RememBear This: Big League Chew

Look at that Big League BAMF. And you wonder why so many of our ball players are on ‘roids. Check out this guy… he’s chock full of them. He looks like Mark McGuire, Roger Clemens and Manny Ramirez all lumped into one. You better not be planning on asking him for any of his pouch…..”Get your own kid!”

Big League Chew

I felt like one of the big kids with this chaw in my jaw. I didn’t dip into tobacco but I didn’t need to…I had my BLC! Now I was the BAMF. Don’t get in my way suckers…I’ve got shreds of pink rubber to gnaw on. Grrrrrrrrrr…(that’s the Bear coming out :P)

Big League Chew

The sweet thing about this stuff was that you could wad up as little or as much as you were in the mood for. Forget having to unwrap individual sticks, who needs that nonsense. Grab your cap, your mitt, your ball and your pouch and it’s off to the sandlot (great freakin’ movie by the way).

What’s your favorite thing that comes in a pouch?

You’re in the big leagues!!!

5 comments on “RememBear This: Big League Chew

  1. toaster says:

    i remember my big bro used to chew this stuff all the time and i was jealous. once i finally got a pack all for myself i tore through way too fast. right on about not fussing with individual sticks, this is man’s gum!

  2. cress says:

    I love this stuff! They still make this don’t they? I swear I’ve seen this in stores recently. It is the best gum ever. I always tried to put the whole pack in my mouth and chew it.

  3. Adam Bomb says:

    I absolutely LOVED the grape BLC when I was a kid. I used to stuff mammoth wads of it in my mouth. I never pretended it was chewing tobacco or anything, but I think that’s just because nobody around me used the stuff when I was little. I just knew that it was awesome shredded bubble gum. I kinda want to go buy some now….

  4. + 1 on pretend chewing tobacco. I loved it and was a must during little league.

  5. Raiders757 says:

    I remember when this came out. Loved the stuff!!!

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