screw it, I’m gonna buy some tomorrow …

  12. rob says:

    Cheez-Its are on sale at Publix right now, 2 boxes for $5. I’m going to restock in an hour or so.

  13. Bear Silber says:

    @dopealope – Well said 🙂

    @rob – Good plan!

  14. RossS says:

    Chesters, are my new favorite. Although the name is creepy, they’re good! I thought they were Cheeto’s knock-offs, they’re not. Frito Lay makes them. They’re like Cheetos, but a slightly corn-ier flavor.
    Here’s the link:

  15. Bear Silber says:

    @RossS – Thanks for the link, I’ve never seen those. Surely don’t have ’em in my local market yet.

  16. Ian says:

    Cheez-its are the best thing since kraft cheese slices.

  17. Pasquinel says:

    A discontinued product that existed prior 2000, KFC’s menu at the time included these spicy chicken strips that came in a thick crunchy orange batter with a layer of orange spices underneath the coating the tender moist white meat. They were, and still probably remain, the most incredible chicken items I’d ever eaten.

    I had such a love affair with these that on family trips I’d often find myself opting out of the exotic cuisines in favor of stopping at a nearby franchise. Needless to say, I always got a kick seeing the blanched look a waiter at the local restaurant would get taking down my family’s order of the house specials while I was wolfing out of a box heavily plastered with the Colonel’s grinning visage.

    I still eat at KFC with religious vigor praying one day for this gift of spicy deliciousness to be reincarnated.

  18. Bear Silber says:

    @Yaunus – True ‘nough!

    @Pasquinel – WOW! You are certainly passionate about those. How long where they around for? How many did you get? I think you may need to start a McRib-like comeback campaign.

    Have your tried the Wendy’s Boneless Buffalo Wings?

  19. Pasquinel says:

    @Bear – I can’t recall how long they were around for but 4+ years is probably a safe estimate since they existed throughout my high school years. Somewhere along 2000, they phased out the orange batter. It was still spicy but didn’t retain the flavorful potency. Shortly thereafter, the spicy selection was wiped off the menu altogether.

    As to how many I consumed, considering that I ate about 2 to 3 times a week for 4+ years, um, yeah, a lot 🙂 I wouldn’t be surprised if much of that grease is still running through my veins. It really is my McRib equivalent in the fervor it sparks just reminiscing about it.

    Those Wendy’s Boneless Buffalo Wings remind me that KFC actually does offer a similar item which I’ve never tried before. Maybe that’s what the old orange spicy chicken strip has now morphed into.

  20. Ryan says:

    Hey Bear…I have a new favorite orange food… Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies. So good.

  21. Haha! Good to know. I think I’ve seen these at Target, is that where you got them?

  22. Ryan says:

    Harris Teeter actually.

  23. Barry says:

    I love Cheeze-its but they ALWAyS upset my stomach and give me a headache. Yeah, I know it’s wierd and doesn’t stop me from eating them. Could be my lactose intolerence. Anyone else with the problem. P.S. Cheese Tidbits are better but I don’t think they make them anymore. Barry

  24. Shannon says:

    Golden Flake cheese curls

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