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Alright guys. I’m sick and tired of hearing about all the great places that I don’t get to enjoy. For that reason I’ve decided to create a tournament of sorts….a battle royal (with cheese if you will). I’ve divided the US into 4 regions as you can see above. These lines are not steadfast and can be open to your own interpretation.

I want to find the best of the best of the local joints. Not really the single units or the “Mom & Pops” but the chains that aren’t national (yet) and represent a certain region. For instance, for my area (West) I would nominate In-N-Out as the best regional burger joint.  Let’s go beyond just food spots, let’s cover a few extras too.

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To nominate your favorites leave in the comments the following:

Region (West, Central, Northeast or South)

Burger Joint:

Pizza Parlor:

Mexican Food:


Grocery Store:



Sub/Sandwich Shop:


Once we’ve got the nominations we’ll pit the regions against one another until we’ve got the best of the states! We’ll be doing head to head polls until we’ve got the best o’ the best for each category.

My nominations are as follows:

Region – West

Burger Joint: In-N-Out

Pizza Parlor: Pizza Party

Mexican Food: Del Taco

Dessert/Candy: Its-It

Grocery Store: Safeway

Soda/Drink: Martinelli’s (Sparkling Apple Cider)

Chip/Snack: Boudin Bakery (Sourdough)

Sub/Sandwich Shop: Togo’s

Wildcard: Fresh Choice (Salad & Soup Buffet)

48 comments on “US Regional Grub Battle Royal

  1. Sylko says:

    region west
    Burger: carls it
    pizza: round table
    Mexican: can’t think of a chain
    dessert: its it!!!
    Grocery: safeway
    drink: red robin’s freckled lemonade
    snack: going to agree with boudin sourdough
    wildcard: la bou a sacramento chain

  2. Nick says:

    Region Central-Texas

    Burger Joint:Whataburger

    Pizza Parlor:Mangia Pizza

    Mexican Food: Los palapas

    Dessert/Candy:Lammes Candies

    Grocery Store:HEB

    Soda/Drink:Big Red

    Chip/Snack: Julios Tortilla chips

    Wildcard:Rudy’s BBQ

  3. Ryan says:

    Region NorthEast:

    Burger: Foster’s Grille
    Pizza: Vocelli Pizza
    Mexican: Uncle Julio’s
    Dessert/Candy: Chipwich
    Grocery: Wegman’s
    Soda/Drink: ???
    Snack: Snyder’s Honey Mustard and Onion Nibblers
    Wildcard: Roy Roger’s Gold Rush Chicken Sandwich

  4. Adam says:

    As a soon-of-be-resident of the west, I’m looking forward to the chance to try some new places. But here are my picks for the East:

    Burger Joint: Ted’s (Upstate NY hot dog/burger joint)

    Pizza Parlor: Mama Illardo’s

    Mexican Food: Pass

    Dessert/Candy: Rita’s

    Grocery Store: WEGMANS (basically I would live there if they would let me)

    Soda/Drink: Verners

    Chip/Snack: Herr’s Potato Chips

    Wildcard: Red Hot and Blue BBQ

  5. Ryan says:

    How about we add a sandwich shop to the mix too…

    Firehouse Subs

  6. rob says:

    I nominate Grandy’s for wild card in the south

  7. Bear Silber says:

    Ryan – Good point! Added sub/sandwich category. Nominated Togo’s for West!

  8. Foodette says:

    Region (West, Central, Northeast or South): Northeast (CT)

    Burger Joint: Sheik’s Sandwich Shoppe, Torrington, CT

    Pizza Parlor: Modern Apizza, New Haven, CT

    Mexican Food: Baja’s, Orange, CT

    Dessert/Candy: TIE: Libby’s Italian Pastry, New Haven, CT: Peanut Butter Cheesecake
    Claire’s Corner Copia, New Haven, CT: Lithuanian Coffee Cake

    Grocery Store: Bishop’s Orchard, Guilford, CT

    Soda/Drink: Foxon Park, East Haven, CT- IRON BRU!

    Chip/Snack: Herr’s

    Sub/Sandwich Shop: Wings Over

    Wildcard: Lenny and Joe’s Fish Tale- best chicken in the northeast, hands freaking down.

  9. AK says:

    Burger Joint: Five Guys

    Pizza Parlor: pick a decent NYC or New Haven place

    Mexican Food: I’ll nominate Green Cactus Grill – a LI chain

    Dessert/Candy: Friendly’s

    Grocery Store: I haven’t been in many outside of the NY/NJ/CT area so I guess Stop and Shop

    Soda/Drink: Dr. Brown’s

    Chip/Snack: Cape Cod Chips

    Sub/Sandwich Shop: any decent NYC deli

    Wildcard: Roy Rogers’ Gold Rush

  10. Melissa says:

    Northeast (MA)

    Burger Joint: Wild Willy’s Burger

    Pizza Parlor: Antonio’s

    Mexican Food:

    Dessert/Candy: Herrell’s ice cream

    Grocery Store: Big Y

    Soda/Drink: Friendly’s Fribble

    Chip/Snack: Cape Cod or Utz

    Sub/Sandwich Shop: Grinders at D’Angelo’s

    Wildcard: Seafood at the Weathervain

  11. Nikhil says:

    Region (West, Central, Northeast or South): South

    Burger Joint:Cheeburger Cheeburger

    Pizza Parlor:Tortora’s

    Mexican Food: Little Rosie’s Taqueria ( or Rosie’s Cantina

    Dessert/Candy:Fried Snicker’s Bar

    Grocery Store:Publix

    Soda/Drink:Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper

    Chip/Snack:Any Kettle Chip Variety

    Sub/Sandwich Shop: Jason’s Deli

    Wildcard:Funnel Cake with Powdered Sugar

  12. SC Carrico says:

    Region: WEST [I’m in Idaho…]

    Burger Joint: Taylors Automatic in Napa/SF

    Pizza Parlor: Cassanova, Boise

    Mexican Food: Jantizo, Nampa, ID

    Dessert/Candy: meh

    Grocery Store: Loves me some Top Foods for late night grazing [Seattle area]

    Soda/Drink: A nice Napa Valley Cab 😉 That’s a drink!!

    Chip/Snack: TIMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Jalapeno, of course]

    Sub/Sandwich Shop: Cobby’s – Boise effing Idaho.

    Wildcard: Rocky Mountain Oysters at the Eagle, ID FD RMO feed.

  13. James says:

    Region: Northeast

    Burgers: Five Guys
    Pizza: Ledos Pizza
    Mexican: Guapos/Mi Rancho (Tie)
    Dessert: Jimmy Cone
    Grocery Store: ???
    Soda/Drink: Honest Tea
    Chips/Snack: Utz Kettle Classic Potato Chips
    Sub/Sandwich: Roy’s Place
    Wildcard: Roy Rogers Gold Rush Chicken Sandwich

  14. Kristin says:

    Region: Northeast
    Burger Joint: Five Guys
    Pizza Parlor: Bertucci’s
    Mexican Food: Mi Rancho
    Dessert/Candy: Cheeburger Cheeburger Milkshakes
    Grocery Store: Giant Eagle
    Soda/Drink: Cheerwine
    Chip/Snack: Utz – any of them are good, my faves are Salt & Vinegar or Honey BBQ
    Sub/Sandwich Shop: Potbelly Subs
    Wildcard: Thrasher’s Fries in Ocean City, MD

  15. Nate says:

    Region: West
    Burger Joint: Burgerville
    Pizza Parlor: Farelli’s
    Mexican Food: Taco Time
    Dessert/Candy: Brown & Haleys Mountain Bar (Peanut Butter)
    Grocery Store: Top Foods
    Soda/Drink: Jones Soda
    Chip/Snack: Tim’s Cascade (Original)
    Sub/Sandwich Shop: Meconi’s
    Wildcard: Chili Thai

  16. David says:

    Region (West, Central, Northeast or South): Central
    Burger Joint: White Castle
    Pizza Parlor: Giordano’s
    Mexican Food: El Famous Burrito
    Dessert/Candy: Anything from Ferrara Pan
    Grocery Store: Piggly Wiggly
    Soda/Drink: Green River
    Chip/Snack: Jay’s Potato Chips
    Sub/Sandwich Shop: Mr. Submarine
    Wildcard: Portillo’s Hot Dogs OR Polish

  17. SamK says:

    Region: NE

    Burger Joint: Hamburger Hamlet
    Pizza: Bertucci’s
    Mexican: California Torilla
    Dessert/Candy: Bruster’s Icecream
    Grocery: Harris Teeter
    Soda/Drink: Half Iced Tea/Half lemonade
    Chip/Snack: Snyder’s Pretzels
    Sandwich: Cosi
    Wildcard:Cornbread muffins at Famous Dave’s

  18. ratbuddy says:

    C’mon Bear.. Nominating your own place?

  19. @ratbuddy 😛 Hehe, why not? It’s the best!

  20. Ian says:

    Burger Joint: In n’ Out

    Pizza Parlor: Pizza Party / Papa John’s

    Mexican Food: Chipotle

    Dessert/Candy: Ben & Jerry’s

    Grocery Store: Trader Joes

    Soda/Drink: Pibb Xtra

    Chip/Snack: Kettle Salt & Vinegar

    Sub/Sandwich Shop: Togo’s

    Wildcard: Pinkberry

  21. ratbuddy says:

    I’m sure it’s good but better than Bianco??

  22. paintpooper says:

    Region: Alaska… we don’t really have any regional places just the mainstream or mom/pop.

    Burger Joint: Burger King

    Pizza Parlor: dare i say pizza hut.. puke

    Mexican Food: Taco Bell!

    Dessert/Candy: Cold Stone

    Grocery Store: Fred Meyer

    Soda/Drink: the beast

    Chip/Snack: Alaska Chips.. volcano

    Sub/Sandwich Shop: sloitzciys deli

    Wildcard: Alaska Amber Beer!!!!

  23. john says:

    @foodette: bishops orchard? that’s a regular spot for my parents. excellent choice

    Region: Northeast

    Burger Joint: Five Guys

    Pizza Parlor:

    Mexican Food: used to be catus grill, but they closed. Have yet to find my latest mexican restaurant.

    Dessert/Candy: tastykake

    Grocery Store: Wegman’s…the greatest grocery store EVER

    Soda/Drink: maybe foxon park?

    Chip/Snack: philly soft pretzels

    Sub/Sandwich Shop: wawa

    Wildcard: Mesquito Grille Doylestown PA. Amazing wings and great beer.

  24. thebooth says:


    Burger Joint: Shake Shack

    Pizza Parlor: Grimaldi’s

    Mexican Food: Dos Caminos

    Dessert/Candy: Friendly’s

    Grocery Store: Fairway

    Soda/Drink: Dr. Browns Black Cherry Soda

    Chip/Snack: Utz cheeseballs

    Sub/Sandwich Shop: Pret A Manger

    Wildcard: Dinosaur BBQ

  25. plushpuppy says:

    Canada Vancouver

    Burger Joint: White Spot

    Pizza Parlor: Numero Uno Pizza

    Mexican Food: Delicados

    Dessert/Candy: Rogers Chocolates

    Grocery Store: Choices

    Soda/Drink: Clearly Canadian

    Chip/Snack: Hardbite Potato Chips

    Sub/Sandwich Shop: Steamrollers(actually a wrap shop)

    Wildcard: Memphis Grill BBQ

  26. HaloEleven says:


    Burger Joint: SmashBurger (no In-n-Out’s in Colorado – waaahhh!)

    Pizza Parlor: Anthony’s Pizza and Pasta

    Mexican Food: El Pollo Loco

    Dessert/Candy: Sonic CreamSlush

    Grocery Store: Whole Foods

    Soda/Drink: Diet Coke

    Chip/Snack: Boulder Canyon Cracked Sea Salt and Pepper Kettle Chips

    Sub/Sandwich Shop: Deli Zone

    Wildcard: Famous Dave’s BBQ (should have had a BBQ category!)

  27. Raiders757 says:

    Mid-Atlantic Region: Virginia is south of the Mason–Dixon Line, so in no way can it be part of the North East.

    BBQ: Pierce’s Pitt Bar-B-Que. Popular BBQ with only three locations. considered the best in the area, but there is better. The Williamsburg location is the main one, and the best of the three.

    BBQ: Smokin’ Joe’s. Decent Q with quite a few location across the Tidewater area of the state.

    Hot Dogs: Gus’s Hot Dog King. All beef dogs, chili, burgers, and BBQ

    Irish Pub Grub: Keagan’s. Several location in the Tidewater area.

    Burgers: Kelly’s Tavern. Really good burgers with eleven locations.

    That’s all I can think of right now. My area is best known for the mom & pop shops, than starting chains. We have a lot of Mexan chains, ubt some have different names than others, yet are still part of the same ownership. damn good stuff as well. Better than Tex-Mex. Owned by Mexicans, and ran by Mexicans.

  28. Nick T says:

    Region: Northeast

    Burger Joint: Five Guys

    Pizza Parlor: Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria Napoletana

    Mexican Food: Ole Mole

    Dessert/Candy: Turkey Hill Ice Cream

    Grocery Store: Stew Leonard’s (this one is a winner, folks)

    Soda/Drink: Foxon Park Soda

    Chip/Snack: Wachusset Potato Chips

    Sub/Sandwich Shop: D’Angelos

    Wildcard: Duchess Restaurants

  29. Heather says:


    Burger Joint: Cheeburger Cheeburger

    Pizza Parlor: Il Forno

    Mexican Food: California Tortilla

    Dessert/Candy: Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae

    Grocery Store: Food Lion or Weis

    Soda/Drink: Code Red Mountain Dew

    Chip/Snack: Sun Chips

    Sub/Sandwich Shop: South Street Steaks

    Wildcard: Roy Roger’s Gold Rush Sandwich

  30. john says:

    @the booth
    Awesome pick w/Dino BBQ. I’m totally putting that in my wildcard now.

  31. Mel says:


    Burger Joint: Five Guys

    Pizza Parlor: Only one, I think, but Tomatino’s.

    Mexican Food: Iguana Grill

    Dessert/Candy: Blue Bell ice cream

    Grocery Store: Winn Dixie

    Soda/Drink: Grapico!

    Chip/Snack: Golden Flake

    Sub/Sandwich Shop: Momma Goldberg’s

    Wildcard: Corky’s BBQ

  32. drpep says:


    Burger Joint- Bill Grays/Tom Wahls (same owner, same burger) Rochester area.
    Pizza- No regional chain to choose from.
    Mexican- Mighty Taco. Buffalo area.
    Dessert/Candy- ????
    Grocery Store- Wegmans
    Soda- Nothing regional that I would vote for.
    Chips/Snacks- Wise Ridgies but I don’t think they count because I think they are in other regions.
    Sub/sandwich -No Beef on Weck chains to choose from
    Wildcard- No wing chains to choose from

  33. drpep says:

    I know the list could become endless but what about Hot Dogs? I guess they would go under wildcard

  34. Ryan says:

    Region – TEXAS!!!!

    Burger Joint: Whataburger of course!

    Pizza Parlor: Pizza Patron (they accept Pesos!)

    Mexican Food: Taco Cabana

    Dessert/Candy: Blue Bell Ice Cream

    Grocery Store: H-E-B

    Soda/Drink: Dublin Dr. Pepper

    Chip/Snack: Zapp’s chips

    Sub/Sandwich Shop: Thundercloud Subs

    Wildcard: Freebird’s Burrito

  35. Bryan says:


    Burger Joint- Five Guys
    Pizza- Ferandos (local)
    Mexican- La Parilla (Local in Athens, GA; not to be confused with La Parilla chain in Atlanta)
    Dessert/Candy- ????
    Grocery Store- PUBLIX
    Soda- Nothing regional that I would vote for.
    Chips/Snacks- Nothing in particular
    Sub/sandwich -Schlotzkys
    Wildcard- Waffle House and The Varsity

  36. Foodette says:

    Hey, any recommendations from some foodies? I’ll be at UMass Amherst as a freshman in History next year…I need some help!

    I know Wings Over and Antonio’s are fantastic, but I want the insider’s tips! 😉

  37. Foodette says:

    @john I love Bishop’s…and try Baja’s, in Orange, or Jalapeno Heaven in Branford…excellent Mexican…

  38. Zach says:

    Region: West

    Burger Joint: In-N-Out

    Pizza Parlor: Pagliacci’s

    Mexican Food: Taco Del mar

    Dessert/Candy: ???

    Grocery Store: QFC

    Soda/Drink: Martinelli’s (Sparkling Apple Cider)

    Chip/Snack: Tim’s Cascade Chips

    Sub/Sandwich Shop: ???

    Wildcard: ???

  39. GianniB says:

    Region (South)

    Burger Joint: Vortex – Atlanta

    Pizza Parlor:Baronda – Atlanta

    Mexican Food:Taqueria Los Hermanos

    Dessert/Candy:Tres Leches Cake – Tierra

    Grocery Store:Super H Mart



    Sub/Sandwich Shop:Muss & Turners

    Wildcard: Ria’s Bluebird

  40. john says:


    Wow… jalapeno heaven. I haven’t heard of that place in AGES! But I have eaten there several times. Do they still do their all you can eat taco bar?

    Lots of votes for Wegmans! Has anyone been there and not put in their list?

  41. WestCoastAl says:

    Region: Washington State
    Burger joint: RED MILL BURGERS! (local chain here in Seattle)

    Pizza: Pagliacci Pizza

    Mexican: Taco Del Mar

    Dessert/Candy: ?

    Grocery store: Central Market

    Soda: Jones Soda

    Chips: TIM’S CHIPS!

    Sandwich shop: Husky Deli

    Wildcard: Chuck’s Hole in the Wall BBQ

  42. Jon M. says:


    Burger Joint: Five Guys

    Pizza Parlor: Pulcinella’s

    Mexican Food: Chipotle (not really from this region, but I can’t let myself choose anything else)

    Dessert: —

    Grocery Store: Wegman’s (I have yet to find something that compares)

    Soda: Nothing local

    Chip/Snack: Utz

    Sub/Sandwich Shop: Santini’s

    Wildcard:MOBY DICK’s HOUSE OF KABOB!!!

  43. RossS says:


    Burger Joint: In-N-Out

    Pizza Parlor: Numero Uno

    Mexican Food: Rosa Maria’s or Amapolla

    Dessert: Dairy Queen – Chocolate Soft Serve

    Grocery Store: WinCo

    Soda: Diet Pepsi if I drink a soda

    Chip/Snack: Frito’s

    Sub/Sandwich Shop: Only Subway is local

  44. Natalie says:

    Well, I’m a new resident (6 months) in Alaska, but I grew up in Georgia and recently left so I’ll nominate for the south.

    Burger Joint: Krystal

    Pizza Parlor: Giuseppi’s (originally opened in Hilton Head, SC but now have a couple more in SC and GA)

    Mexican Food: Taqueria del Sol in Atlanta

    Dessert/Candy: Moon pies

    Grocery Store: Publix

    Soda/Drink: RC Cola

    Chip/Snack: Golden Flake brand potato chips

    Sub/Sandwich Shop: Firehouse Subs

    Wildcard: Chick-fil-A

  45. Foodette says:

    @john Oh yes, and breakfast burritos, too. 🙂 Their seafood soup is the only fish product I will consume. It’s incredible.

  46. Jessica says:

    Region : South

    Burger Joint: Five Guys

    Pizza Parlor: Mellow Mushroom

    Mexican Food: La Botana (Winston-Salem, NC) or Chile Roja (Mount Airy, NC)

    Dessert/Candy: Fresh Fruit Sonker or deep fried apple pies

    Grocery Store: Lowe’s Foods or Food Lion

    Soda/Drink: Lemonade

    Chip/Snack: Utz

    Sub/Sandwich Shop: Jimmy John’s

    Wildcard: NC Barbecue – East or West – IT’S THE BEST

  47. willrun4food says:

    Region: Central (IL, plus some time in MI and MO)

    Burger Joint: White Castle

    Pizza Parlor: Buddy’s, multiple locations in Detroit (too hard to pick just one from Chicago)

    Mexican Food: too many!…but I’ll just go with Taco Burrito King

    Dessert/Candy: Ferrara Pan (the factory is a 1/2mile from my G-ma’s…you can smell which batch is going!)

    Grocery Store: Meijer, or Jewel

    Soda/Drink: Vernor’s Ginger Soda

    Chip/Snack: Jay’s

    Sub/Sandwich Shop: Submarine Tender(Forest Park, IL)

    Wildcard: Johnnie’s Beef (Elmwood Park, IL)

  48. Zachary Jacob Zblewski says:

    Region: Central (Midwest… WISCONSIN!)

    Burger Joint: Tom’s Drive-In

    Pizza Parlor: Glass Nickel Pizza Co.

    Mexican Food: Taco John’s

    Dessert/Candy: Culver’s

    Grocery Store: Woodman’s

    Soda/Drink: Frostop (Soda Pop) / New Glarus (Beer)

    Chip/Snack: Jays

    Sub/Sandwich Shop: Erbert & Gerbert’s

    Wildcard: Perkins (The BEST place to grab a bite to eat or a cup of coffee 24/7)

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